The Fake Saint’s Evolution Into a Genuine One Translation

22. The Fake Saint’s Evolution into a Genuine One

To be burned at the stake, I don’t want that… what?

I fixed my eyes on the bottle of oil.

…Isn’t that normal cooking oil?

Wait? That? For fuel?

Thus, I asked for the time being,

“…Isn’t that just cooking oil? Are you going to splash me with it and light a match?”

“That’s right. Tremble. You should suffer and know your sins. You may scream as loud as you like. The saint will be thrilled by your death throes.”

“No, that’s not what I meant… that oil won’t burn even if you throw a match on it. Unless it’s heated to some extent, it won’t catch fire. Shouldn’t that be obvious? Have you ever done this before? To use that alone as fuel is pretty foolish, if I do say so myself…”

“Eh? It won’t burn? For real? I mean, it’s oil, y’know? Any input, everyone?”

“She’s lying. It’ll obviously burn.”

“Well, what if it doesn’t? You should be the one to do it.”

“Enough already, let’s just get on with it. There are a lot of feathers here.”

They started to argue among themselves. It seemed that no one could come up with the correct method to burn human.

Are they stupid? They must be.

Well, even with cooking oil, after some time, it’d catch fire…

As a result of the debate, they had decided to try it for the time being. As such, the oil was poured on my head.

Yep, there’s no mistaking it.

It was olive oil.

They were using edible oil to burn people.

Then, they subsequently threw a lit match, but it got soaked in the oil, and the fire went out.

They fully expected for a flame to ignite, and when it didn’t, they started getting noisy.

“Isn’t this strange?”

“But, you said earlier…”

“Didn’t you hear!?”

They learned that the oil was ineffective. They hurriedly started looking for something that could be used as fuel, but didn’t seem able to find anything.

Well, we’re on a ship…

“…Then, a sea burial!”

“That’s a good idea!”

“Won’t waterboarding be more painful!?”

“I’m sure the saint will approve of this!”

After some time, they gave up on burning me at stake. They came to an agreement that they’d just finish me off by throwing me into the river. They must had gotten annoyed.

The moment I heard that, I thought of just diving and escaping. But they weren’t that stupid. The person with the black headgear said, “Let’s tie her up with a rope and attach an anchor to her so she’ll sink.”

Covered with oil as I was, I was pulled out of the barrel.

“…She’s slimy and hard to hold.”

“Make her beg for her life. We can’t return to the saint like this.”

“Let’s not prolong this anymore than necessary and drop her, my hands are greasy.”

“Noo! My hair ornaments are becoming oily!”

Everyone was so clumsy, it took them a long time to tie me up. By the time they finished, everyone was tired.

They proceeded to awkwardly carry me to the edge of the ship and then threw me into the river.

I fell into the water. Then, I immediately tried to free myself.

The reason I didn’t resist was because I believed I’d be able to eventually unravel it.

However, because I was oily, my hands slipped and I couldn’t untie the rope very well. However, due to the knot also being slimy, it was possible for me to loosen it underwater.


Sure enough, the rope loosened as soon as it got into the water, and the knot was untied immediately.

When I got out of my binding, I was almost out of breath. I hurriedly rose above the water. Unfortunately, my captors found out.

“Aah! She didn’t sink! Why!?”

“She has managed to free herself! Tie her up again, properly this time!”

“Hey, she’s starting to run away! Do something!”

“Get a harpoon! Stab her to death!”

I saw the knight take up a harpoon, so I desperately swam for the shore. I had to escape their reach!

However, as I swam, I was hit in the back.


The harpoon hit me.

It didn’t stab me, probably because it hit my shoulder blade. But the impact of the iron harpoon hitting my back pushed out all the air from my lungs all at once. I fainted from the pain…

***T/N: Ceylan need no man to rescue her.

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