The Fake Saint’s Evolution Into a Genuine One Translation

20. The Fake Saint’s Evolution into a Genuine One

Ever since the incident at the bakery, the priest’s attitude towards me visibly changed.

Previously, he was always calm. I also felt that he watched me work in amusement. As of the present, it was as if he was keeping his distance.

We stayed in the town for some time because we needed to adjust the carriage and sharpen the armor. Our schedule was slightly extended for a few more days. That day was the fifth day.

I had nothing to do, so the priest told me. “This is a vacation, please enjoy yourself.”

However, I found it difficult to stay still due to my past of being poor.

The twins who usually came to visit me whenever they had free time had also gone out shopping. There weren’t many people at the inn.

Only the knight captain and his subordinates took turns staying at the inn as my escort. Thus, I spent my pastime mending their armors.

“Lady Saint, I’m sorry for letting you do this kind of thing.”

“I finally have some time to spare. Is there anything else you’d like for me to repair? Your pants are also worn out, would you like me to fix them?”

The knights were carefully fixing the frayed cloth along their armor, so I offered to do it.

“Lady Saint’s sewing technique is really amazing! I can’t even see the seam! Moreover, you also added a cute embroidery, although it seems a bit weird…”

“Don’t call it weird, it’s a rabbit. I added it to conceal the seam.”

Back at home, I’d usually wear my clothes until they were truly worn out. As such, I was inevitably good at sewing.

It might be presumptuous of me, but I thought the ability to repair frayed and torn clothes was one of the best skills in the world.

The knights didn’t seem to be skilled at needlework. Thus, they looked very pleased when I told them I’d help. Although, my cute embroidery ended up gaining a bad reputation…

Ah, but the knight captain was overjoyed when he received my bear embroidery! He said that he’d make it his heirloom. He showed it to everyone. However, the bear was barely discernable, so everyone was making delicate expressions.

“…How surprising, for the saint to be good at needlework. Didn’t the rumors say that she’s a haughty person?”

“Hmm? Uh, well, let’s say that I’ve repented through the journey, and this is who I truly am, hahaha…”

Ho- how dangerous…

If I spoke too much, I’d arise suspicion and would be revealed as a fake saint.

That day, the knight captain was out, so I was chatting with the knights while doing the mending. We didn’t usually talk, so it was fun, but I almost said something unnecessary.

My impression of the knights from the royal capital was good. They all came from various origins; some were aristocrats, while many were commoners.

There were many who said that they were supporting their family’s life by themselves. As they started sharing their hardships, I became deeply impressed.

That day, the priest said, “Everything is ready. We’ll resume our journey tomorrow.”

“Alright. Oh, does the priest have something he wants repaired? I was helping the knights a while ago…”

“No, this your hard-earned vacation. You don’t have to do that.”

“…Oh, right… forgive me…”

My offer was shot down. However, when I apologized, he became angrier, “Don’t apologize.”

I was shocked by his anger, and ended up feeling depressed that day. Everyone was concerned.

Since we would be departing tomorrow, everyone was brimming with excitement. Thus, when I tried to retire early, my escort for that day called out to me.

“Did something happen? You don’t seem to be feeling well.”

“Oh, no! I’m alright! More importantly, are all the knights ready?”

“Yes, we’re currently packing—wait, I forgot!”

“What’s wrong?”

The knight seemed to be troubled. I asked him if he had forgotten to buy something.

Apparently, when he was walking through the town yesterday, he spotted a cute hair accessory store. He thought that one would make for a good souvenir for his sister back in his hometown. But at that time, there were many other people. As such, he was too embarrassed to enter a store catering to women. In the end, he couldn’t buy anything.

Still, the knight thought that his sister would surely be happy to receive one. Because of that, he had been planning to go shopping.

Since he was tasked with escorting me that day, he thought that he’d just go tomorrow. But, because we had to depart the next morning, he had no choice but to go now… thus, he made a request of me.

“Uh, while it’s certainly an odd request, I’m wondering if the saint would consider going with me. There are only female customers at that store, it doesn’t suit a rugged man like me… It’s like a different world…”

“Oh, so that’s what you wanted to ask. I don’t mind. I’m sure it won’t take that long. Alright, I will tell the priest—”

“—I’ll just notify Darren, after all, the priest is still out.”

With that said, the knight sprinted for the meeting room of the inn.

…If we were to wait for a bit, the priest would surely return.

However, the priest was a little unfriendly these days, and difficult to talk to. If I were to bother him with such a trivial thing, he might consider me a nuisance. While I was crawling around, the knight returned. In the end, we left the inn as we were and headed for the store.

“Ooh… fancy…”

“It’s a difficult place for me to blend in, right? Even now that I’m currently with a woman, it’s still difficult to enter…”

The store we came to was a trendy and feminine one. Certainly, it’d be difficult for such a brawny man to shop alone there.

The clerk at the store also wore ton of hair ornaments on his head. He was on an entirely different level than us.

“Does your sister like this kind of thing? They certainly are gorgeous hair accessories.”

“This kind of thing seems to be popular nowadays… Before, she mentioned that she wanted one.”

He pointed at a particularly flashy hair accessory at the back of the store. When I went towards the shelf with the knight, a clerk came out from the door in the back.

“I’m sorry, that hair accessory…”

This dingy rat.”

Huh? What?

I just wanted to buy a hair accessory, but suddenly my mouth was blocked from behind.


“There is only one saint. To use such a dirty mouse as a substitute for her existence is blasphemy.”

The knight who came with me was restraining me from behind. He looked down at me with terribly cold eyes. It was as if he was an entirely different person from the previous kind knight.


I tried to ask, but my consciousness was subsequently cut off.

***T/N: …Omg, if I’m Ceylan, I wouldn’t be able to withstand such a job. The priest is black-bellied even though he’s a priest! The two shotas are totally OK doing dubious things to someone who’s asleep! The knight captain is a chair! And now there’s a mole aiming for my life!

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