His Highness the Crown Prince Knelt and Begged, “Please Don’t Abandon our Engagement!” Translation

33. Can I do This on my Own?

I thought about getting financial support from the Republic of Ninorsk.

The Republic of Ninorks was a small country on the bank opposite Arkhangelsk across the North Sea.

By exporting Rushie’s grains from the port of Arkhangelsk, a small trade had been established with the Republic of Ninorsk. In return, we received fish and shellfish.

Compared to the United Kingdom of Sterling, a powerful kingdom in the West, Ninorsk was small in size.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t a poor country.

It had gained a reputation as a country where its aristocrats had created a parliament and lead with excellent politics.

Despite its smallness, it prospered through trade with various kingdoms and amassed wealth.

I was planning to sell Arkhangelsk’s forestry resources to Ninorsk.

Apparently, Ninork used to possess vast coniferous forests. However, due to their heavy felling, it was now exhausted.

It was written in a book I read in the library of the royal academy.

As such, in Ninorsk, where trade was thriving, timber for ship material should absolutely be necessary.

In return for the export, let’s gather the funds needed for repaying the debt to the United Kingdom of Sterling.

I had concocted a plan.

—It’ll be alright.

As long as I’m with Alex-sama, I’d be able to persevere.

Therefore, we shall go to Ninorsk and negotiation.

However, Clive, the Sterling merchant, grinned.

“Well, I don’t think amassing that kind of money in two months is possible for you. But please, do your best. However, I’d like for His Highness Alexander to remain in this mansion.”


I was dumbfounded.

Alex-sama can’t leave?

“I’d much prefer for the debtor to not go missing, or to gather troops for repelling me so that he can be rid of said debt. Wasn’t this mentioned in the contract?”

It was as he had said.

Which meant—Alex-sama couldn’t move to resolve that situation.

In other words, I have to do it alone?

On my own? Resolve everything?

My face paled instantly.

We were able to overcome every difficulty because we were together.

Indeed. It was because Alex-sama was there for me. Alone, I was weak and without courage.

However, that time was different.

What should I do?

I was at a loss.


I had to solve the problem in two months.

Once Clive and the other merchants left, Alex-sama and I returned to our bedroom.

I was worried, but Alex-sama seemed even more depressed than before.

Also, because of what Clive and the others said, us traveling to Ninorsk was no longer possible.

“How foolish of me… I didn’t think any of this would happen…”

“It’s not Alex-sama’s fault. The cowardly Clive and the second prince are the ones who’re at fault.”

“Even so, I’m desperate. After all the hardship Alisa endured to come this far… if this territory were to be robbed, I wouldn’t be able to stay with you anymore…”

If even his status as the Margrave of Arkhangelsk was lost, Alex-sama would no longer have any standing within the kingdom.

Once that happen, I wouldn’t be able to become his princess, let alone stay engaged with him.


“If that happens, let’s get exiled together.”

Alex-sama’s beautiful blue eyes went wide.

“But, that would mean not being able to return to Rushie anymore. Are you alright with that?”

“Yes, as long as I’m with Alex-sama, I’ll be happy.”

Not being able to see Elena anymore would be lonely.

Still, to me—nothing was more important than Alex-sama.

Alex-sama smiled and held my hand.

“Thank you, if Alisa says that, then I’ll be alright no matter where I ended up going…”

I also nodded while smiling.

I have the same feeling.

Even if we have to go into exile in case of an emergency, I’ll stay with Alex-sama.

However, it’d be for the best if Alex-sama could stay in the territory of Arkhangelsk and be its lord while I support him.

For that purpose…

…I told Alex-sama of my plan to ask Ninorsk for cooperation.

As he listened to my idea, Alex-sama became surprised.

As if deeply impressed, his sapphire-like eyes bore into me.

Him staring that deeply into me like that… made me feel embarrassed.

“As expected of Alisa. It’s a highly feasible idea—and also one I wouldn’t have been able to come up with.”

“I, it isn’t a big deal…”

“No, I feel like hope isn’t lost after hearing that…”

Unlike his previous state, a lively color returned to Alex-sama’s face.

However, there was a problem.



“You can’t leave this mansion, right?”

Alex-sama and I stared at each other.

As I thought, I had to do something about it myself.

But me? Alone?

Until not too long ago, I had been a recluse in the academy. As of the present, I had to negotiate with the aristocrats of Ninorsk for funding.

Of course, I did believe I’d be able to bring someone as an assistant. For example, Balakirev who was helping to manage the territory.

Nevertheless, negotiations must be conducted between people of the same status.

Only I—his fiancée, could represent the Margrave of Arkhangelsk.

“Will I be able to do this?”

I asked Alex-sama briefly.

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