The Executed Villainess Travels Back Through Time for Revenge Translation

32. By no Means… (Feld’s Perspective)

A long time had passed since I was locked in a dark prison with candles as my only sources of light. Regardless, I still couldn’t get used to the smell and rit.

I was certain I wouldn’t get used to it for the rest of my life. Or to the moldy bread which was mixed with sand—or the soup which was diluted with water…

At first, I didn’t feel like putting them into my mouth. But after four days, I wolfed them all down.

I couldn’t forget the guard who saw me in that state, who then smiled vulgarly—

“—A member of the royal family has been reduced to this?”

“I was starving—!! What was I supposed to do—!?”

When I shouted that, I heard a voice from the other side of the wall.

“…Your Highness, so you’re in the next room.”

“That voice—Sagius?!”


“Sagius!! Why did you do that!?”

“It was for Mia’s sake. No matter what she did, a baron would never become queen. If I were to poison the crown prince of the neighboring kingdom, everyone’s animosity would fall on Violet and in exchange become fond of Mia… but as you can see, it was a massive fail.”

“Far from failure, you were merely being deceived by Mia…”

“No, Mia was just panicking at that time…”

“…Do you really think so?”

“Of course. I have no reason to doubt her. You see, Mia is a kind woman, no, she’s a goddess. She knew my worries and suffering inside out. She accepted all of me, and guided me to the right path. She guided me—yes! If not for Violet, my goddess wouldn’t have gone crazy!”

At the end, Sagius shouted in anger.

Thus, I sighed.

Hasn’t he woken up from that dream, yet?

Or, is he just running away?

Well, it didn’t matter what happened to Sagius anymore…

While thinking that, I realized I hadn’t once thought about Mia for the past week.

Perhaps, I didn’t want to remember because she was part of the reason why I was there.


Everything was because of Mia! No, it’s not only Mia!

Sagius and Brown are also at fault!

They deceived me! Because of them, I’m now in a dingy, cramped, vile place like this!

Had I not fallen for their deceit, I’d now still graciously be drinking tea with Violet on the terrace of the royal palace…


After muttering that, I recalled the past.

She’d gently advise me from my side, always with a smile.

Before I knew it, the one beside me was that frenzied woman, Mia.

“I was deceived…”

I muttered, and while I was glaring at the iron bars, Count Gurgant, Minerva’s former instructor, appeared in front of my prison.

“It’s been a long time, Your Highness the First Prince…”

“…Haynes? Didn’t you retire to your territory?”

“I heard that the true culprit behind the murder of my wife and son had been apprehended. Thus, I decided to return.”

“I see, you came to see them…”

When I said that, Haynes shook his head.

Kukuku, that’s where you’re wrong. I didn’t come here merely to see them. By the way, Your Highness, your turn, along with everyone else’s, will start today—prepare yourself…”

“W, what do you mean?”

With a horrifying smile, Haynes left the place.

He never answered my question.

Because of that, I had no idea what would happen. But soon, I came to understand it with my own body.


After being whipped all over my body, I couldn’t stand anymore. An accursed guard had to thrown me back into my cell.


If I moved even a little, my wounds would reopen. I laid on the floor like a turtle.

Until a week ago, I was hailed as the crown prince. As of the present, I was lying on a retched and filthy floor.

How miserable.

Those who were caught alongside me probably met the same fate.

…No, Minerva might had already perished.

When I was being whipped, I remembered the burning smell of meat. Minerva’s screams resounded many times from the other room.

Haynes’ crazed laughter also filled the air.

…The true culprit who murdered Haynes’ son and wife was most likely Minerva.

But why would she do that?

As I thought, I couldn’t grasp her motive at all.

At that time, I recalled Violet.

If it was Violet, surely, she’d be able to understand…

While thinking about that, I endured my pain on the floor. Then, I heard the sound of a guard dragging someone.

Thus, I turned towards the bars. I saw Brown. His face was swollen, and his overall state was terrible.

With only one eye, Brown managed to look at me. However, in the blink of an eye, he passed by in front of me.

…Since he had attempted to assassinate his own fiancée, he must had been sentenced to death.

When I thought that, I wondered what would happen to me.

Although I was deceived, I hadn’t only condemned Violet, but also tried to publicly execute her.

It’s different!

I was merely being provoked by Sagius and Brown!

I wasn’t in the wrong!

Since it was Violet, surely, she’d understand, right?

It had been a while since then. Surely, she had returned to her senses.

Yes, she’d return to her senses. She’d go back to being her gentle self and help me!

The moment I thought that, I suddenly became full of energy.

Then, I ate the moldy bread, drank the salty soup, and endured whipping every day.

Because Violet will help me.

I’m sure she’ll come for me.

Then, we’d both drink fragrant tea on the terrace—I, and the gentle, smiling, Violet…

…As I kept entertaining that delusion, one day, a guard called out to me.

“Today will be your execution.”

Before I could process his words, a blindfold was draped over me.

My vision instantly became pitch black.

***T/N: Violet… gentle!?

Although, I’m sure back when the positions of Violet and Feld were reversed, said gentle villainess probably hoped every day that Feld would come to save her, too…


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