I was Invited to the Wedding of Former Fiancé Despite my Engagement Being Annulled. I Couldn’t Refuse, so my Brother’s Friend Accompany Me Translation

37. The Father of the Children

“Who might this lady be?”


As Phil considered how to answer, the children leaned out of his arms.

“She’s Lucia!”

“She’s Phil’s friend’s sister!”

The two spoke in unison, but the man seemed to understand.

He lifted his eyebrows slightly and looked at me and Alves.

He seems a little shorter than Phil.

However, I was sure that he was around 30-years-old.

He had the same silver hair as Phil, but his eyes were bright purple.

I recalled having seen a similar color somewhere.

In other words, he was the father of Lida and Al. He must be Phil’s brother, someone he talked about many times.

…No, more importantly…

…There’s something I’m truly curious about, impossible…


I softly called out to my brother who still had his hand on my shoulder.

“…What should I do. I recognize his face…”

“…You guessed correctly.”

With a deep sigh, Alves lowered his hand.

Then, he gave a reverent bow to the man. I also followed suit.

“Alves… no, I should be calling you Viscount of Ragulen, now. She’s your sister, correct? A pleasure to meet you. I’m the father of these children.”

The person laughed and gently spoke with us.

He had a deep, quiet, voice, one that made it apparent he was accustomed to standing above others and making them feel self-aware.

According to Phil’s stories, he sounded like a man who loved to have fun.

However, upon meeting him in person, I was overwhelmed by his inherent dignity.

I remembered the small portrait that hung in the hallway of my house.

One had been distributed to all the knights of the kingdom’s army in the commemoration of a coronation that occurred while Alves was still a knight. As such, I was grateful to have it displayed.

…It was none other than the portrait of His Majesty the King.

The same silver hair. The same pair of purple eyes. The same facial features.

His tranquil smile.

I trembled as I realized that he was the same person from that wonderful portrait. Said person was now standing before me.

Which means…

Those children… the energetic children who were on the tree were the children of His Majesty the King…

…More importantly—

“—Phil, I am aware you were doing something behind my back. But to dye your hair… Moreover, I’m also familiar with the dress she’s wearing. Isn’t that mother’s dress?”

“…It is.”

Phil nodded expressionlessly.

His older brother stared at him and glanced at me.

“Then, this young lady would be—”

“—Please, regarding her…!”

With a desperate voice, Phil interrupted his brother’s words.

The children who were still within his arms were quietly watching the situation looking between their father and uncle.

My brother had been silent for a while, but exhaled after being stared by the children.

“Well, it’s fine. Let me reward you for finding my children. I’ll let this lady stay at the royal palace. Later, we’ll have a nice talk.”


Phil nodded quietly.

His older brother placed a hand upon his shoulder before then turning towards Alves.

“Alves, stay at the royal palace. You should talk with your sister.”

“As you wish.”

“…If possible, don’t hit Phil’s face.”

After saying that, he also placed a hand upon Alves’s shoulder and left.

He seemed to be returning to the venue.

The escort knights who were protecting the surroundings also moved all at once.

Eventually, cheers rose again from the venue. Gorgeous music began to play.

“That might be because father is dancing with mother.”

“In other words, you may return now.”

The children whispered to Phil.

They seemed smart for their age.

Well… as expected of the prince and the princess.

Phil turned to the maids.

She probably guessed from his line of sight. One whispered to the escort knight. The knight immediately ran off through the courtyard.

After seeing him off, Phil finally turned towards us.

“I’ll take these kids back to their rooms… what are you doing? It’s still early, so you may return to the ball…”

“No, let’s take rest for today.”

“…Indeed. I told them to immediately prepare a room. Let’s walk slowly.”

Phil smiled slightly.

He looked calm, quiet, but also lonely.

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