The Executed Villainess Travels Back Through Time for Revenge Translation

38. The End

  • Aldam’s POV

After seeing the execution in the Kingdom of Rolaud, I was guided by Luria—Duke Belmand’s maid—to the tomb of Duchess Samaria in his territory.

“Are you truly going to proceed with this?”

As soon as I tried to get my men to dig up her tomb, Luria anxiously asked me.

Well, of course.

The only explanation I gave to Luria was that I wanted to investigate the body for a bit.

“It’s for the sake of restoring her honor. Also, I heard that you served the Duchess of Samaria for a brief period of time. What kind of person was she?”

“She was very strict with everyone, including me. However, her anger stemmed from a good place. Had her family been firmer, and supported their daughter, she’d surely have become a good queen.”

To the words of Luria, I recalled the Duchess of Samaria, someone I last saw more than a year ago.

The woman I had seen didn’t match Luria’s description at all, for she was entirely hysterical. She wouldn’t stop bashing that baroness, Mia Abazn.

At that time, she was up against that baroness and her three lovers. As such, she didn’t stand a chance.

…Since I was going to help, anyway, why didn’t I go meet her early?

After thinking that, I recalled that absurd woman.

In order to get those men to fall for her, that baroness would surely trap the duchess once again.

Well, in worst-case scenario, I could just eliminate her. But that trio of idiots would surely make it difficult.

I began to calculate how far I should travel back in time. Perhaps, around the time the three idiots began to fall for that nonsensical woman?

…No matter how much I thought about it, that woman was suspicious.

Even though she was an aristocrat, she acted like a bumbling fool. How did she manage to charm them through the use of mere words? Or was she working with an even greater force?

I then recalled Mia Abazn’s final moment. At that time, she said something incomprehensible.

I didn’t believe in the existence of god.

As I sighed at the memory, my subordinates called out to me. They seemed to have finished digging up her tomb.

When I nodded to them, I took out the Wand of Chronos—my kingdom’s treasure. I then put it inside the casket.

Then, after a while, both the wand and the casket shined faintly. The Duchess of Samaria emerged. She was see-through.

The sight of her filled me with both relief and sadness.

The fact that she responded to the treasure was proof that she had a lot of unresolved resentments in that world.

Those emotions stemmed from regret, no wonder.

I vowed to her.

“Duchess of Samaria, this Rengel will definitely help you. So please help me as well.”

As I spoke, I lightly touched the hand of Duchess Samaria. She slowly opened her eyes and the corners of her lips rose.

I was surprised, and before I realized it, my field of vision had become dark. In an instant, my consciousness faded away.


The next time I opened my eyes, I was within my office.

Apparently, I had fallen asleep after working for a long time.

“…I’m acting like some bureaucratic slave.”

At the same time as I muttered that, a child with purple hair came into my office. As soon as the child saw me, he was surprised.

“You fell asleep? How rare.”

“I overworked myself…”

I said that and yawned. The child asked with a stunned expression.

“Do you need my help?”

“I can’t possibly leave administration to a 10-year-old child? I know that you, my son, are a child prodigy who can fulfil the task. However, if I made you do it, your mother will get angry.”

After answering that, I stared towards at terrace beyond the office window. My beautiful wife sat there reading a book to my two lovely daughters who were snuggled up against her.

When I saw that scene, I couldn’t help but smile. My son then asked me a question while holding up a picture book.

“I got this picture book from my maid, Luria. Is it true that the heroine is my mother?”


“Did father witness the condemnation scene himself?”

“Of course, do you want to hear about it?”

Upon hearing that, my son nodded. His golden eyes were beaming.

“Yes! Tell me everything! When I asked mother, she got so angry her face turned red and told me to just ask father about it!”

“Surely, it must be embarrassing for her to talk about. Then, let me tell you the story.”

With those words, I told him the story of a villainess who brilliantly condemned a prince, one who had been charmed by a certain baroness.


***T/N: Disclaimer, no severed head is involved in this chapter.

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