I Reincarnated as the Villainess… or so I Thought! I Ended up Reincarnating as a Side Character, the Duke’s Daughter, so I Decided to Educate the Moronic Love Interests!!! Translation

I Reincarnated as the Villainess… or so I Thought! I Ended up Reincarnating as a Side Character, the Duke’s Daughter, so I Decided to Educate the Moronic Love Interests!!! [Chapter 15]

Chapter Fifteen: Likability MAX. This Is Why You’re No Good Waku Academy!

It was now the day before the first of the lessons, which would take place at Alice’s house. And Mary, Alice’s maid, seemed to be in an unusually happy mood.

“It’s tomorrow, Lady Alice.”

“That’s right… That’s right but… what are you doing here?”

Liliana Swarov, aka Lili, was sipping tea in front of Alice. Liliana Swarov was the oldest daughter of the Swarov viscount family, a retainer to the Salvato family, and the legitimate Villainess of Waku Academy. Legitimate Villainess my…

“That’s so cold of you, Lady Alice… Aren’t we friends? I came because I wanted to take part in the lessons alongside everyone else.”

“Who told you?”

“Miss Mary!”


“Lady Lili adores you, Lady Alice, so I thought it would be appropriate to invite her as well.”

Mary said after barging into Alice’s room, holding a dress in each hand, as if asking Alice which one she’d like to wear tomorrow.

You should at least knock Mary… Well I guess we’re all girls here so it’s fine, but still…

“That is right, Lady Alice! My love for you is unrivaled.  Please let me take part in the study session. Ah! Miss Mary. Don’t you think Lady Alice’s red dress from two parties ago was nicer than these? That dress looked spectacular on Lady Alice.”

“So naive, Lady Lili. True, that dress nicely complements Lady Alice and enhances her appeal, but it does so excessively.”

“Is that a bad thing? Isn’t that exactly what we should strive towards?”

“Tsch, tsch, tsch. This time, Lady Alice will be accompanied by those immature bra…  I mean gentlemen.”

“I see… Lady Alice’s chastity might be at risk.”

“That is correct. The dress’s purpose this time should be to bring out Lady Alice’s appeal, but only to the point where it will faintly bring out the other side’s sexual cravings while still making them wait. When it comes to love, the winner is the one who is loved.”

“I expected nothing less from you, Miss Mary!”

Lili said with sparkling eyes. Lili’s use of honorifics with Mary and attaching Miss to her was also due to Waku Academy’s messed up world view. Or that’s what one would usually assume.

“There’s still so much I have yet to learn from you Miss Mary! I’ll work hard and do my best so that I can independently serve Lady Alice as her attendant!!!”

“That’s the spirit, Lady Lili.”

Mary, the same as Lili, was a child of the Melloways family, a baron family under the Salvatos. She had come to work for the Salvatos in accordance with the tradition of a child of a lower aristocrat being apprenticed to a high aristocrat. When Mary was married off, or when Alice and Lili graduated from the academy and Lili became Alice’s personal attendant, Mary would finally depart the house. In other terms, Mary and Lili’s relationship could be compared to that of a teacher and a student.

That aside, what’s the deal with independently serving as my attendant!

“Mary… Calling them immature brats is a bit rude.”

“I stopped at immature bra, though.”

“Your intentions were clear. Even if it was intended as a jest, you shouldn’t address a member of the royal family or a son of an earl in this manner.”

“I don’t care if they’re a member of the royal family or a earl’s son. Anyone who tries to ogle at my lovely Lady Alice will not be forgiven.”

“Lady Alice, this may be rude, but I agree with Miss Mary. I am even willing to put my life on the line to protect you, Lady Alice.”

“Those emotions are too intense for me, you two…”

I somewhat understand where Mary’s coming from, but why is Lili, the Villainess of Waku Academy, so attached to me? There was nothing in the game about this phase, so I have no idea why Lili is so fond of me…

“They are not intense at all! Since you saved me that day, Lady Alice, I vowed to follow you for the rest of my life!”


Lili said, her eyes sparkling.

I suppose now isn’t the best time for me to inquire as to when I saved her… Urgh, this is exactly why Waku Academy irritates me so much. It’s alright if they don’t do it for Alice because she’s a minor character, but considering Lili’s the Villainess and all, they should at least show her settings. How can they expect me to feel empathy for her if they don’t? The only opinion that I had of Lili was that her specs were high, that’s mostly it!

“That is right, Lady Alice. Lady Lili is putting in far more effort than one would expect given her age. Lady Alice, to simply describe that as intense is insensitive.”

“I’m sorry. I truly am… but exactly what kind of effort are you putting in, Lili?”

“I’m working hard to become your personal maid, Lady Alice. In order to accomplish that I must be well-educated, physically fit, and attractive!”

Lili replied, her hands clasped in a lovely manner, while Mary nodded.

“Isn’t it true, Lady Lili, that you have already mastered history, rhetoric, and arithmetic up to the academy’s entrance level?”

“That’s right! Don’t forget dancing and manners training as well!”

“Spectacular, Lady Lili.”

My personal attendant candidate’s specs are absurdly high… Come to think of it, don’t we have to be 15 to enroll in the academy? What’s up with her! She’s already at the entrance level!

“I still have a long way to go, Miss Mary. I’ve heard that by the age of five, you’d accomplished all I’ve accomplished…”


My current maid’s specs are even higher… Could Lili’s high specs be a result of her love for Alice and Mary’s teaching? Alice might as well be the genuine Villainess if we’re only talking about raising the finest rival in any otome game. Although, she herself is quite the idiot.

“T-That’s right! Miss Mary, there’s something I need to tell you!”

“What may that be, Lady Lili?”

Mary asked. Lili then spoke with a grandiose smile on her face.

“Yesterday I took down a bear by myself! I did use a bow, though… Nonetheless, I am now a step closer to reaching the end of my maid training!”

“Now that’s good news! Color me surprised. It’s fine that you resorted to using a bow. All that matters is that you are now a step further ahead on your road to becoming Lady Alice’s maid.”

“Thank you!”

“Hold up…”

The words they just said, as well as the enthusiasm that accompanied them, were nothing to laugh at. What in the devil was that about Lili killing a bear?!

“Lady Alice, as your future maid I should be able to take down a bear or two by myself.”

“Have you gone crazy?!”

Alice remarked in shock. Mary, on the other hand, did nothing but sighed.

W-What was that sigh for?! Why are you looking at me as if I’m completely clueless?!

“Listen carefully, Lady Alice. You are the only daughter of the Salvato family. That, of course, makes you a noble. The person who will be your maid should be prepared to defend you in any situations where harm may occur.”

“That may be true, but in circumstances like this, aren’t there guards?”

“Will you be willing to let a male guard inside your bedroom, Lady Alice?”


“That is correct, Lady Alice! Lady Alice, I will never allow a male guard into your chambers! Your lovely sleeping face is only for me to behold!”

“Lili you’re acting strange!”

“That’s the attitude Lady Lili! However, for the time being Lady Alice’s sleeping face is for me to behold. I haven’t even let Master Salvato enter Lady Alice’s chambers recently.”

“Mary, you’re being even creepier!”

“Nevertheless, your future maid, Lady Alice, should be capable of defending you. On a side note, I was also able to defeat a bear when I was seven. Barehanded that is.”

“I apologize, Lady Alice. I can currently only defeat a wild boar with my bare hands. However, one day I will surely defeat a bear using only my bare hands!!!”

“Hold up! Like seriously, hold up!!!”

A maid doesn’t need such abilities! To begin with, what’s the deal with maids hunting bears and wild boars with their bare hands?!

“This is why Waku Academy is just…”

As Alice looked at Lili, who had decided to kill a bear with her bare hands one day, she confirmed that Waku Academy was truly a shit game.