The Heinous Mysterious Death Green Translation

16. Welcome to the Evil Organization!

If the Ark Dominion secret base were to be described in a phrase, it would be giant maze. Repeated extensions and structural alterations to the underground layer have been made in response to the growing personal. As a result, it’s now as complex as an ant’s nest with intricate pathways. It is not uncommon for those fresh to the organization to get lost.

Kuriyama Rintaro, the promising new mysterious being known as Death Green, is no exception.

“Damn it, where the hell am I!?”

He had set out to explore the base in order to proceed with his escape plan, but no matter where he looked or tried, he couldn’t find a way out.

As he usually acts with Samecchi, getting lost like that isn’t a problem. However, in truth, the layout of the Arc Dominion secret base is as complicated and vast as the Shinjuku, Umeda, and Yokohama stations put together.

“This is really bad……”

Rintaro has been wandering around strange places for almost 12 hours now.

A jungle of naturally growing large mushrooms.
Scorching magma spread out beneath his eyes.
An abyss so deep he couldn’t see its bottom.
A blizzard so fierce not even 1 meter ahead could be seen.

The path is so dangerous Rintaro can’t believe it is underground. Currently, he’s earnestly walking down a seemingly endless corridor, but it’s relatively safe considering what he’s been through before. However, he cannot find a single person and is feeling increasingly discouraged.

“How long is this hallway going to go on for……”
“Is that Rintaro over there?”

Suddenly, a voice calls out to him from the darkness at the end of the hallway.

“…You are!”
“It’s me! Fuhahahaha, I finally found you, Rintaro!”

Dragius III, General of the Ark Dominion, stood there, clad in darkness. Rintaro forgot about his escape plan and sigh out in relief.

“I was beginning to lose hope. Did you come all this way just to find me?”

“Yes. As we’re having a welcome party for the Sword Minas, Rintaro’s absence worried me. Even Samecchi is concerned.”

Rintaro wants to say mysterious beings have no need to be concerned about him, but instead makes an awkward smile in hopes of preventing the evil general from realizing his true feelings. When Dragius’ sharp eyes are on him, he gets the feeling untactful lies won’t succeed.

“That… Sorry for making you worry.”
Kuu kuu ku, what matters is that you are alright. You’re probably hungry too, so come with me.”

With those words, Dragius walks down the dimly lit corridor without making a sound. Rintaro too continues after him.

“How is it, Rintaro? Have you accustomed yourself to the Ark Dominion?”
“Hm? Well, to answer, I’m not quite there yet.”

Walking shoulder to shoulder with the supreme authority of an evil secret society, while making small talk with him, could be a valuable experience for a hero. The man next to Rintaro may look like a dashing dandy of an aged gentleman, but he is a great mysterious being capable of exploding Mt. Fuji. Taking that into consideration, even if Rintaro is a hero who has destroyed 7 evil organizations, no, exactly because of that, he is overcome with nervousness.

“Rintaro is still as stiff as usual.”
“It can’t be helped. To be honest, merely calling you by name would be too lacking in respect.”
“In that case, how about you call me ‘Ryu-chan’1 from now on?”

Apparently, the reason why Samecchi is so strangely frank with Dragius is because the person in question desired it. However, as a hero, Rintaro is reluctant about calling the evil general commander, “Ryu-chan” regardless of how much he suggests it.

“That would be impossible.”
Fuhahahaha, that appears to be the case! Still, Rintaro, don’t you feel a little more relaxed now?”

Now that he mentions it, Rintaro’s shoulders do feel a bit lighter. Saying he is dumbfounded would be more accurate though. Regardless, the elder has a good laugh.

Kukuku… that’s good. That’s what makes you worthy of being my successor!”
Fuhahahaha! Don’t take it seriously, I’m just talking nonsense! Ha-haa haa ha!”


Upon returning to the great hall, Rintaro receives a grand welcome despite it not being his welcome party. That is when he finally realizes that mysterious beings will take any reason to have fun and celebrate.

Aa a ah, Rintaro! Where have you been, don’t leave me on my own!”

The tall, beautiful woman, Sword Minas, known as Kenmochi Minato, clings to Rintaro’s back the moment she spots him. Having a timid personality, not only was she probably overwhelmed with anxiety at being surrounded by so many intimidating mysterious beings, she must surely also be feeling a sense of helplessness.

She has apparently been scattering around a lot of blades, the tears welling up in her eyes and her the tattered clothes are a terrible poison to his eyes.

“Somehow, eating food with a knife is like camping, isn’t it, de gozaimasu?”
“Damn, why do I have to use such a massive blue dragon sword…!”
“That’s still good! Ore-sama2 got a three-pronged spear!”

Today, everyone seems to have gotten a weapon, and they are using it to bring their food to their mouths. The one especially pitiful is the one of the three executives, the Hundred Beasts General Bearion. He is eating roast beef while struggling with a spear that is about 6 meters long.

“No, no, it’s too hard to eat like that. Let’s just use chopsticks or something.”
“Oh, so you don’t intend to eat anything today, Death Green? That’s not good for your health.”
“Aniki, the rule for today is to shake hands with Sword Minas and eat with whatever weapon comes out, ssu.”

Those are Samecchi’s words as she dexterously eats a hamburger steak with an absurdly tiny sword keychain that has a dragon wrapped around it. It is the same kind sold at service areas.

The aroma of the demi-glace sauce stimulates Rintaro’s stomach, and it growls. Incidentally, having wandered around the base for 12 hours, his hunger has reached its limit.

Kukuku… a strange sight, isn’t it? Regardless, everyone here is welcoming Sword Minas.”

Dragius gives a follow up to the perplexed Rintaro. The characteristics of Minato’s are peculiar even amongst the various mysterious beings in existence. Her constitution of inadvertently flinging out weapons in an instance creates the constant danger others near her getting wounded.

To state it clearly, she is completely unsuited to living as part of the community here in the Ark Dominion.

However, nevertheless, our commander, Dragius III, simply laughs it off only saying, “A trivial matter.”

“For we mysterious beings, this troublesome constitution is not a problem. We all eventually learn to control our powers and keep from harming others. I thought it better for you to learn through experience, not words, that this Ark Dominion is the ‘home’ of the mysterious beings… Fuhahahaha!”

With those words said, Dragius’ wicked smile reveals his white teeth.

“Hey Sword Minas, eating with a spear is too hard! Give ore-sama a revenge draw!”
Ah! Not fair, ssu! In that case Samecchi wants another try too, ssu!”
“Okay, okay, already. Everybody line up and make a row! Everyone all at once is impossible!”

This must be how mysterious being’s welcome each other. Compared to when Minato first arrived at Ark Dominion, she seems to be considerably better accepted.

Then, Rintaro feels as if he understands a little more about the reason why this commander is so beloved by the mysterious beings. Having thought that the society of mysterious beings was more akin to a pack of wolves, one where the strong feed off the weak, he feels a bit of a culture shock.

Then, should I adjust how I view mysterious beings a bit…? No, I should just think about using them for now…

Should Rintaro return to Hero Headquarters, he may be able to use that information in future battles. Furthermore, trying to make friends with mysterious beings isn’t in anyway unjust, information is an asset.

Rintaro admonishes himself deep in his heart that, “I don’t belong here in this place,” over and over. He controls his breathing and talks with the mysterious beings in as calm a manner as he can.

“Then, that’s the condition? Guess I have no choice but to do it, too.”
“Of course. Just don’t frighten Sword Minas too much, Rintaro. Since I got ‘that,’ I won’t be eating tonight.”

Dragius points at a massive lump of iron leaning against the wall with his thumb. It seems to weigh around 100 kilograms.

Minato bows her head while saying, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” and a steak knife comes tumbling out.

“Wouldn’t using that to eat be better?”
“No, like I said…”

When Rintaro looks at Minato, who has been holding the hem of her clothes while squatted down, their eyes met.

“Ugh, if you’re going to do it, do it quickly, Rintarou… and if possible, be gentle…”
“Hurry up or there won’t be anything left for you.”
“Your food’s getting cold, ssuyo.”

Rintaro does feel awfully bad for her, but the tightening of his stomach out of hunger forces him into making a decision.

Samecchi, someone she’s met a number of times, got something of that size. Mine will probably be something similar… The question is whether I can avoid it while holding her hand.

“Well then, I’m taking hold, Minato.”

Despite his misgivings, Rintaro takes Minato’s hand. The palm of the “fiendish mysterious being,” as Rintaro calls her, is much smoother than he expected.

“Huh? It’s not coming out.”
“…I’m sorry. They spill out on their own when I’m nervous, but not the other way around.”
“…The other way around?”

Minto blushes a little while squeezing his hand.

“Rintaro’s hand is warm. It calms me.”

The tall maiden smiles sweetly with those words. Rintaro is momentarily captivated by that smile which is being shown for the first time by that cowardly mysterious being. From that perspective, Sword Minas, Kenmochi Minato, is a normal beautiful woman.

“…Perhaps, today, I’ll have to eat with my bare hands?”
A, ahaha, about that, you have my apologies, Rintaro.”

She’s a mysterious being, she’s a mysterious being, she’s a fiendish mysterious being, an enemy of society…!

Those are Rintaro’s thoughts, but he doesn’t feel it’s all that bad.


The mysterious beings who have been watching that unfolding scene between the two hoot one after another.

“As expected of Death Green-san! He’s perfectly able to switch off his thirst for blood!”
“Death Green-san is amazing! He truly is in a completely different league from us!”
“I am moved to tears, Death Green-sama! Those who are truly atrocious and ruthless can ingeniously conceal their true natures, after all!”

Rintaro feels a violent premonition come about.

“Death Green? Is that Rintaro’s mysterious being name? Isn’t that pretty cool?”

Minato shows a carefree reaction to the mysterious beings who are for some reason getting worked up. As a newcomer, she is ignorant to Rintaro’s “activities as a mysterious being.”

“Hey, hey, pretty cool doesn’t cut it! Death Green-san single-handedly disposed of three of those Victor Rangers in the most gruesome and merciless manners possible!”
“Zazoma-sama personally said, ‘Your mind is evil abyss. You are a blood stained slaughterer who is without sympathy or mercy. The glory of the Ark Dominion is with you,’ yeah.”
“Aniki is the Mysterious Being amongst mysterious beings, ssu! Aniki devoured Victor Green head first, ssu! After that, Aniki laughed as he blew Victor Blue 100 meters into the sky with a bomb, ssu! And then, he melted Victor Pink’s face into muddy mess, ssu!”

Rintaro notices a slight tremble through their connected palms. Minato’s face pales and her smile becomes like ice as tears well up in her eyes.

“He’s just like I was as a young man. There is no mysterious being as heinous as Rintaro. He is surely a messenger from hell, a heinously diabolical mysterious being who frightens even the record keepers of hell. Kukukufuhahahaha! Haaa haa haa haa haa!”

Two massive lumps of iron weighing nearly 100 kilograms now lay against the wall. Rintaro, sure enough, goes without dinner.

<15. A Naïve Plan

  1. Ryu as in dragon
  2. A very tough way of saying I.  Also arrogant.