I was Invited to the Wedding of Former Fiancé Despite my Engagement Being Annulled. I Couldn’t Refuse, so my Brother’s Friend Accompany Me Translation

40. Choice

The Phil I knew loved to laze around. After being scolded by me, he’d reluctantly start to help out.

Without knowing anything, I treated Phil as if he was my brother… I was convinced I had done something utterly uncouth.

“Before you met him, I gave him an ultimatum. ‘Don’t make a move on my sister.’ Even if you’re in love, I’m banning you from going out with her. Instead, your feelings for him didn’t change. Not to mention, you were also engaged at that time. It was supposed to end in peace. But Lucia was abandoned, and he proceeded to help you. …It’s my fault for assuming the worst about him.”

With a deep sigh, Alves sat down and stared straight at me.

“But after everything is said and done, and nothing is like it used to be… He’s the crown prince’s younger brother. Now that His Majesty’s children are young, it’s almost guaranteed for him to be the next successor. With that in mind, listen to me—”

—I placed my cup on the table.

My brother slowly continued to speak.

“Lucia, do you… love Phil?”

I tried to answer immediately, but I just couldn’t find the words.

In the first place, I didn’t even know what my answer was.

I had always liked Phil.

But that wasn’t what my brother was asking.

“As you may be aware, he has to pick a wife from a high-ranking aristocratic family. I don’t want you to be a mistress. While being one will grant you children and some fortune, it’s still not good. Your position might be stable, but if you dare choose that path, you’d be relinquishing your title as a viscount. You might insist that it’s irrelevant, but after having a child… At the very least, as a viscount, you’d be treated like a human.”

Alves, who had a haggard expression, didn’t mince his words.

Perhaps, he was anticipating various situations.

When I tried to say something, Alves became quiet and shook his head. He then stood up.

When I looked up at him, he gently smiled at me.

“In my opinion, it’d be best for you to forget about him. He’s the one most aware of his birth, so I’m sure he’d withdraw.”

“…Will he cut ties with you?”

“If he does, it can’t be helped. Inherently, we’re two worlds apart in term of lineage.”

My brother went to the door.

Before he opened it, he turned towards me once again. With a serious voice, my brother appealed in a low voice.

“After I leave, lock it tight. Don’t ever open the door if Phil comes. I trust his judgement, but he isn’t always stable, so…”

“Alright, I will not once open the door during the night.”


My brother nodded with satisfaction and left.

I locked the door as I was told.

Nevertheless, I didn’t think anyone would actually come. To me, it was quite hilarious.

If I were to think about it…

He’d surely break my heart someday. If he were to see me like that, Phil would likely suffer.

Tomorrow, I’d go meet Phil and tell him goodbye as his friend’s sister.

The regret might prevent me from falling asleep, but it was for the best. Once I was old, I would surely be able to reminisce about the good memories we had.

The drink brought by Alves was already cold.

Still, I drank all of it. I also ate the light meal.

It’s alright.

My personality wasn’t so soft as to say I was drowning in love.

After saying my goodbye, I’d cry.

“…I’m, alright…”

I muttered as if praying before laying down on the large and luxurious bed.

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