His Highness the Crown Prince Knelt and Begged, “Please Don’t Abandon our Engagement!” Translation

27. How Unfair, it’s Always my Older Sister

Alex-sama and I called Elena to the drawing room.

We sat side-by-side and faced Elena who was across the table. On the table was a cup of tea prepared by Felix.

Elena was staring at us with her pale gray eyes.

We had serious expressions while she had… a moody expression.

Ah, how uncomfortable.

The three of us would be having a discussion there.

In other words, we were holding an ambiguous meeting to prove that Alex-sama loved me.

…But, even before anything could happen, I was already embarrassed.

Alex-sama, who was once enthusiastic, now seemed restless and fidgety…

I was worried. When I glanced at Alex-sama, he nodded.

“That, Ms. Elena, the reason I called you here is…”

“It’s because Your Highness Alex wants to prove that he loves my onee-chan, right?”

Elena glared at Alex-sama with her determined eyes. Elena had strong personality by nature. She wouldn’t be intimidated even if her opponent was the royal family.

The fact that she was presently the fiancée of a prince had only emboldened her.

Seemingly nervous, Alex-sama nodded and sipped his tea. Elena, on the other hand, didn’t seem like she’d touch her tea at all.

Alex-sama quietly placed the tea cup on the table. Then, he stared at Elena.

“Ms. Elena is worried about Alisa, isn’t she?”

“Yes, because she’s my dear onee-chan.”

“Please rest assured. I love Alisa. I will definitely make her happy.”

“I want you to prove it.”

“I love Alisa. Don’t those words suffice?”

Alex-sama clearly stated that he loved me. Naturally, my cheeks felt hot.

As I thought, it was truly embarrassing. However, I was also glad that Alex-sama said that…

However, Elena didn’t seem to be convinced.

“Who’s to say that you aren’t just all-talk?”

I was surprised by Elena’s stern tone.

“E, Elena, don’t be like that to Alex-sama…”

Elena was being uncouth to Alex-sama, a prince. It wouldn’t be strange if Alex-sama got angry.

However, Alex-sama had a calm expression.

“Yes, that’s right. On the surface of words, I can say anything.”

Elena widened her eyes in shock

“Then, shouldn’t it be shown in action?”

“The same goes for action. Even if we were to hug and kiss, it may not have been from the heart.”

“T, that’s! Of course I’m aware of that…!”

“Then, you should be able to infer it from my words. You stole Mikhail’s heart and became his fiancée. How do you know that he loves you?”

“Well, that’s…”

“Let me take a guess, it’s because Mikhail expressed his feelings for you through words, isn’t it?”

Elena was silent.

She glared at Alex-sama.

“Then, Your Highness Alexander is basically telling me to believe in what he said?”

“That’s right. If you’re intelligent, you’ll know if what I’m saying is the truth or not.”

“Even if Your Highness is telling the truth, is there any guarantee that my onee-chan won’t have any difficulties? If not for this forlorn territory, she’d be back in the royal capital. I’m sure she’ll be happy there!”

I was a little lost, but then spoke up in place of Alex-sama.

“But Elena—I’m happy to be here.”

“No, onee-chan is mistaken!”

For some reason, Elena seemed desperate.

I shook my head without hesitation.

“I’m the one who decides whether or not I’m happy.”

“Onee-chan… you’re being deceived. His Highness Alexander is trying to take advantage of you—I’m sure of it! If he truly loves you, then why in the world did he barely acknowledged my onee-chan when the two of you were still in the academy!?”


Alex-sama became speechless. Certainly, Alex-sama and I were estranged when we were in the academy.

But as of the present, things were different.

I needed Alex-sama, and so did he me.

Due to Alex-sama’s silence, Elena emphasized.

“I don’t think this kind of person can make you happy!”

“Stop it, Elena!”

Due to the fact that I had raised my voice, Elena shook.

As if frightened, Elena looked up at me.

I couldn’t forgive anyone who spoke ill of Alex-sama—even if it was Elena.

I was sure I had a scary expression.

I gently stared at Elena.

“Elena, I don’t want to hate you.”


“I believe in Alex-sama, so I want Elena to believe in Alex-sama, someone I believe in.”

Elena was my dear sister, even if she was the golden child and selfish. Elena was cute when she laughed, In truth, she was a straightforward and good girl.

However, I didn’t want her to be misguided.

If she couldn’t do us the favor of persuading His Highness Mikhail, then that was fine.

However, I wanted Elena to believe in me and Alex-sama.

Alex-sama, who was flustered, also spoke from the side.

“For me, nothing is more important than Alisa. I’m more afraid of being separated from Alisa than being robbed of the throne or being driven to the frontier. I want to be with Alisa in Arkhangelisk. I know that Ms. Elena is concerned, but I’m definitely going to make Alisa happy. Therefore, can you believe in me…?”

Elena stared at me with her charming eyes in wonder. Her gaze was wavering.

Perhaps… Elena had a change of heart.

We waited for Elena’s reply.

Her next words were unexpected.

Elena murmured with a hollow voice.

“How unfair, why is it always my onee-chan?”


“Despite being the fiancée of His Highness Mikhail, he has never once turn to me.”

Elena lowered her gaze, tears running from her gray eyes.

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