I Reincarnated as the Villainess… or so I Thought! I Ended up Reincarnating as a Side Character, the Duke’s Daughter, so I Decided to Educate the Moronic Love Interests!!! Translation

I Reincarnated as the Villainess… or so I Thought! I Ended up Reincarnating as a Side Character, the Duke’s Daughter, so I Decided to Educate the Moronic Love Interests!!! [Chapter 7]

Chapter Seven: You’ve Done Well

“All right, Your Highness, let’s get started on our lesson!”

It was now 10 a.m. the following morning. 

Oddly, there are clocks everywhere, but they don’t even have the necessary printing technology to make books more affordable. Furthermore, each day is 24 hours long, just like in Japan.


His Highness, who Alice had expected to be upset with the entire development and attend unmotivated, nodded obediently and sat down in his chair. Huh?

“Your Highness, you’re quite obedient today.”

“That’s… I figured the least I could do was listen to what you had to say after all the things you’ve done for me recently.”


“What is it?”

“You Dereified!”

“Dere… What? What in the world is that?!”

“A phenomenon in which a person suspected of being a tsun begins to express their true feelings after being praised.”

“Don’t explain it! And, no, I did not!”

His Highness said, his face flushed.

“Yeah, yeah. Let’s begin the lesson.”

Opening the book she’d brought, Alice said. His Highness gave a glance at the book, which appeared to be complex for a child, and then turned away, seeming bored.

“A history book, huh…”

“Do you dislike history?”

“I don’t. The history of this kingdom is also the history of its royal family. Isn’t it natural to be curious about one’s ancestors?”

“I suppose you have a point when you put it that way. So why did you glance at it with such a bored expression on your face?”

“I’ve already read it once and remembered the book. It’s pointless to read it a second time.”

I guess he has a point. Because I know what happens, the feeling I get from re-reading novels isn’t the same as the first ti…


“What’s wrong?”

“You’ve read this book?”

“I have… It’s a well-known book. We have it in the royal palace’s library.”

“And you remembered it?”

“Of course. You normally remember things you’re interested in, don’t you?”

“A seven-year-old remembered this book?”

“I read it when I was five.”






“Whoa!? W-Why are you screaming so suddenly!?”

Who wouldn’t! This is a book that even adults have trouble reading! And you’re telling me that a five-year-old not only read it but also memorized it?!

“Is it really that shocking? When I told Her Majesty, she only said that this is a given for a future king…”


Assuming Her Majesty isn’t a complete moron, I can’t think of any reason, other than neglect, why she wouldn’t congratulate a kid on reading the book, let alone declare it a given.

“Your Highness! This is amazing!!! You really are amazing! Even adults find this book hard to read! And you not only read it when you were five, but you also memorized it! You’re amazing, Your Highness!!!”

Alice exclaimed, praising His Highness wholeheartedly. 

He really is impressive. Come to think of it, was this in Waku Academy? How did they manage to transform such a lovely specimen into such a dunderhead of a prince?! At the very least, they should’ve hinted at it! His Highness is nothing more than a self-centered prince within the game. They didn’t show their grades at all, even though it all took place in an academy. Why did they take His Highness’ narrative away from him!!! Those jerks don’t understand what makes an Otome Game an Otome Game.

“You’re praising me way too much… It’s nothing to be so shocked about… If I’m going to become king, something like this is…”

“Stop there.”

“…What is it?”

“Your Highness. What you’ve accomplished is simply remarkable.”

“Something like that?”

“That’s right! I’m not asking you to brag about it like it’s the most incredible thing in the world. However, Your Highness, you should feel proud of it at least a bit.”

Alice said with a big smile on her face.

“If Her Majesty won’t praise you, then I will. Your Highness, you are amazing!”


His Highness’s eyes widened in surprise. Alice continued speaking to His Highness, who appeared to be staring at something unimaginable.

“It’s incredible that you read this book when you were only five. It is also amazing that you managed to memorize it. You should be proud of yourself, Your Highness. It is fine for you to receive praise.”

“…Is it really that amazing? Anyone can probably do this…”

“This kingdom would be the best in the world if all of the five-year-olds in it could accomplish it.”

“But… I am a prince, after all.”

“Before you are a prince, you are a five-year-old child.”


“You likely have many things you must undoubtedly sacrifice for the sake of the kingdom. It’s the same for me as well. We’ve also lost our freedom as a result of this.”

“I suppose you’re right…”

“However, everyone is free to be praised. Whether they’re a prince, a duke’s daughter, or something else entirely.”

That’s why I have to tell him…

“Your Highness, you’ve done well.”


With a snort, His Highness turned around. 

Now that’s not cute at all… Well, I guess I can forgive him this once.

“Don’t assume I’m delighted just because you praised me! Do you think you’re my mother or something?”

His Highness spoke out, his ears flushed. 

This brat.

“Oh my, what’s this? Your Highness, are you crying? Are you? Are you?”

“I’m not! That’s the thing about you that irritates me! Normally, you’d act as if you hadn’t noticed!!!”

“Does this mean that you cried? Were you that happy I complimented you?! Oh my! You’re so cute, Your Highness!”

“You know, you’re not at all cute!!!”

His Highness finally snapped after Alice continued to tease him.