I Reincarnated as the Villainess… or so I Thought! I Ended up Reincarnating as a Side Character, the Duke’s Daughter, so I Decided to Educate the Moronic Love Interests!!! Translation

I Reincarnated as the Villainess… or so I Thought! I Ended up Reincarnating as a Side Character, the Duke’s Daughter, so I Decided to Educate the Moronic Love Interests!!! [Chapter 4]

Chapter Four: An Audience with His Majesty

“Raise your head, Alice Salvato.”


Slowly, Alice raised her head to the solemn voice from above. His Majesty, the King Orion Smol, sat on the throne in front of her. The 32-year-old ruler of the Kingdom of Smol. 

He’s a replica of Zeke… Or rather, Zeke is a replica of him. 

There was no doubt that the king was a handsome man.

“…Alice Salvato, is there something wrong? You appear to be lost in thought.”

“Uh…? Ah…! I apologize!!!”

That was close! He’s so handsome that I lost myself for a moment. Urgh, His Majesty is so my type… To be honest, ever since I saw his picture in the game’s album, he’s been my #1 recommendation! I was so sad that he wasn’t one of the love interests that I even cried… He really is handsome.

“Are you perhaps feeling nervous? You do not need to be afraid. Do you like sweets?”

His Majesty inquired as he took a lovely wrapped candy from his pocket. 

Huh? Is this really Waku Academy’s world? How in the world do they have packed sweets when they don’t even have printing technology?

“Thank you. I will gladly accept it.”

“…Hmph. There’s no need to give this peasant anything.”

Alice heard a displeased voice directed at her as soon as she received the candy from His Majesty. Zeke, who had just raised his lowered head, was standing right next to her.


“Father! I told you yesterday, but I’ll repeat it! I have no intention of marrying this ruffian! Please reconsider!!!”

As he scowled at Alice, Zeke said. His Majesty just sighed as he heard Zeke mention that.

“…You see, Miss Alice; he’s been saying that since yesterday. Could you please tell me what happened yesterday?”

“But, Father! I told you yesterday! This woman, s-she kicked me!”

“Zeke… What do you have to say about that, Miss Alice? Is this true?”

“It is. I landed a beautiful dropkick.”

Alice said proudly. 

Hmph. Mary already told me that it wouldn’t matter if we called off this marriage. If that’s the case, I might as well use the chance and say what I want to say!

“A drop… That’s quite bold of you… May I hear the reason?”

“His Highness, Zeke, came to see me yesterday after I had passed out. When he did, he said he’d rather marry Lili than me.”


“That is correct! I’d rather marry Lili… Liliana Swarov, instead of this ruffian!”

“Your Majesty, there you have it. In addition, he stated that coming to visit me was an obligation… That’s why, even though it was disrespectful, I excused myself from kicking him.”


“Your Majesty, I was merely educating him.”

“How was that education! Where have you ever seen a servant daring to kick the future king!?”

“She’s standing right next to you.”

“Cut your crap!!!”

“Why don’t you first look at yourself, Your Highness. I’m your fiancée. Isn’t it appropriate that the fiancée should be a partner on an equal footing rather than a servant? Perhaps Your Highness aspires for a companion who doesn’t say anything and simply listens attentively like a doll? I see. That explains why you prefer Lili. She’s quite the obedient one after all.” 

“Y… You!!!”

“It goes without saying that I will treat Your Highness with respect while we are in public. When you become king, Your Highness, I will treat you with the respect you deserve. But, Your Highness, if everyone around you only praises you, who will tell you when you are mistaken? Or do you believe you will never make a mistake? Ahaha! No way! Don’t you think you’ve already made one with the way you treat women?”


“You’ve only been saying you this whole time. Is there something wrong? You know, if you have anything to say, you can go ahead and say it. Or perhaps you want to surround yourself with individuals who will never criticize you and will only compliment you, making you feel like the King of the Hill? In a way, I suppose that’s fine. However, if you do so, you will ruin the Kingdom of Smol in no time!!!”


“If you believe I’m rude, become a king who I can respect! To begin with, who do you think would follow a king who visits his servants just to carry out his obligation?! A true king is someone who his people have chosen! Play the role of a king somewhere else if you really want to! But don’t drag me into it!”


“There it is again… You, you, you… Is that the extent of your vocabulary? Please tell. How do you feel right now? What is it like to be refuted by a woman?”

“Just because you’re a woman, I’m not going to go easy on you! I’ll defeat you no matter the cost!”

“Fine by me! Yesterday, I took it easy on you and merely stopped with a dropkick, but not today! If you don’t want me to crush what’s in between your legs, you’d best clench them!”

“You… That’s cowardly!”

“I’m a woman that doesn’t go back on her word!!!”

While staring at Zeke, Alice said. His Majesty let out a sigh of disappointment from above them. Ooops…

“…Could you two please stop this? You do realize you’re in front of the king, right?”

Both Zeke and Alice immediately dropped their heads when His Majesty said that with a tired expression.