Now that I’m Dead, are you Satisfied? Translation

22. [Day 3 (1)]

Awakened by a loud noise, Lumina rushed out of heer room. She rushed to the entrance hall while wearing an overcoat over her nightwear.

As sun had yet to rise, the outside was still dim.

The frigid air of the early morning flowed within the mansion from the open entrance door.


Count Ruth stood amidst the hall.

Lumina exhaled in relief as she rushed towards her father. He had finally returned home.

The reason for her relief was because now the turmoil would finally be resolved.

After the messengers had returned and Shesam had informed them of the situation regarding the count’s property, Lumina incessantly begged Belverassa.

Even if only partially, Lumina wished that her mother would let go of her jewelry for the sake of reimbursing the preparation fund.

But instead of her consent, all Lumina received was a slap to the cheek.

As of present, Lumina wondered if her mother had locked herself in her bedroom with her jewels.

My mother did something…

Lumina had to quickly refund the preparation fund so that the engagement between Lorona and Velbutte would be considered null.

I wonder if I should confess to mother about Velbutte…

That way, surely, Belverassa would be delighted and would willingly relinquish her jewelry. After all, she’d be the mother of the queen. Belverassa should be able to understand that the title of the queen was much more valuable than her jewelry.


…If mother were to say anything unnecessary, it’d be over.

Velbutte had especially told Lumina to keep their relationship secret to everyone else.

Although their close friends and servants might be aware of something, their relationship wouldn’t be considered ‘fact’ unless Velbutte or Lumina admitted it.

After all, with the existence of Lorona standing between their relationship, a minor slip-up would jeopardize them both.

I feel sorry for Velbutte, but with the tribute and the consolation fee, I should be able to rebuild my house. Surely, father will understand.

Now that Belverassa had refused to be persuaded, her father had to let go of his villa.

As count, he was responsible for protecting the Ruth family. If he was aware of his plight, he’d let go of his villa without any hesitation.

“Father, I’ve been waiting for your return—!”

“Oh, it’s you.”


Towards the approaching Lumina, the count only directed a hollow gaze. His expression didn’t change in the slightest.

Without paying any heed to Lumina, he stepped into the mansion.

Lumina frowned when she noticed the pungent smell of alcohol permeating from his body.

“Have you been drinking?”

After she had involuntarily asked, the count stopped to look at Lumina.

“—And what if I was? Do you think you can tell your father what to do?”

“That’s, not…—”

“—Also, what’s with your attitude? Despite having lost your sister, you were overjoyed at my return. You were laughing. You don’t seem the slightest bit upset by the fact that Lorona is dead.”

“…F, father?”

The count narrowed his eyes and approached Lumina.

Frightened, Lumina screamed and withdrew.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“A, about what…?”

“About the fact that you’ve been harassed by Lorona.”


Lumina’s eyes widened in surprise. The count had remained in his villa and was indifferent to Lumina—

how did he know?

Perhaps, after learning that she had been bullied by her sister, the count felt sympathy towards her. With that kind of hope, Lumina looked up towards the count.

However, the count’s gaze was forever cold.

“Why did you have to air it out in the open like that?! Because of you, Lorona is no longer the perfect lady!!”

“Eh, but, father…”

Lumina was upset by her father, who suddenly raised his voice at her.

As his voice boomed through the hall, the servants anxiously peeked at them.

“What you did was truly unnecessary! You should’ve kept your mouth shut until the end!”


The count roughly raised his hand, and Lumina screamed while shielding her head. When she was about to run away in fear—

“—What are you doing to Lumina!?”

A high-pitched voice rung out within the entrance hall. In relief, Lumina raised her head.

While hoisting her eyebrows, Belverassa ran up to them. Unlike Lumina, she was fully dressed.

When the count saw her, it was as if he had bit into something bitter. He slowly lowered his arm.

“After you’ve finally returned, the first thing you did was raise your hand towards your daughter! What are you thinking!?”


Although they were supposed to be a couple who had finally reunited after a long time, the atmosphere between them was akin to that of a war.

Belverassa started berating the count, while the count seemed annoyed.

Lumina hurriedly stepped in between them and clung to Belverassa.

“Mother, it seems that father is drunk. Calm down.”


While lifting her eyebrows, Belverassa scrutinized the count.

She might had noticed the scent of liquor emanating from the count’s body. Belverassa proceeded to sigh in an exaggerated manner.

“In a state like that, it’s obvious that nothing is getting to him. Still, my husband, I have something important to discuss with you. Come to the drawing room immediately.”

“Is that how you speak to your husband who has just returned?”

—You’re one to talk!”

“As always, you just won’t shut up.”

“Quickly, wash your face and change your clothes!”

At the two of them who had started another round of arguments, Lumina was stunned.

Why are they doing this?

She never thought of them as an amiable couple. By the time Lumina was old enough to think for herself, the count lived mostly in his villa and rarely returned home.

Belverassa also never visited him.

However, her mother told her that every house was like that, so Lumina didn’t find any problems with it.

However, when she discovered that her father secretly met with Lorona from time to time, she was angry.

Even though I’m also your daughter, why is it only Lorona?!

Lumina thought that her father alienated her because of Lorona.

However, the actual reason might had been her mother.

Lumina could only gaze at her mother who strode away in anger, and her father who returned to his room while cursing her mother.


“Why did you have to air it out in the open like that?! Because of you, Lorona is no longer the perfect lady!!”

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