His Highness the Crown Prince Knelt and Begged, “Please Don’t Abandon our Engagement!” Translation

38. The New Crisis… is Alex Himself

The negotiations with Ninorks had successfully been conducted.

Upon returning to Arkhangelsk from Ninorsk and approaching the pier at the port…

Alex-sama, Elena, and Anastasia were lined up at the dock.

At my side, Felix and Balakirev had been able to return home in good physical condition.


Almost at the same time as I alighted from the ship, Alex-sama spread his arms to embrace me. Perhaps, because everyone was watching, I hesitated and froze.

I, is it alright to be embraced in front of so many?

When I said so in a whisper, Alex-sama blushed.

“It’s no problem, but…”

Alex-sama looked around.

Everyone… Elena and Anastasia were smiling, even the serious Balakirev was too.

Felix spoke with a smile.

“Don’t be shy, Your Highness! You may hug and even kiss her!”

“Well, to do so in public… That’s quite embarrassing.”

I laughed when Alex-sama muttered that.

“Then, if we aren’t in public, would you do it?”

“Of course…”

“Even kissing?”

Alex-sama grew even redder. We had never kissed.

Without saying anything, Alex-sama suddenly hugged me.

By his large hands, I was hugged tightly. I was thrilled. Elena and the others also roared in excitement.

See, everyone’s laughing at us…!

However, I immediately became conscious of Alex-sama who was in front of me.

“Thank god you’re fine. With this…”

Alex-sama whispered in my ear. It tickled.

But that gave me joy.

“…Yes, with this, Alex-sama can remain as the Margrave of Arkhangelsk.”

We could pay back the debt to the United Kingdom of Sterling. Thanks to that, we wouldn’t have to lose our territory or the harbor. With that, Alex-sama and I could stay together!

All our problems had been solved. Feeling Alex-sama’s warmth, I sincerely thought so.

At that time, a man appeared at the dock.

It was the Sterling merchant, Clive. In a hurry, Alex-sama and I separated from each other.

He had an eerie smile. In the first place, he was the one who trapped us in an attempt to seize the Port of Arkhangelsk.

Why is he here?

I was prepared.

“I’m here to congratulate your success on borrowing funds from the Republic of Ninorsk.”

“Yes, I’ve proved you wrong.”

“Unfortunately, I’ll have to give up this time.”

Although his plan didn’t bear fruit, it didn’t mean that he lost. All the money he had lent to us would be returned.

However, Clive’s attitude of giving up so easily was creepy.

Obtaining the port of Arkhangelsk should have been his prime objective. For him to say, ‘this time’—there might be a next time…

As I grew alert, Clive approached Alex-sama and whispered something to him. Alex-sama listened with a calm face at first. However… his complexion changed.

Alex-sama’s face was… blue.

What happened?

The problem should had been settled, but what happened?

Clive grinned and glanced at me.

His expression was strangely gentle.

“Lady Alisa is such a wonderful woman. Even though she’s young, she negotiated with Ninorsk alone. You possess courage and determination.”

“Well, that’s…”

“No, Lady Alisa is quite brilliant. If Lady Alisa were to become the Margrave of Arkhangelsk, she’d surely be able to rule better than His Highness Alexander.”


“You can rule alone. Why do you need to be together with a helpless prince who has estranged from the government?”

“Be, because I’m Alex-sama’s fiancée! Besides, he’s the ruler of Arkhangelsk!”

“Then, just change that detail.”

Clive said something disturbing. Alex-sama stared at me and Clive with a dark expression.

Afterwards, Clive left. However, Alex-sama’s complexion hadn’t improved.

“…Alisa, I’m sorry, can you come to my bedroom? I have something I want to talk to you about in private.”

“Y, yes…”

I became anxious.

What the hell was going on?

Certainly, one crisis had been eliminated.

However, I never thought that it’d lead to a bigger problem.

In a sense, that was the biggest crisis!

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