The Fake Saint’s Evolution Into a Genuine One Translation

16. The Fake Saint’s Evolution into a Genuine One

The pilgrimage continued on smoothly, despite the occasional trouble.

We were proceeding earlier than our schedule originally planned. At one point, the knight leader suggested something like this—

“—Why don’t we find lodgings in this town and take time healing the exhaustion of our trip? The saint must be very tired from being kept in here all this time.”

He sent a slightly concerned look my way. We he worried I might be feeling unwell?

The priest seemed to think the same, he immediately agreed.

“That’s right. It’s about time we tended to the carriage and our equipment. Let’s extend our break.”

Thus, we decided to stay in the town for a few days.

The town, which had a waterway, was famous for its commercial district, where logistics were thriving.

I had never been out of my rural village. As such, that was my first time visiting such a big town. Even the huge wall and gate were enough to surprise me. What a big city! I had never seen so many shops lined up!

“Hey, onee-chan! Since it’s a vacation, why don’t you spend time with us?”

“Do you want to go to a delicious bakery? We’ll show you around.”

Aside from me, who was amazed by the big city, the twins invited me to go out to ease my tension.

“B, bakery? You mean, a shop that sells sweets? B, but… I don’t have any money…”

“If so, consider me your wallet and take me along, Lady Saint. I can even become your means of transportation.”

“A chair, and now, a wallet… Why does the knight leader always insist on being anything other than human? Anyway, it’s fine, you don’t need to lie on the ground.”

The knight leader, who overheard our conversation, offered to pay. But I refused.

Speaking of sweets, I usually sucked nectar directly from flowers. I had seen smooth, white, sugar for sale, but the price was too expensive for me.

It’d be a waste to pay such an extravagant sum. Besides, I could live just fine without sugar.

“It’s alright, it’ll be recorded as an expense for duties performed during the pilgrimage. It’s also important to know the state of the town you’re staying in. Basically, this is part of the job.”

The priest suggested that.

Overwhelmed by everyone, I decided to go to a bakery.

After leaving my luggage at an inn, I went with the others who were waiting for me.

“…Eh? Are all of us going?”

“Not all of us like sweets, but if it’s only you three, security will be weaker.”

“…As it is, isn’t it more dangerous because of how conspicuous-looking you all are?”

“While some of the best magicians in the kingdom, the twins are still children in appearance. If it’s only a woman and children, we might be able to blend in.”

The twins seemed to have lost the argument against the priest. Thus, a total of five people left for the bakery.

We stood out.

We stood out very much.

First of all, the priest. He always wore religious attire, and he had a long hair. It made him exude a pacifistic aura. As of the present, he was standing in a regular shirt and trousers—perhaps because he was headed for a store. He looked like a cool young man.

The knight leader wore a tank top—while also carrying a sword.

Why a tank top?

He seemed to want to appear strong, but he appeared like a suspicious person of an unknown occupation, instead.

The twins also weren’t wearing their usual magicians’ garments. They wore boyish shorts—how cute. Their cuteness had doubled. I tried to remain calm. By far, that was the cutest the twins had ever been. It might be the reason why the saint made them into toys. They were just too cute—and eye-catching.

Then, there was me. A suspicious woman with a veil. We stood out like a sore thumb.

When we reached the particular bakery, the store clerk rushed out in a hurry. As if he had foreseen our arrival, he welcomed us. It seemed that a place had been reserved for us. It was awkward because it felt like an abuse of authority.

“Choose whatever you like. What kind of pastries does the saint prefer? This fruity cake seems to be today’s recommendation.”

“Just take everything you want! Isn’t it more fun that way!?”

“This flavored chocolate looks delicious… clerk, we want to take a look at the recommendations.”

“Lady Saint, your wallet is here. Feel free to pick anything.”

Fruit cake? Chocolate?

Are these truly foods? They look like jewelry!

When I glanced at their prices, my eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

In front of pastries I had never seen before, I solidified. Before I noticed, everyone had ordered various cakes and baked goods.

A number of pastries that looked like beautiful jewels were lined up in front of me.

Everyone smiled as they recommended me colorful pastries along with tea brewed inside a cup that looked like a work of art.

I was told that I could dig in, but my hand refused to touch any of it.


The Knight Leader’s Status Screen rn:

-Occupation: A knight captain, a chair, a horse, a table, a stair, a wallet, etc…

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