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38. Please Tell me Your Name

The courtyard where the light from the venue couldn’t reach was dark and very quiet.

However, the road that Phil chose was covered with bricks and stones, making out walk very easy.

As such, I didn’t have to pay much attention to where I stepped.

With that little extra time, I turned my eyes to the surrounding scenery.

As I was walking behind the huge central building where the ball was being held, I could see a tall tower on my right. It was the East Wing—the place where the barracks was located.

Ahead of us was another building.

It was probably the North Wing—the residential area for His Majesty the King.

“…This courtyard must be very beautiful during the day.”

Before I noticed it, I was walking alongside Phil.

While holding both of the children, he laughed as usual.

“You may gaze at it tomorrow before returning home.”

Those were the words Phil usually spoke.

However, I couldn’t help but notice that his expression was different than usual.

“The North Wing is also pretty good. It’s old, so there are many narrow stairs. As it hasn’t been renovated, it isn’t popular with women. Regardless, the room you’ll be staying in will be a new section. As such, the window should be large and bright. I think you’ll be able to see the courtyard in the morning.”

Phil continued to speak while gazing forward the entire time.

“—The downside is that it’s close to where these kids have their rooms. If you don’t want to be pestered into playing with them, you should escape somewhere immediately.”

I gently looked behind myself.

Alves was walking a little further away.

When our eyes met, he averted his gaze with a bitter smile.

“The mother of these children might also want to see you. My brother is also fond of Alves, as such, he might not be able to return to his territory tomorrow… Forgive me.”

I looked up at Phil.

Phil was still staring at the path ahead. At the same time, the twins were staring at me with dubious expressions.

The beautiful children resembled each other.

Phil walked with the twins in his arms.

Despite being dressed like an aristocrat, at the moment it didn’t make me feel closer to him.


When I called his name, Phil’s eyes wavered slightly.

“Can you tell me your real name?”

“…Since it has come to this, I think it’d be better if you don’t ask.”

He stubbornly stared forward and chuckled.

But he was pale and his eyes weren’t laughing at all.

I looked upon that face and exhaled.

“Even if Phil refuses to tell me, I’ll just ask Alves. However, I want to hear it directly from Phil.”

“…I don’t want to tell you.”

“—Phil! I’m still the daughter of a viscount! I may be locked away in my territory, and there may be many things I can’t comprehend due to my terrible naivety—but, I’m not fully ignorant!”

When I screamed, Phil finally looked at me.

“Phil’s older brother is Rosfel, Lida is Lidalia, and Al is Allord—isn’t that correct!?”

“You’re correct—!”

“Ah, Lida, sssh!”

When Lida said happily, Al hurriedly warned her.

The two put their hands on their mouth and became quiet again.

“Hey, Phil, tell me your name.”

“…Don’t you already know?”

“That’s why I want you to say it yourself. I’m Lucia Ragulen. I’m the sister of Viscount Ragulen—what about you?”

When I said that, Phil stopped.

I also stopped.

Alves passed by us and proceeded to walk further before stopping a distance away.

The maids seemed a little confused but passed quietly.

Only the escort knight remained at a distance.

“Please tell me your name.”

I repeated myself once again.

The twins stared at each other and then struggled to free themselves from Phil’s arms.

But Phil strengthened his grip and stopped them.

He lowered his face once so that he’d be facing the children. Then, as he slowly lifted his head, all of his emotions seemed to have welled up on his blue eyes.

He stared straight at me—

“My name is Philaude, second prince of the former King Clauden and the younger brother of the current king, Rosfel. I’m the third heir to the throne.”

His voice was clear and his pronunciation beautiful.

I had expected that answer.

Nevertheless, it was as if my entire body had been pierced by a sword.

While I should had been fully prepared, my legs suddenly started to tremble. I couldn’t even make a sound. I wondered what kind of expression I was making.

Phil—no, His Highness Philaude smiled gently and looked back at Alves.

“Alves, I’ll return first.”


My older brother answered astutely.

His Highness Philaude wasn’t looking at me anymore.

Despite the darkness, despite his walking at his usual pace—in the blink of an eye, it was as if his figure, who was holding the children, was faraway. It was as if he was disappearing.


My brother called out to me who remained frozen.

“Lucia, are you alright…?”

Yes, I am.

I wanted to answer that, but I couldn’t muster a word.

Alves stared at me before slowly embracing me.

“Lucia, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry…”

My brother’s large palm gently stroked my head.

The comfortable movement of his hands as he pulled my face to his shoulder…

…I finally discovered that I was shedding tears.

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