I was Invited to the Wedding of Former Fiancé Despite my Engagement Being Annulled. I Couldn’t Refuse, so my Brother’s Friend Accompany Me Translation

43. Departure to the North

Two weeks had passed since the ball at the royal palace.

…Phil, who had been beaten by Alves, was surrounded by the knights and left for somewhere afterwards. I didn’t know how swollen his face ended up.

I was also pulled aside by Alves and was then immediately made to leave the royal palace.

The carriage was ready—perhaps, prepared by His Majesty himself.

Right after I left the North wing, I felt like I heard a child’s voice. I seemed to have successfully avoided those twins.

That was actually a pity because I wanted to see their cute faces once again. Not that I couldn’t say anything because my brother was slightly annoyed.

I wondered if not properly give them my farewells was alright, especially considering they had taken care of me in various ways.

Thus, we returned to the Ragulen territory.

After a while, Alves told me that Phil no longer had the leeway to take me to another ball. After all, two weeks later, he had to return to the North. Thus, he was taken to the barracks the very next day to begin his preparations.

I want to talk with Phil more…

At the same time, I knew how awkward it’d be to meet him.

I realized that I was thinking about unnecessary things. Thus, I decided to take my mind off of it.

After finally calming down some, I decided to polish the pot as a starting point.

If I were to rub the heavy iron pot with a scrubbing brush and a bundle of grass, the scorch marks that had accumulated would gradually come off.

Daily care was important, but sometimes a thorough polishing wasn’t bad. Especially when I wanted to not think about anything else.

However, the moment I stopped, my mind would inadvertently wander again.

…That pot, in particular, was often used for stews. I could picture Phil eating the stew with satisfaction.

Even if I were to make stew in a pot as large as this, it’d disappear in the blink of an eye as long as Phil and the other knights were there.

When it was only Alves and I, the stew would last for many days.

Regardless, eat with such a large number of people was fun.

The knights were lively, but had also never forgotten to show their gratitude. However, on the first day they arrived, I recalled how quiet Phil was. Now that I thought about that, he must had been nervous.

However, after the second and third meals, his liveliness returned. Phil laughed along with everyone else…

My hands stopped as I smiled. Suddenly, I felt embarrassed and shook my head. I resumed scrubbing the pot.

“Not good, Lucia. Focus on polishing this pot!”

I motivated myself a little and tried getting back into the right mindset.

Just then, it suddenly became noisy outside.

The knights who were staying with us seemed to be raising their voices.

…For some reason, I was certain I had heard Phil’s voice amongst them.

I must be mistaken… it can’t be, right?

“What happened?”

As soon as I looked out the window, I could see something approaching with tremendous speed.

By the time I realized that it was a person clad in a knight’s garments, the figure was already near my window.

When I realized that person had beautiful silver hair, I was embraced and taken out of the window.

“I’m glad you were at home!”

“Eh!? Phil!?”

It was Phil.

To be precise, it was His Highness Philaude who belonged to the Third Army.

“What are you doing here?! I heard you’d be leaving for the North!”

“I am, but I really want to see you again. So, I rode a horse here.”


…But the route for to the Northern region and the Ragulen territory were completely different.

Not to mention, the path he had to take to get from the royal palace to our territory… There was no way it was as simple as riding a horse…

While being hugged and floating in the air, I turned my head to the knights.

The knights had apparently abandoned their farm work and were chasing after us. One of them was still wearing a big hat, and had to drop his hoe nearby.

They were all pale.

“…Is it alright for you to be here?”

Although the answer was quite obvious, I still asked.

Phil didn’t answer.

Instead, he silently rubbed his cheek against my shoulder.

“Hey, Phil!”

“…I want to stay here forever, eat salty stew, eat that incredible bean dish… I want to drown myself in Lucia-chan…”

He sighed against the nape of my neck. After a moment, a soft object touched my skin.

The hand that was holding my back also moved to my waist. He seemed to intend to do more than hug, and to my surprise, I trembled.

But before he could move any further, Phil’s hand was twisted.

While still being held in one of his arms, I was slowly lowered to the ground.

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