The Fake Saint’s Evolution Into a Genuine One Translation

21. The Fake Saint’s Evolution into a Genuine One

—Puha! Hmm? Eh? Where is this?”

“It seems that you’ve regained consciousness. Let’s start the trial.”

When I regained consciousness and looked around, I realized that I had been stuffed into a wooden barrel. Upon hearing a voice from above, I looked up. That was when I discovered several men and women were looking down at me.

Among them was the knight who pretended to be nice until a while ago, the clerk with a heap of decorations on his head, and two people with black helmets that almost looked like pencils. As they eyed me warily, they stood around the barrel.

“Knight, what is the meaning of this? What about your sister’s souvenir?”

“Don’t let this filthy fake talk so casually. Starting now, we’ll be reading out your charges and deciding whether or not you’re guilty.”

“I don’t really understand what you’re saying. However, can I conclude that I’m in this situation because I’m the saint’s substitute—is that correct?”

“This gutter rat is so intoxicated with power, she can’t even understand her sins.”

Even though we were conversing with each other, I couldn’t understand what was being said at all.

Despite the priest telling me not to divulge the fact that I was a fake, I had a vague inkling that was the exact reason for my current predicament.

A person with a pencil-like head piece unfolded a scroll in a sloppy manner and read out its contents.

“By misusing the name of the saint, this girl has committed fraud and stole money from the people. Therefore, the crime of death is appropriate. Does anyone have any objections?”

“No objection.”

“No objection.”

“No objection—this sinner deserves death.”

What is this farce? Is it necessary?

I couldn’t process what was happening. However, one thing was certain—my execution had been unanimously decided.

What do I do?

I tried to get a hold of the situation.

“Isn’t that priest, who tried to replace the saint, also considered a sinner?”

“The saint favors him, so we’ll leave him be. However, she has told me that she’ll never forgive a fake saint, even if she’s from the church.”

“Then, what about the execution method? Did she give any kind of instructions?”

“To purify her sin, she shall be burned at a stake. The saint also told me to not give her an easy death. The longer she suffers, the better.”

Is this really happening?

They talked like it was no one’s business, but it was related to me, right?

I was still unsure to the reality of it all and my gaze started to wonder. Thus, I came across the previous knight.

Said knight bent over a little and spoke to me.

“The saint is very intelligent, therefore she knows everything. Even if she were absent, she knew that the priest would force the pilgrimage to take place. After all, that guy is really intent on preserving the state of affairs.

“Hence, I was left as a spy. What happened afterwards was exactly as the saint had predicted. Without shame, you wore her garments and used her name. I had to suppress my anger whenever I look at you.

“You were hired to do it, but I’m still furious at the blasphemy.”

Back when I was first brought in, he already knew I was a fake.

Thus, the knight wanted to catch and get rid of me right away, but he couldn’t go against the priest, the magician twins, and the knight captain by himself. As such, he endured until we reached this town.

It was said that the previous store had its main store in the royal capital, and not only was it founded by one of the saint’s followers, it was made to match her tastes. Everyone in its staff was a devout follower of the saint.

They believed I had to die. However, in truth, they should’ve spared a few seconds to think about why the priest had to come up with a substitute in the first place.

I mean, the root of the problems is their beloved saint, right?

“Uhm, you do know that despite how it’s an act of blasphemy, the original purpose of the pilgrimage still stands, right? Do you truly believe you can kill the fake saint here? After all, it’s an important public service that even the saint herself can’t refuse. Didn’t she run away because she refused to do what the king requested?

“The bittersweet measure aside, if you kill me here, the king will be able to tell right away that the real saint has escaped? Then, won’t the king get angry at your saint? Wouldn’t it more rational for me to finish the pilgrimage, then switch places with the saint after she has returned from her honeymoon? I think it’d be wiser to punish me then.”

“Shut your mouth. We have no intention of listening to the words of a lying rat. You’ve disturbed the saint’s peace. You’re unforgiveable. From our trial, we have hereby decided your execution. We shall now carry out the sentence.”

…Oh no, they’re all refusing to listen.

I wondered if I’d die there.

I wondered if my family would be alright. If I was killed, then it would be the priest’s fault. As such, he should rightfully shoulder the responsibility and take care of my family until the end.

Ah, as I thought, there was a catch, and it isn’t very pleasant.

I thought of my family while cursing the priest a little. Then, along with the barrel, I was dragged out. I finally realized that I was on board a ship.

I didn’t see any buildings. I believed we had left the town through the canal due to the quiet sound of water and the damp smell of the forest.

Then, a person with black headgear reappeared with a bottle of oil and a match.

“Your execution will be at the stake. You should suffer and die.”

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