His Highness the Crown Prince Knelt and Begged, “Please Don’t Abandon our Engagement!” Translation

45. A Kiss

Alex-sama’s warmth was transmitted through the towel.

“A, Alisa!? T, this isn’t good…”

The surprised Alex-sama blushed. I was embarrassed as well…

But there’s no problem.

“We’re engaged.”

“C, certainly, but…”

“If Alex-sama is indebted to me, then repay me. If you feel responsible for my loneliness, don’t make me lonely anymore. That’s all I want. Stay with me. That’s how I want Alex-sama to repay me.”

“But, I’m unworthy to be with Alisa…”

“I’m truly happy that Alex-sama chose me, so don’t leave. I… can’t do anything alone. Even when I was facing a difficult time, I was able to fight because Alex-sama was there. Because it was for Alex-sama’s sake. If I were to become alone…”

If I were to assume Alex-sama’s position, I’d be governing Arkhangelsk on my own. If that were the case, I’d have failed early on. I doubt I’d have been able triumph over the former governor. That, or I’d still be trapped in the territory of Viscount Kholmogory. Surely, the harbor would’ve been robbed by the Sterling merchants, as well.

None of that happened precisely because I wasn’t alone. If I had been managing everything by myself, that wouldn’t have been the case.

But the truth was, Alex-sama gave me the courage to deal with the adversary.


Alex-sama was still hesitant. In response, I whispered into his ear. Our bodies were in close contact.

“…If Alex-sama is so keen upon leaving, I shall chase after you.”

“Even if you say that, I was planning to go abroad…”

“I’ll follow you to the ends of the earth. Back then, if my father were to disapprove of our marriage, didn’t we promise to go into exile together?”

After Alex-sama had knelt on the ground, I suggested that we eloped in case of an emergency.

Nevertheless, even if it was for the prosperity of Arkhangelsk, there was no reason for us to separate.

I wanted Alex-sama to trust me.

I couldn’t live without Alex-sama.

I gently wrapped my arms around Alex-sama’s neck.

As a result, we became even closer. Such boldness… surely, my past self wouldn’t have even thought of doing such a thing.

...I’ll do anything to stop Alex-sama.

“After making a girl went such lengths for you, you are going to just run away? Only Alex-sama is worthy of governing Arkhangelsk, not me. At the same time, you’re the only man I’ll consider as my husband.”

As if flustered, Alex-sama averted his gaze. However, the next moment, he abruptly but gently leaned towards me.


Alex-sama’s lips overlapped mine.

The moment I realized what was happening, my cheeks burned, as if they were catching fire. I reflexively twisted myself, but Alex-sama tightly held me.

Alex-sama’s powerful arms engulfed me. His arms, which were tender and warm.

Eventually, Alex-sama gently released me.

“I’m sorry… I’ve always thought that it’d have been better for Alisa if I wasn’t there. Hence, I thought of running away. But now I realize how mistaken I was. Despite my only wish being your happiness, I was trying to escape.”

“You won’t try running away, anymore?”

As he blushed, Alex-sama nodded and lowered his gaze.

“Also, …we kissed.”

“Don’t say it out loud. It’s embarrassing…”


Once again, Alex-sama’s face approached.

Once again, we kissed.

We still had a lot of issues at hand. The development of Arkhangelsk had yet to come. I was also convinced that the obstruction from His Highness Mikhail’s faction was going to become even more intense.


As long as I was with Alex-sama, I’d surely be able to overcome it.

I believed that.


At the royal capital of the Kingdom of Russie.

The second prince, Mikhail, was in the ‘Amber Room’ of the royal castle. He was the only one sitting in the office, indulging in his thoughts.

The Amber Room was a luxurious room. All of the decorations were made of amber. In that room, vassals had audiences with the crown prince. Therefore, Mikhail was the owner of said room.

Mikhail was fond of his older brother, Alex. Not only was he friendly and intelligent, Alex was also Mikhail’s one and only compassionate friend.

The honor and anguish of a royal family member—only Alex could understand it.

Regardless, Mikhail didn’t regret having robbed his older brother of the position of crown prince.

Mikhail was convinced that it was necessary for him to do.

He was convinced that Alex wouldn’t be able to lead the poor, underdeveloped, kingdom that was Russie.

Alex was too soft.

Despite Alex’s excellence, he was still not as good as Mikhail. Rather than a result of pride, it was merely an objective fact. Mikhail had been able to snatch the title of crown prince because he triumphed over Alex.

He’d be lying if he were to say that he wasn’t the slightest bit guilty. He hoped to remain a good brother and a good friend to Alex.

…But, if Alex were to stand in Mikhail’s way—

—then he wouldn’t hesitate to eliminate him.

“It’s alright. I’ll definitely succeed.”

After muttering so, Mikhail resolutely stood up.

***T/N: Dang, son! Alex finally upped his game! Mikhail, back off now, or I’ll hit you with a slipper.

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