I was Invited to the Wedding of Former Fiancé Despite my Engagement Being Annulled. I Couldn’t Refuse, so my Brother’s Friend Accompany Me Translation

22. Good Luck

Posun, he rested his head on top of my shoulder.

Not only was it heavy, Phil’s silver hair also brushed against my nape—although, that felt kind of nice.

“…Hey, Lucia.”

I could hear his low voice from my shoulder.

“…About me, how much do you know?”

Huh…? Phil…?

While confused, I pondered hard.

“Well, uh, you prefer your stews salty, you love relaxing on the floor, and if left unattended, you’d sleep all day?”

“Aah, indeed. I’m glad to hear that.”

Phil seemed to have laughed.

However, his arm, which was wrapped around me, became even more powerful.

It wasn’t painful, but I felt even more anxious. I hurriedly said something.

“—I, is it true that Phil is Alves’ colleague back from when he was a knight?”

“Indeed. Although, it’ll be more precise to call Alves my subordinate rather than a colleague. When he was still a recruit, I was in a slightly higher position.”

“Is that so? Are you older than my brother?”

“Yes, only slightly.”

Phil nodded.

The silver hair touching my neck also moved.

…I hope he’ll move away soon.

“However, my age isn’t the only reason I became his superior, I—”

He didn’t finish his sentence and only sighed on my shoulder.

“…I don’t want to say it. I don’t want Lucia to know.”

After muttering that much, Phil grew silent.

The carriage was running slowly.

I couldn’t confirm it because I couldn’t move, but where were we going? It seemed that the speed had gone down a little…

“…If your perception of me were to change—I’d rather just die.”

Phil said something heavy.

It might be a soliloquy. Phil was very defenseless at the moment.

I gently moved my free hand.

I tapped Phil’s back—saying that, it was more like a slap.

“If you don’t want to say it, I won’t ask. I’d rather opt to not hear anything. By not hearing to anything, I won’t be involved in anything complicated and life would continue as usual—Alves often says something along those lines, doesn’t he?”


“Phil is a friend of Alves, an occasional guest, and a lazy person who likes to relax on the floor. Knowing that, I’m already satisfied.”

As I gently said that, I could feel Phil’s arm moving ever so slightly.

Regardless, he didn’t release me from his embrace.

When I was wondering what had happened, Tiana glanced at us.

She looked as if she wanted to say something.

Well, that’s only natural.

This scene is a little overwhelming!

“Uh, Phil, can you let go of me soon?”

“I don’t want to. I want to stay like this. No, isn’t it okay to stay like this? It’s a moment of selfishness. I mean, isn’t it okay to be selfish once in a while?”

He was embracing me tightly once again.

When I was worried that it might became painful, Phil’s nose rubbed against my neck.

“P, Phil!?”

“Sorry, Lucia, I might do something strange…”

“Phil! That tickles…!”

When I was attacked by an unfamiliar sensation and tried to push away his huge body—

“Phil, your time has run out.”

I heard Tiana’s quiet voice.

Then, the carriage door opened.

“…What are you doing?”

I heard a low voice.

It was the first time I had ever heard a tone that menacing.

Not to mention, it was a familiar voice.

As I struggled to turn around, Phil instantly let go of me—


Before I knew it, the carriage had come into a halt.

Behind the open door, there stood a demon—I meant, Alves.

“…Do you have no unfinished business left? How quick.”

“Indeed. Thanks to the newcomer you lent me. It ended so quickly, I have no complaints. I’m glad I finished early—because I was able to prevent you from running wild!”

In no time at all, Alves grabbed Phil by his collar and pulled him out of the carriage. It didn’t seem like Phil would resist, either.

Despite his lack of resistant, he looked terrified.

‘I’ll kill you.’—I said that last time, didn’t I?”

“B, but the situation is different from last time!”

“Is that your only excuse!?”

“T, there’s a better one, yet! Lucia is so cute, I almost lost my sense of reason!”

“…Now you’re just making an excuse!!”

“It’s not an excuse, but an admission!”

…The location was around the main street of the royal capital.

At the sudden yelling, those passing by stopped with shocked expressions.

Moreover, the two of them were equipped with swords… the guards might be notified.

But, they might not?

After all, that day, the two were dressed like aristocrats.

Even so, my brother’s murderous intent was real. Phil also showed no resistance as of the moment. Nevertheless, if something happened, he should act on reflexive.

The commotion mustn’t get any bigger than that!

If the knights of the kingdom were to appear and deem it as a conflict between aristocrats, it wouldn’t be a laughing matter.

I got off the carriage while paying attention to the hem of my dress, and tapped the arm of my angry brother.

“Alves, please calm down.”

“You don’t have to protect this guy!”

“I said, calm down. As the Viscount of Ragulen, I’m telling you to avoid any shameful behavior.”

After he heard my soft whisper, Alves closed his mouth.

He looked around, clicked his tongue, and released Phil.

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