His Highness the Crown Prince Knelt and Begged, “Please Don’t Abandon our Engagement!” Translation

20. Elena Tchaikovsky

20. Elena Tchaikovsky

“E, Elena…? What are you doing here…?”

“Well, this cute little sister of yours has come to visit you! Is there any other reason?”

Elena lowered her bags onto the floor and tidied the hem of her skirt.

It took 40 days to travel from the royal capital to Arkhangelsk by carriage.

For her to undertake such a long journey… I didn’t think she visited Arkhangelsk for mere trivialities.

Elena was wearing a simple brown outfit that seemed easy to move in.

Despite being dressed like that, Elena looked absolutely gorgeous. If anything, the modest garments only emphasized her charm.

Beloved by her parents, she was hailed as the most beautiful girl—the flower of the academy. Moreover, she was also the existence that had entranced the heart of Prince Mikhail.

Such was Elena.

Elena and I were twins, but our personalities were exact opposites. If I was the ‘Yin’, then Elena was the ‘Yang.’

I didn’t hate Elena.

However, it was just inevitable for me to compare myself with her.

Elena must had noticed Felix who was standing beside the door. She smiled at him, and that caused him to leap back.

Between Felix, who was 13-years-old and petite, and Elena, who was 16-years-old, there was a height difference.

Elena’s pale eyes shone …and she proceeded to hug Felix.

“This boy is so cute!”

“P, please stop…”

“He escaped when I tried to hug him at the front door. But now, I’ve succeeded!”

“I’m a proper adult! Don’t treat me like a child!”

Felix turned red as he protested, fluttered, and attempted to escape. However, he was completely swallowed by Elena’s pace.

Well, certainly, Felix was cute. While I could understand her feelings well…

Anastasia, who was sitting on my lap, tilted her head.

“What a peculiar person…”

“Well, you aren’t wrong…”

Elena was a good-looking student with excellent grades. But, she wasn’t without flaws.

She was selfish, quick to anger, spoiled, and wasn’t very well-mannered. At the academy, she had the image of an innocent, beautiful, girl. Hence, she became popular.

Before I knew it, she had stopped teasing Felix. Felix was breathless with a beet red face and a swimming gaze.

I felt sorry for him…

I let Anastasia sit on the sofa and approached the two of them.

“Felix, are you alright…?”

“He might not be…”

Felix puffed his cheeks and glared at Elena.

“I’m still the proud third son of a count. Don’t hug me so freely!”

“I’m sorry, I merely intended to express my affection Did you dislike it…?”

Suddenly, Elena casted her eyes downward and uttered those words. Felix rushed to correct her—

“—No! I didn’t hate it! Rather, I’m happy—”

—Perhaps noticing his slip-up, Felix blushed.

I glanced at Felix.

“For you to be hugged by a beauty like Elena, and be praised over and over… it must’ve felt great. That’s perfectly understandable—it’s just, I’ve lost all sympathy for you.”

Towards my words, Felix shook his head as he screamed.

“No, that isn’t the case, uh… I’d be happier if the one who hugged me was Lady Alisa!”


However, Alex-sama was the only person I’d hug.

Elena giggled happily. Anastasia, who sat on the sofa, stared at us weirdly.

I merely shrugged my shoulders.

Elena, for better or for worse, liked to tease the people in her surroundings. Sometimes, it went badly. At the same time, because of her, the place had a bright atmosphere as everyone was swallowed by her pace.

It was something I was incapable of.

Elena lightly raised her right hand. Her slender, white, ring finger had a ring on it. The emerald jewel reflected the light from the window.

The ring finger of the right hand led to the heart, while the ring on said finger symbolized the other person’s heart. Such was the tradition that had long been believed in Rushie.

…That was probably her engagement ring with His Highness Mikhail.

Elena looked around towards me, Felix, and Anastasia before cheerfully declaring—

“—Nice to meet you again. My name is Elena Tchaikovsky! I’m the second daughter of the Duke of Tchaikovsky, the fiancée of crown prince Mikhail, and also the sister of Alisa! As I plan to stay in this mansion for a while, I’ll be in your care!”

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