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36. Rebellion 2

“…This vial of poison, what are you trying to imply? Or, are you saying that I should drink it?”

When I said that with cold sweat, Aiden glanced at Duke of Belmand who stared at me coldly.

“…Of course not. More importantly, do you not remember the graduation party over a year ago? If so, you should understand what this is.”

The Duke of Belmand asked me that. I, who recalled that day, nodded as a matter of course.

Because that day was also a memorable day where justice was served.

“As a matter of fact, I do. So what? Surely, you don’t mean to say that you wanted to take charge of condemning your foolish granddaughter that day?”

The moment he heard that, Duke Belmand’s eyes sharpened as he headed towards me.

However, Duke Thomas Melliere immediately grabbed Duke Belmand’s shoulders and shook his head.

“Now isn’t the time. Not to mention, we aren’t qualified to do it.”


The Duke of Belmand relented while clenching his fist to the point that it was dripping with blood. The Duke of Melliere sadly looked at me.

“…The testimony that the duchess Violet Samaria was hostile towards Baroness Mia Abazn, harassing her before ultimately deciding to poison her—at first, we believed that. After all, the incident happened right after she had returned from a foreign exchange trip. The culprit couldn’t have been anyone but her…”

“…Then, you mean to say that the testimony is true?”

Aiden glared at me when I said that with a smile.

“…The Duchess of Samaria was a noblewoman who valued Noblesse Oblige more than anyone else. I thought that it was strange, hence I looked into it. While the Duchess of Samaria was quite unhinged at that time—she didn’t do it.”

“In other words, the testimony was false? How foolish, what’s your evidence?”

“All the students who testified that day have admitted to lying. Their parents told me as much.”

Aiden said that and pointed at Sagius who shook his head and grinned.

“…What a quibble. As if I’d do such a thing. I’m sure you had them tortured so that they’d be forced to confess.”

After Sagius said that, Aiden nodded.

“They were tortured, indeed. Some had their fingers cut off, hence they finally decided to be honest.”

Hearing what Aiden said, Sagius and I became terrified.

…But, I wasn’t the kind of person who’d acquiesce merely because of that.

For I was the king of the Rolaud Kingdom, and not some scaredy-cat.

Besides, the guard knights of the royal palace would arrive soon.

Then, all of you will be executed.

I glared at Aiden while thinking that.

“You’re throwing a false charge at my face to condemn me, Aiden. I didn’t know you were this stupid. I see you roped the four dukes into your lies, as well.”

When I said that in a dismayed tone, Aiden sighed.

“You’re the same as always—always so presumptuous, and ready to decide on everything your own. Look here.”

With those words, Aiden shoved a paper to my face.

“…This is?”

I was surprised to discover the document, one pertaining to an autopsy, was stamped with the royal seal.

It was said that the forbidden drug—the poison—was also found within the bodies of Duke Samaria, his wife, and a maid named Grace.

“…But, didn’t the Duke Samaria and his family die due to illness?”

I glanced at Sagius while muttering that.

Sagius smiled and shook his head.

“Don’t be fooled by him, it’s forgery.”


When I checked the name of the person who wrote the autopsy report, the name of a trusted physician was there.

With resentful eyes, Aiden glared at me.

“If you doubt the writer, you can personally ask him later. There’s a lot of other evidence as well.”

With that said, Aiden showed me a piece of paper with a note on how to use the poison. I recognized Sagius’ handwriting. There was also a piece of paper detailing the plan to kill the Duchess of Samaria.

“This was hidden within Sagius Samaria’s room. This is the plan that was used to poison Prince Neonhart. It also has the names of those who played the role at the party. Do take a look at it.”

“Sagius, Brown, Minerva… this is a lie—”

“It isn’t. By the way, the poison was brought into the kingdom by Minerva. There are those who can testify about it. So, do you still believe his words?”

I was silent.

If the one who poisoned the neighboring prince was instead Sagius and the others, then I had made a grave error.

Moreover, if that was true, then it made the poisoning attempt towards Mia all the more suspicious.

After all, it was Sagius who picked up the glass that Mia tried to drink, and announced to everyone that it was poisoned.

I trembled and slowly turned toward Sagius.

He fearlessly smiled at me.

“Don’t be deceived, Your Majesty. They’re lying. They’re using that handwriting to frame us. Don’t trust anyone but yourself, Your Majesty.”

I nodded.

“Yes, that’s right—I’m not mistaken.”

“Indeed, you can’t be mistaken, for you’re His Majesty the King.”

“That’s absolutely right—! I’m the king of this kingdom—! My words are absolute—! I almost fell into their treachery… I’m indebted to you, Sagius…”

I thanked Sagius from the bottom of my heart. Aiden looked at me and sighed.

“I take it that you also refuse to believe that your own parents were killed by your faction’s aristocrats?”

“What’s the problem with that? They did it for the sake of this kingdom—unlike you guys.”

“It’s useless to speak to you… Then, I’ll just let you see what your good aides did.”

Aiden said that, grabbed my collar, and dragged me to the balcony.

The sight that greeted my eyes surprised me.

Smoke and fire was rising from all over the royal capital.

“What is the meaning of this!?”

“The people of the Rolaud Kingdom have reached their limit and rebelled. Thanks to that, I was able to easily enter the royal palace.”

“Don’t be silly! You’re the one who instigated this!”

“I didn’t. You demand heavy taxes from the people, and then squandered it like water for useless purchases. Your bellies were filled every day, while it was the opposite for them. That’s the truth behind this rebellion.”

“…That’s nonsense. My aides didn’t mention any of this. They said that nothing was wrong…!”

“Well, of course. After all, there’s nothing wrong with their own lives. To them, commoners are but disposable tools for raking in more cash…!”

With a fed-up tone, Aiden told me that. Then, I was dragged by my hair to the audience room.

“I, it hurts—! Let go of me—!”

“Compared to the pain of those who died after being falsely accused, this is nothing! They were subjected to nightmarish hell every day, they wanted to die! And you dare complain about an insignificant pain like this!?”

Aiden slapped me.

My conscious was cut for a moment. Before I realized it, I was facing the ceiling. Aiden immediately came into my field of vision.

“Being utterly honest with you, I just want to end you right here. But, I promised everyone. Besides, I want to show you your child’s face.”

“My… child…”

When I muttered that, my doctor came into the audience room, and told me.

“Your Majesty’s child has safely been born…”

“The child was finally born!?”

“Yes, but, you shouldn’t look at the child…”

“W, why? What happened?”

“T, that’s…”

The doctor stiffened. Then, the Duchess of Colac, holding what seemed to be the baby, looked at me with pity.

“…I’ll show you.”

I was able to see the baby’s face.

With anticipation, I looked at the baby’s face, but was left speechless.


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