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13. Researching the Enemy (3)

“Your Highness Zafield, welcome!”


The clerks who were donning black suits all bowed at once.

The store was located at front of the aristocratic district. It was strategically placed so that even commoners could easily visit. In the first place, the store was intended for the commoners and the those of the middle-class who wanted to appear classy.

The blue tile used for part of the outer wall seemed to originate from a foreign country. The gold lamp and unusually-shaped chandelier probably hailed from my mother’s—the Foreign Beauty’s—homeland. The textile industry was thriving. Many pieces of foreign furniture were on display in the store. I was truly excited to see what such a fashionable store had to offer.

It isn’t like I’m uninterested in fashion?

However, in public places, there were many who still embraced tradition. For those who had a distinctive appearance like me, becoming orthodox was the safest option. Besides, just because a certain style was trendy, it didn’t mean it was beautiful.

As I looked around the store, His Highness Zafield commented, “It’s an interesting store.”

When I was about to reply, a certain clerk remarked.

“…Pardon the intrusion, but what kind of relationship do you have with this lady?”

Right after that, a person who seemed to be the manager immediately bowed down and apologized profusely. Said clerk was scolded. For a store that deals with aristocrats, such out of line behavior should be unthinkable.

The manager’s explanation was, it wasn’t every day that said employee got to see a member of the royal family. As the store had suddenly gotten popular one day, their education was still incomplete…

…His Highness Zafield only smiled calmly before dismissing it.

“…This lady, she is the one I want to propose to.”

Winking, His Highness Zafield raised a finger to the corner of his mouth.


Immediately, screams erupted from the clerks. Even the manager, who had just told an employee off, screamed…

…To be honest, I also wanted to do the same.

—What are you saying!?

I was so embarrassed, I wanted to run away screaming.

…Obviously, I couldn’t do that. Thus, I could only conceal my face with both hands.

After chuckling, His Highness Zafield got to the point.

“Before choosing a dress for her, could you show me the dress my brother requested the other day?”

The clerk was visibly confused by His Highness Zafield’s request. Normally, one wouldn’t ask to look at someone else’s request.

“Unfortunately, the order was for a custom-tailored dress…”

“I’m sorry for the odd request, but I don’t want to give her a dress that looks similar to my brother’s. I want to give it my all—so, please…”

Towards the second prince, who put his hands together in front of his face and pleaded, the clerks stared at each other.

“Please keep it confidential.”

In the end, we were led into the back.

“We did it.”

“…’Overdid’, you mean?”

After we whispered towards each other, the dress was immediately brought to us.

…I was stunned.

…The flashy pink, satin, fabric was adorned with pink ribbons. It was doubled with a lace fabric, which while pale, was still pink. The chest part was open. Around the neck, a rose-gold necklace with ribbon motif could be seen. Naturally, the jewel was a pink diamond. …Naturally, the shoes were also covered with pink sequins.

I instinctively asked about the flood of pink.

“Who’d, what kind of person would wear this…?”

“She’s a lovely woman with pink hair.”

Well. Of. Course.

Who else would it be if not Ms. Lumie!?

Just like me, His Highness Zafield had a lot of question.

“Did my brother truly request this…?”

“…Indeed, the one who choose this messy thing is—ahem. He looks truly happy when he ordered it, because according to him, no women has ever worn anything like this before…”

His Highness Zafield glanced at me.

No, actually…

For my social debut, His Highness Sazanjill had once invited a designer from the royal castle to make a dress.

The end result was a dark blue dress made of silk and embroidered with gold. At that time… that was right—

—His Highness Sazanjill mentioned that it’d be nice to have a lot of lace. I recalled choosing an adult-like element for the other aspects. It was well-received at the party, and I also liked it. In fact, I still wore it from time to time while fixing the size…

It was my treasure.

The current dress that His Highness Sazanjill had ordered probably differed from what His Highness Zafield had in mind. His gaze said that much. Then, His Highness Zafield gave instruction to stow the dress away, “Thank you.”

Meanwhile, he was shielding his eyes. It was perfectly understandable, the sight hurt my eyes, too.

“…Luna, you may ask for a dress. Anything other than that color is fine.”

“Oh my, are you truly going to buy one for me?”

“Of course, like I said, I’d like to propose to you.”

“How surprising, do you honestly believe you’ll be able to persuade me with a single dress?”

Those words might have come off as rude to the clerk.

I proceeded to remove my hat. Then, I combed my cascading black hair.

“Then—a bright red dress.”


His Highness Zafield was probably wary of calling me by my real name. The clerk seemed surprised by my distinctive hair color. After all, wasn’t the beautiful princess, the Foreign Beauty, who had married into the Elcage family, famous among commoners?

I said with a smile—

“—Nothing too flashy, please. Just a bright red dress made of fine fabric is fine. Please send the invoice to Lelouche Elcage.”

“…What were you thinking?”

“I was merely enjoying my day off to the fullest?”

That night, in a pure white world, I was counting off using my fingers.

I had brought Baron Aljerk and my father together. I had inquired about the dress that my fiancé, His Highness Sazanjill, was about to secretly give to Lumiere. On top of that, I had also ordered a dress for myself, thanked Baron Alban, helped Lumiere study, and then went home where I enjoyed a meal made by Baron Aljerk and my mother.

In short, I couldn’t think of a more fulfilling day off!

Thus, I sighed in satisfaction. The god sighed again. Was it something to be concerned about?

“Shouldn’t you focus on fixing your habit of sighing? If you stay that way, happiness will elude you?”

“Whose fault is that!?”

Oh, my.

Well, even if he didn’t exaggerate it like that, I was aware that he was truly bothered about it.

But when I tried to explain that it was the best way to aim for a beautiful death, the god stared at me and asked—

“—Was making the second prince lose face alright?”

…Is that what he’s concerned about?

He was completely out of tune with what was natural to me.

I answered what I was asked—

“—I couldn’t bear to let His Highness Zafield to purchase that. Besides, I want to prepare the shroud myself.”

Even if my fiancé was giving a dress to another woman, I was still his fiancée.

If another man were to give me a dress, then that man could only be my father. However, I couldn’t bear to stain a gift from my father, who was ignorant of what was to come, with blood.

When I was looking down, god asked me.

“His younger brother, isn’t he in love with you?”


“You don’t hate him, do you?”


If I were to be asked if I like him as a man… I didn’t know, I hadn’t experienced love. To me, he was like a childhood friend. Of course, I didn’t hate him.

God spoke to me with a serious face.

“Wouldn’t dying while being loved by someone else be better?”

I didn’t respond. I just laughed softly.

However, god was persistent.

“…Are you truly alright with this?”

“What do you think of my dress, god?”

Actually, I had contemplated asking for a white dress. Even someone like me had a longing, like everyone else. Just once, over my entire lifetime, I wanted to wear a bridal dress.


“—…By any chance, would you fall in love with me in that dress?”

“W, why would I!?”

“Oh, dear. So, when god is embarrassed, his face also turns red…”

—I was a duke’s daughter.

That night too, I hid my vulnerability behind a smile.

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