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46. A Familiar Horse

The next day, I planned my schedule for the next few days.

First, to clean and air out the guest room reserved for Phil.

I also wanted to check our stores of beans, make a lot of baked goods, and then…

…Understanding the general flow of my intentions, I started to move.

As usual, I finished cleaning the guest room immediately. Before noon, I had finished baking.

Alves was going to check the waterway at the edge of the territory that day.

The waterway near the house of the Ragulen family had improved considerably thanks to the initiative of the knights. All that remained was to add a stone pavement.

Thanks to that, we could finally travel to the edge of our territory.

My brother said that if the waterways were to be expanded around that area, the income from the farmland would increase further and our management would be almost stable.

Therefore, Alves left home energetically in the morning.

Making a round trip didn’t take much time. However, along the way, he’d also be doing a detailed inspection and speaking with the local farmers.

He departed early in the morning and would probably return late at night. As such, I packed him a large lunchbox.

Meanwhile, the knights were inspecting the waterways of the farmland around the house.

I had also given them some lunchboxes. It seemed that I’d be left with the servants during the day.

That was a precious time for me to relax.

On that occasion, I decided to go see the field of crops that I had recently planted on a trial basis.

The road to the test field was, in a sense, very safe.

There were shepherds on the nearby hill that day. When they saw me, they waved their hands.

I also waved back. Unfortunately, my eyes weren’t as good as their’s, so I couldn’t discern their identities.

Since that man has many sheep, is it the Talon family?

…No, is it Mr. Lauren?

Anyway, the shepherds were watching from the hillside. The area seemed to be extremely safe.

I followed the safe road that Alves had shown me and reached a small field.

That place had been abandoned five years ago.

The family of farmers formerly left to oversee the place had truly been hard working. However, after a heavy downpour, they died from an illness. As such, the farmland had yet to be restored.

No one has been placed to care for that particular area.

The location of the land wasn’t bad, but because the flow of the river had changed drastically, it had become difficult to cultivate the land for farming without first creating a waterway.

Currently, the place was being directly managed by the Ragulen family.

Although the well was still usable, because the ruins of the old house were nearby, pebbles and sand had also accumulated. We were looking for new crops that would generate income even if the soil quality changed, water became scarce, or if there wasn’t enough manpower.

Like Irena’s house, which produced dyes, I’d also wanted something that would lead to a profitable income. But finding something proved difficult due to the sun and the soil…


While I was slowly looking at the crops, I halted.

There was a horse.

It was a big and solid horse. The steed appeared to be staring at me without a hint of caution.

It looked very healthy, but its entire body was quite dirty.

There was a nice saddle on its back—to which several weapons were attached.

The reins weren’t tied anywhere. The horse was roaming freely and eating grass.

Its beautiful decorations and sturdy equipment implied that the steed belonged to a knight of the royal army.

At the same time, the horse seemed familiar…

I immediately looked around.

The rider should be nearby.

He wasn’t near the house.

Then, under the shade of the tree? At the gap in the ridge of the field?

No way, did he fall down the bank of the former river?


I found him.

There was a person lying face down next to the well.

The yellow cloak that covered most of his body was dull, while his turbulent silver hair was almost gray.


When I gently called out, his head moved slightly.

“…Can you bring me some water?”

His voice was faint.

I hurriedly drew water from the well.

I searched for a makeshift cup, but there was only a large basin with a little water left. Perhaps, Phil had used it to draw water for his horse.

The basin was too big for humans.

When I looked around to see if there was anything else—like leaves that could replace the cup, Phil got up with great force.

He took off his cloak, his sword, and also his jacket.

Then, he sat on the ground and started drinking directly from the basin.

After he had drank enough, he dumped the rest of the water on top of his head.

“I’ve been revived somewhat… Thank you, Lucia-chan.”

Phil chuckled. Water dripped from his silver hair which had regained some of its brilliance.

Phil brushed his hair away from his face.

“…Is there anything you can use as a towel?”

“I’m sure there’s something on my horse… but don’t worry, it’ll dry soon.”

But, this is still the middle of the cold season, right?

It might be warmer than the North, but…

When he noticed that I was shocked, Phil stood up with a bitter smile.

The horse approached us.

Phil took a cloth from the baggage on the back of the horse and dried his hair.

The horse came on his own?

What a smart horse…

At the same time, I realized that there was a more important matter at hand.

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