The Disappointing Lady’s Daily Life Translation

32. Secret Talk

“If I remember correctly, we have bandages here…Ah, here it is.”
“Thank you.”
“I’m glad the injury is not too serious. I hope the cookies are baked when I get back. I’m looking forward to them.”

It seemed that it was not the doctor, but several female students. Amamiya and I stopped our conversation and looked at the girls. From what we could hear, they were probably injured during home economics class and had come to the doctor’s office.

“Speaking of which, are you going to give the cookies to Kiryu?”
“The thing is…The other day, I was told that he can’t accept homemade cookies.”

Wow…If it’s Kiryu, he would really say that. Even though he is cold and unpleasant, somehow he’s popular with the girls. The power of such cool masculinity is terrifying.

“It seems that Tengenji doesn’t accept homemade goods either.”

That was a bit surprising. If it’s Tengenji, he looks like he would accept anything with a smile on his face though. Has he been victimized by a homemade gift in the past? Since he’s that popular, he probably had been given all sorts of gifts up to that point in time.

“Ah, but I’m sure Amamiya will accept some.”
“I guess so. Amamiya is cool, but he’s different from your ideal crush.”

I’m supposedly a girl too, but I can’t keep up with all the girl talk. The conversation among the girls, who didn’t know that Amamiya himself was listening, became more heated.

“You’re right. If it’s an ideal boyfriend, it should be Tengenji or Kiryu.”
“Amamiya is a bit, you know…”

When I couldn’t endure it anymore and looked at Amamiya, he brought his index finger to his mouth with the same smile as usual. He didn’t seem to want to take action, even though they were talking about him.

“It’s because he’s the third son. If it was my boyfriend, I’d rather have one of the other two.”
“Besides, Amamiya doesn’t seem to be serious about anyone.”
“I get it. You don’t know what he is thinking. But, if I want to fool around then I want Amamiya to play with me.”
“Ah, if it’s Amamiya, I’m sure he will take care of you if you approach him.

While I listened to this conversation, I felt a cramp in my stomach. What is this stupid, vulgar conversation?

I wondered why Amemiya didn’t say anything even after being told this. Isn’t it annoying that the girls who are giggling out in the open are saying things like this in the shadows?

And yet, Amamiya is always smiling and being nice to them. It is true that I don’t know what Amamiya is thinking, but I think anyone would be angry if someone told them that they can’t be their actual boyfriend just because they are the third son or something like that.

“End your disgraceful conversation right now and please get out of the infirmary!”

I shouted through the curtain. The other side wouldn’t know who I was anyway, so I was more determined than usual. Even if they did open the curtains, they would probably turn pale.

“Oh my god, someone was here!?”
“Let’s go.”

Perhaps they hadn’t noticed that someone was sleeping, because the girls walked out of the infirmary in a haste. When the room finally quieted down, Amamiya and I exchanged glances.

“It’s okay though. These are their opinions of me…Still, thank you for being angry for me.”
“It wasn’t for your sake. It’s because I was mad at them for talking that way.”

Seeing Amamiya laughing a bit sad, a dull pain spread in my chest.

You should be angry if you’re going to make a face like that. And yet, why was Amamiya listening to them without saying anything?

“Amamiya, you should be angry. It’s those girls who are in the wrong.”
“But what they’re saying is true. I’m the third son. I’m the worst of all my brothers. I’m a failure. My family does not expect me to amount to anything.”

If Amemiya, who is handsome, smart and has friends, is a failure, then what will happen to me? A mean and hated person in the original story, my love was unrequited and I was killed.

“There is no girl that would truly like me anyway.”

I got up and looked down at Amamiya who was lying on the bed and let out a sigh.

“Have you ever really liked someone?”
“…I don’t know.”
“I think there is. Someone who really does like you.”

I’m not saying this randomly. I think Amamiya has a lot more positive attributes than he thinks, so there is definitely a girl that actually likes him. Or rather, Isn’t it better for him to be a little more aware of the fact that he is a very sexy guy?

“I hope that one day, you will truly fall in love with someone.”
“You’re such a strange person.”

Even though I was planning to have said it seriously, his reply made me lose heart. What do you mean by strange person? How rude.

Amamiya who was standing sat next to me and looked into my face for some reason. 

“But, thank you.”

I don’t know what he’s thanking me for. Even though I’ve read the original story, Amamiya’s thoughts are a mystery to me, and I find it easier to deal with Tengenji or Kiryu, whose thoughts are more visible on their faces.

Amamiya’s hand gently touched my cheek. Finally realizing the situation I was in, I stepped back to get away from him, but this time he grabbed my arm.

“I quite like you.”
“Please stop saying such things so lightly.”
“I’m not kidding though.”
“The moment you add ‘quite’ makes it weird immediately.”

The sad smile from earlier is gone, and the usual Amamiya talking sweet words without being serious. It was feeling suspicious. It’s pitiful to be told that he would fool around if he was approached. but the feeling I was getting, it looked like he could switch up girls one after another.

“I always thought that you were a little different from other girls and looked interesting. It’s fun to be with you. All kinds of unexpected things happen when I’m around you.”
“…I see”

This situation is more dangerous than that. I don’t think that Amamiya would do something to someone like me, but if someone saw us, I would be in big trouble.

“I have something to ask you.”
“…What is it?”
“You actually knew Asami Kanade was a girl all along, right?”