His Highness the Crown Prince Knelt and Begged, “Please Don’t Abandon our Engagement!” Translation

18. Balakirev

His Highness, Anastasia, and I had decided to fight against George Prokofieva, the one who controlled the viscount family.

Sneaking out of the mansion was impossible. We’d be discovered on the way, and we would then be caught in the pursuit.

The carriage we had ridden was also out of the question. It most likely had already been stolen.

Besides, our servants must had been detained somewhere. We had to save them.

As such, His Highness and I had no choice but to defeat George and gain control over both the mansion and the viscount’s family.

Otherwise, His Highness and I would be sent to the royal capital, and we’d be separated.

Nevertheless, ‘defeating’ George may mean killing him.

George had attempted to kill His Highness. What was more, he had used Anastasia through the territory into disorder and torment the villagers.

There was a reason why it couldn’t be helped if George ended up being killed.

However, could His Highness bear to kill even a person like him?

Perhaps noticing my gaze, His Highness looked back at me with his blue, jewel-like, eyes.

“It’ll be fine. I’ve been trained in swordsmanship since I was a child. While I’m certainly not a master, I’m surprisingly strong.”

“It isn’t surprising because I know His Highness has put in a tremendous amount of effort.”

Back then, I was merely His Highness’ fiancée in name and our relationship was estranged. Even so, I knew from a distance that His Highness was many times more enthusiastic about his academic studies and martial arts than anyone else.

His Highness smiled.

“So, you saw me… I’m a little happy.”

If I knew we’d end up living together like that, I’d have watched His Highness more often in the past.

Not just watching… maybe we could’ve had a more enjoyable school life together.

…No, it was unnecessary to think like that. We’d continue living happily in the territory from now on.

Therefore, we must overcome the current crisis and see it to its bitter end.

George Prokofieva was a former military man, and at the same time, ranking at the lowest level of the aristocracy.

He didn’t look that strong, but he was a vigilant opponent.

First and foremost was getting into George’s room.

If we were to walk down the hallway with such conspicuous clothes, we’d be discovered immediately.

While Anastasia would likely survive, George’s subordinates would certainly surround us.

Anastasia nodded.

“I’ve prepared some servants clothes for His Highness and Alisa.”

Anastasia brought out a black suit meant for a butler and a maid’s uniform adorned with a white apron from her bag.

Both were fine clothes that had been carefully tailored. But of course, they weren’t something we’d usually wear. That was quite the refreshing experience.

When I tried to change my clothes, I suddenly realized that I was in His Highness’ presence. His Highness blushed as he turned away.

“I, I’ll turn around, so it’s alright. I won’t see anything!”

“O, okay…”

I also hurriedly faced the wall opposite of His Highness. Then, I took off my dress and dropped it on the floor.

Behind me, I could also hear the sound of His Highness’ clothing dropping to the floor. Probably because he had also just undressed.

R, right now, His Highness is half-naked.

I could feel heat rushing to my cheeks as I changed my clothes.

After a while…

“I, I have finished changing…” Said His Highness.

“I haven’t yet, so please don’t turn around!”

“I’m sorry…”

I rushed to finish changing my clothes.

Looking back, His Highness wore a black suit and was wearing a beautiful, red, butterfly tie.

He’s so cool!

His appearance was unlike his usual self, something which I found refreshing. A ‘butler’ had a high position among male servants and would follow his master. Therefore, a butler had to maintain his appearance.

The garments, which were designed with functionality in mind, looked perfect on His Highness.

He looked like a very capable servant.

“Your Highness looks amazing…!”

“I, is that so? I also think that Alisa is… I think you’re cute…”

His Highness stared at me and started blushing.

Being frankly told that I was cute made me embarrassed.

The size of the maid’s clothes was almost perfect. The length of my skirt was a little short, but everything else was perfect.

I also had a white bandanna on my head. I believed I could disguise myself as a maid without being recognized.

I smiled bashfully.

“Thank you. If you like, after we returned to the mansion, I could don a maid’s uniform and serve you from time to time?”

“T, that would be too stimulating. I’d like you to refrain from doing so!”

“Too stimulating…?”

“Alisa is too cute. I’d have problem staying calm.”

His Highness whispered that.

Seeing that reaction, I had decided. Once we returned to the mansion, I would don a maid’s uniform once again.

That way, I’d be able to see His Highness’ flustered face.

It’d be a lot of fun, so we needed to solve this problem quickly.

We were guided by Anastasia and escaped the prison. Anastasia seemed to have taken care of the guards in advance through the use of bribery.

As if we were but a butler and a maid, we followed Viscount Anastasia.

We went through the corridor on the first floor and went up to the stairs to the second floor.

When we were finally about to reach George’s room…

A dark silhouette emerged from the corner of the corridor, and confronted us.

The tall man looked at us, raised his eyebrows, and smiled eerily.

“What a strange gathering, Lady Anastasia, the first prince, and his fiancée are walking together.”

I lost my breath. Our identities had been revealed.

But it couldn’t be helped. Since the other person, unlike the other servants, knew the faces of His Highness and I.

The man before us was Balakirev.

He was a vassal of the viscount family, of George, and also a master swordsman.


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