A Court Blacksmith, whom was Condemned for being a ‘Woman who Reeks of Iron’, was Picked up by a Friendly Guild and Attained Happiness Translation

55. The Interior is Fashionable

I took a bath and then laid down on the bed. While looking up at the ceiling, I suddenly smiled.

“Fufu, ‘my shop’…

Ah, it sounds really strange.

If it was the me from before, I wouldn’t have even come up with the idea.

For a blacksmith to own her own shop… it was like a dream come true.

It was just too good to be true, I ended up pinching my cheeks to check.

“It’s not a dream.”

It hurts.

It was real.

Rigard told me that I’d be busy starting from tomorrow, and I couldn’t wait.

Since I came to that city, good things kept happening.


The next morning.

Grave and I left home at the same time.

While walking side by side, Grave muttered.

“It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?”

“I agree.”

I was busy lately. Grave even more so. I often saw him flooded with requests every day.

“Are you doing alright? Is the number of requests still increasing?”

“Well, the momentum has started to settle down. At my current pace, it’s manageable.”

“Is that so? If you’re busy, I don’t mind you prioritizing those requests.”

“It’s alright. The boss and older sister won’t force me to do the impossible. I’ll be your support—leave it to me.”

Although Grave said that, I knew that he was, in fact, busy.

I didn’t want him to overdo it.

On the other hand, I was grateful to be supported by him. As such, I didn’t say anything further.

We proceeded through the city and arrived at the workshop.

Usually, I’d start working immediately, but that day was different.

We remained in the front room instead of proceeding to the smithy.

“Will we be turning this area into the store?”

“Yes, that’s the plan.”

The building that was originally a coffee shop had been rebuilt into my workshop.

The back was a smithy, but the front was akin to a stylish coffee shop.

I wanted to use it as a store without transforming its original appearance. More so as the original purpose of the store was to handle merchandise other than weapons and armor.

“I want to make a shop that anyone can easily enter.”

“That’s a great idea. If so, would you like to make the interior more fashionable?”

“I want to do that, but I don’t know how.”

That was my first time running a shop. I never had the opportunity to ponder about the contents of a room …partly because all I did every day was blacksmithing.

I should had studied more.

“Then, why don’t you ask your seniors?”


“Is there anyone who opened a store before Liliana?”

“Oh, Doga!”

Grave gave me a hint, and I instantly recalled someone.

Doga was also a blacksmith. He ran a weapon shop together with his workshop.

“You didn’t have many opportunities to see his store, right? The timing is just right. Why don’t you ask him how to do it?”

“Okay! Oh, but I wonder if I’d be a nuisance if I were to suddenly visit him…”

“I think it’ll be fine? Rather, wouldn’t he be happy if you appeared?”

“Is that so?”

I honestly felt that way, too. Somehow, I could imagine Doga’s reaction.

Thus, I went to Doga’s workshop.

“Oh, if it isn’t Liliana! Also, Grave!”


“I feel like an afterthought…”

As I imagined, Doga welcomed us.

We arrived just before his work had started. His smithy was still warming up.

“Did something happen?”

“Actually, I have something to ask of you…”

“Could it be!? You’ll finally make me your disciple!?”


I refused vigorously.

I was sorry to see Doga deflating… but, it was still too soon to talk about that matter.

“Then? I don’t think you need to ask me anything about blacksmithing…”

“Well, actually, I decided to open a store. I want to talk to you about that.”

“Hey, so you’ll finally have a store! Congratulations!”

“Thank you. That’s why, I want to consult with you about something.”

After explaining the situation, Doga guided me to the weapon shop at the front.

“This is my store.”

Several swords were on display. There were also spears and axes.

Because it was a weapon shop, there was no armor. However, there were so many items lined up, my eyes were transfixed by them.

“In addition to all the items on display, you will also make a new one whenever you receive an order. The price is calculated based on the materials and the time it takes to make them. I’ll give you the breakdown later, so please refer to it.”

“Thank you!”

“How generous of you. Is there a catch?”

“I don’t usually give tips to amateurs. But I’ve been taken care of by Liliana several times, and I want to get along better with her.”

Doga laughed meaningfully after saying that.

Suddenly, my interest was piqued by the lamp behind him.

“Did Doga make this light?”

“Oh, did it catch your interest?”

It was a fashionable lamp made of metal.

Its shape was one I didn’t see very often. I recalled once seeing a lamp of similar shape in Doga’s workshop.

“Hee, so a blacksmith can also make something like this.”

“It’s also made of iron, after all. It’s different from making a knife, but it’s surprisingly fun once you get used to it. What do you think, Liliana?”

“I myself have never made anything like that, but…”

It was quite beautiful.

To make it, pieces of iron had to be stretched and bent. Those parts would then be assembled.

It sounded difficult, but it also sounded just as fun.

“I want to make one.”

Would it be even more fashionable if I were to display it in my store?

***T/N: The legendary IKEA craftsman, Liliana…

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