I Reincarnated as the Villainess… or so I Thought! I Ended up Reincarnating as a Side Character, the Duke’s Daughter, so I Decided to Educate the Moronic Love Interests!!! Translation

I Reincarnated as the Villainess… or so I Thought! I Ended up Reincarnating as a Side Character, the Duke’s Daughter, so I Decided to Educate the Moronic Love Interests!!! [Chapter 8]

Chapter Eight: This Rising Feeling Is…!

Alice continued to tease His Highness until he became enraged, but she realized that continuing any farther would be cruel, so she decided to stop. 

I wanted to tease him a bit more… However, I feel bad for him, so I’ll stop here.

“This is quite unfortunate, Your Highness.”

“What is?”

“You see, I had intended to use this book to teach you history today.”

Alice viewed history as a significant subject. Of course, there were many reasons to learn history, but for someone from the royal family, and someone who would one day be in a position where he would have to negotiate on behalf of the kingdom, His Highness needed to know not just his own but also the history of other domains. Otherwise, disaster might strike.

“I see no problem with learning history.”

“What? But you’ve already read this book. You’ve also memorized it…”

“It’s true that I’ve memorized it… However, it would be difficult to recall exactly what was written on which page and row. Although I believe I recall some of it.”

“I-I’m not asking for that much.”

That’s borderline crazy at this point. It’s like this is his hobby. In any case, this isn’t the point of studying. Still, to think that he can recall even some of it… His Highness really is amazing.

“I see… Then what should we do? Isn’t it going to be difficult to come up with something new right now?”

“It is… It will probably take the whole day.”

“That’s a waste… As such, I’m willing to study history with you if you study with me. You never know; maybe I’ll learn something new.”

“I don’t think you will…”

I haven’t even read this book! I brought it with the idea that we could learn from it together.

“Then how about I teach you then?”

“Wouldn’t that defeat the whole purpose?”

“Will it? Isn’t it true that when you teach something to someone else, your understanding expands? History, in particular, provides facts, but each person’s perspective on how they arrived at those facts may differ.

“I guess you’re right about that…”

There was always just one fact in history, but the reality could differ based on beliefs and desires. As a result, wars were a regular occurrence. The fact that a war had occurred, for example, would merely be acknowledged; but, the ideas of those involved in the fight would not.

“I believe that just going over that would be a fruitful experience, and don’t you also think that I should learn more about other people’s perspectives?”

“How do you know that?”

True, that is what I intended to do, but how does His Highness know? 

With a sigh, His Highness explained to Alice, who glanced at him with a puzzled face.

“You idiot. Wasn’t it you who told me that the people wouldn’t support a ruler who didn’t understand their feelings and that the people were the kingdom’s greatest treasure? Shouldn’t I broaden my horizons and study history with my people in mind if that’s the case? I’m not sure whether this is the correct method to study history, but I feel it is the correct approach to learn how to be a king.”


Alice had no idea how to express it, but the more His Highness spoke, the more she realized he was a bright young man. At the same time, she confirmed her misgivings that Waku Academy was indeed a terrible game. 

I think I would have been more invested in the story if they had spent more time building His Highness’ character… What a pity…


His Highness said, his cheeks flushed slightly.

“I haven’t studied with anyone before… So I was tempted to give it a shot. That’s why I-… I’d be pleased if you’re willing to study with me.”

His Highness said, turning his head. Despite this, Alice could see him stealing glances at her now and then.


Why did my heart skip a beat just now?!

“I got it!”

I see… I finally got it! I’ve finally figured out what that strange feeling I had when I first met His Highness is all about. This feeling is…

“Your Highness…”

It’s maternal love!

“I-If you don’t want to, you don’t have to!”

His Highness said, his eyes overflowing with both anticipation and anxiety. Alice couldn’t help but smile when she saw him like that.

“I’d love to, Your Highness. Let’s study together.”

Come to think of it; I’ll be turning thirty next year. If I had a child immediately after graduating from university, it would be about His Highness’ age right now. I see! That’s why His Highness gets on my nerves so much. It’s similar to how a parent feels when their child refuses to listen to them.

“How come I get the impression that you’re looking down on me right now?”

“That’s not true. I just thought that you’re really charming.”

“How is that not looking down on me?!”

As soon as Alice recognized what was causing her to feel that way, she came to view His Highness as quite adorable. 

Leave it to me, Your Highness!!! I’ll raise you into the best prince there is!!! I’ll be a great mother!!!

“Excuse me, Lady Alice.”

While those thoughts were circling in Alice’s brain, she heard a knocking at her door. 

“Come in.” 

Mary, Alice’s personal maid, entered the room after Alice answered.

“Mary? Is there something wrong?”

“You have a visitor, Lady Alice.”

“A visitor?”

Huh? Did I have some kind of appointment today?  

Mary simply responded indifferently as Alice was thinking about it.

“It’s a visitor for His Highness, to be precise.”

“For me?”

“Ma’am Catherine has come to visit.”

“Catherine? Who is Ma’am Catherine?”

Alice asked.

“Her Majesty, Queen Catherine, Lady Alice. May I invite her in?”