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47. Dancing Together

After that turmoil.

At Lynchgiham, which had regained its peace, a big party was to be held that night.

Nigel’s birthday party was held as scheduled.

Influential aristocrats gathered from all over the kingdom while important guests from other kingdoms visited the royal castle.

I was also able to participate due to Nigel’s kindness…


Exiting the venue, I exhaled.

“I’m really exhausted… who would’ve thought that it’d be such a grand party.”

Crowds were everywhere.

Moreover, each person there was an important figure who would shoulder the future of the kingdom. As such, they were welcomed with open arms.

“It’s been a long time since I last attended a party… in my former kingdom, I wasn’t allowed to participate in recent parties…”

By the way, what was happening in the Kingdom of Verclaim?

…The dragon—or, Douglas, had left his nest. It was only natural that one or two archdemons would invade.

The curse should had bounced back to Leticia, as well.

…Well, that didn’t matter.

“There you are, Eliane.”

While I was taking a stroll around the venue, I was suddenly called out.

“Nigel, is it okay for you to be in such a place?”

“I sneaked out to look for you.”

“It wouldn’t be exciting if the protagonist of the party were to vanish.”

“I don’t mind. As of now, I want to talk to you.”

That day, Nigel was wearing white formal attire—he looked even cooler than usual.

Rather, it was as if he had a dazzling, brilliant, halo—!!!

“That’s right. Eliane, thank you for the cookies. Back then, I couldn’t thank you properly, hence why I will express my gratitude again.”

Before the party had begun, I gave Nigel my simple birthday present.

However, as soon as I handed it over, other people also started coming. As such, we weren’t able to exchange any words.

Well, it couldn’t be helped. He was the prince of that kingdom.

Actually, I wanted to hear his full impression regarding the cookies, but our difference in status was too great.

As I looked at Nigel’s profile before the party had started, I suddenly felt lonely—it was as if he had gone far away.

“You’re welcome.”

“I haven’t eaten all the cookies, yet, but they are delicious. I will treat them with care.”

“…There’s no need to make such a big deal about it. I think for you to take a bite whenever you want is already good enough.”

“What are you saying—oh, right, I have a present for you, too.”

“For me?”

When I asked, Nigel nodded.

I wondered what the present was.

Today was Nigel’s birthday. There should be no reason for him to give me a single present…


As I was pondering, Nigel took out a small box from his inner pocket. When he opened the lid of the box, there was a beautiful ring inside.


“Didn’t we visit a jewelry store before? It may have been the other day, but I brought it from that store.”

Ah, that expensive jewelry store…

…But I still hadn’t understood the implication.

…For me?

To receive such an expensive gift would be difficult—in the first place, what was he trying to achieve?

While my head was swirling with doubt, Nigel knelt and lowered his head on spot.

“Eliane, I want you to be my life companion.”


I was taken aback.

“Is it too difficult to understand? I want you to marry me.”


“Indeed. I’ve been planning this for a long time.”

Nigel kept his head bowed.

“Now that I think about it, I may have been enchanted by you from the very first glance. The previous case with Alberto only further emphasized these feelings…”

“You mean, that battle…?”

“Yes, it was when Eliane gave me the blessing of the goddess. I felt like I was deeply connected with you. It felt like you were gently embracing me. It was the first time I felt so secure even though I was in the middle of a battle.”

I could no longer hear the surrounding—I could only hear Nigel’s words.

He continued.

“I’ve never fallen in love before. The moment I met you, that was the first time I ever felt love. That’s why, Eliane, please be my lifelong companion and thread with me.”

At first, I thought Nigel was joking.

However, his expression was dead serious.

Besides, a marriage proposal shouldn’t be treated as a joke.

“But… our difference in status…”

“Of course, we wouldn’t be able to get married right away. I will need to persuade those around me, but no matter how long it takes, I shall do just that. What do you think, Eliane? Can you please receive this ring?”

He meant for me to be his fiancée… his future wife, right…?

W, w, what was I supposed to do—!?

I hadn’t sorted my emotions, yet!

Would I be a suitable fiancée for Nigel? Eventually, I would have to shoulder the future of the kingdom alongside Nigel, right!? That was too different from my engagement with Prince Claude.

When he proposed to me, I realized it—

—I also loved Nigel.

But I wasn’t confident enough to accept his love, nor did I feel that my love was good enough for him.

…What if during our engagement, I ended up being hated, leading to an annulment…?

“Nigel, excuse me, but…—”

—I tried to turn him down.

But soon enough, the words Douglas had said a while ago came to my mind.

—what was wrong with confessing to someone I love? Why would I be hated if I did so?

Banishment, annulment—

—I may had been too timid.

I would accept Nigel.

At the same time, I would also confess to him.

I immediately shook my head and rephrased—

“—Nigel, please raise your head.”

Hearing me, Nigel slowly lifted his face.

“…Honestly, I’m not confident that I will be a suitable fiancée for you—but, it seems that my love for you… is certain.”


“…Yes. I will be happy to accept your proposal.”

Nigel’s face brightened immediately.

“Eliane, give me your hand.”

I extended my hand.

He slipped an engagement ring onto my ring finger.

Nigel would become my sword, and I his shield.

The moment I wore the ring, I became resolute.

“Well then, Eliane, would you like to dance with me?”

“Oh my, with Your Highness, not to mention, in a place like this?”

“There are a lot of people back in the venue. I just want to dance with you—the two of us, alone.”

Nigel took my hand and started dancing.

His dance was both gentle and precise. His natural movements placed me at ease.

Under the moonlight, we danced, only the two of us.

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“What are you saying—oh, right, I have a present for you, too.”

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I wondered what the present was.

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As I was pondering, Nigel took out a small box from his inner pocket. When he opened the lid of the box, there was a beautiful ring inside.

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“Eliane, I want you to be my life companion.”

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