The Disappointing Lady’s Daily Life Translation

31. The One Who Was Next To Me

I lose my mind when I am touched by people’s kindness. I had no intention of getting close to anyone or being worried by them, because my goal was to find and avoid the person who would kill me.

But I started to get involved with Sumire and Hitomi because I wanted to eat a candy called It Is Sour Ninja Arts, and before I knew it, they had become my dearest friends. Then I noticed, I was able to connect with Asami and Tengenji, and the others, that they would even worry about my health like that.

I was having so much fun with everyone that I felt like I was escaping, but I mustn’t stop thinking about my future.

As I walked into the doctor’s office, dragging my dark tension with me, the doctor gave me a thermometer and forced me to sit on a chair because my face seemed to be worn out. I told the doctor that I had a headache, not a fever, and that I needed some medicine, but the doctor told me to check my temperature first.

I didn’t think I had a fever, though. While I was thinking about that, the electronic sound of the thermometer alarm went off.

“Ah, you have a slight fever.”
“I don’t think it’s to the point you need to leave early, but do you want to rest in bed for an hour?”

When I heard that I had a slight fever, my body suddenly felt sluggish. I’m sure it’s partly due to the lack of sleep, but I guess I’m sick because the temperature dropped drastically today while it was warm yesterday. My head hurts and it’s exhausting to go to classes, so I think I’ll just stay here like this and rest.

“Doctor, can I rest here for a while?”
“Yes, you can take the bed on the right…Yes, take the bed on the right, because someone else is sleeping on the left.”

I took the two headache pills the doctor had given me and climbed into the pure white bed. As I laid there, I felt my body relax all at once.

If Aoi knew that I was sick and slept in the infirmary, he would probably worry about me. I’ve always made Aoi worried so much that I haven’t been able to do anything in the typical older sister role. The other day, he even helped me study because my English grade was so poor.

Aoi is smart and athletic, but it is because of his hard work that he has been able to achieve this. I can see that mother and father love him like a real son. I am happy about it now, but before my memories of my previous life came back, I was envious and a little jealous of Aoi.

As I spent time with him as Maria Kumoruiwashi, I felt I could understand why she had become distorted in the manga. While some of it was self-inflicted, the environment surrounding her was not also kind to her.

Her adopted brother was better than her and received more love from her parents, and her fiancé and aunt hated her and despised her as someone who was shameful to call herself a member of the Kumoruiwashi family. She has no special close friends, and her unrequited love is never returned. She then vents her resentment by tormenting the main character, and in the end someone kills her. When I thought about it, I felt like I was in a happy environment at the time being.

When I began to doze off a bit, I was suddenly awakened by the sound of the doctor’s office door opening. There was no sign of anyone entering the room, so the doctor must have left.

As I was thinking in the corner of my mind absentmindedly, the curtain covering my bed was slightly opened and I was startled to see a person peeking in.

“Hello. What a coincidence.”

The owner of the milk tea brown hair smiled sweetly at me. I smiled back at him while having a cramp on my face, feeling like I was getting heartburn,

“Yes…What a coincidence indeed.”

It’s a disaster. If I could, I’d close this curtain and shut it all out. I don’t know why this guy shows up at a perfect time like this.

“Is your fever okay?”
“It’s only a slight fever, so I’m fine”
“I see. Nevertheless, I’m so lucky to be here alone with you.”

Liar. How dare this guy say such a thing when he is so wary of me. I’m surprised that Amamiya is sleeping on the bed in the doctor’s office in the first place, but maybe he’s skipping class? If I remember correctly he should be a smart guy, so I’m sure he doesn’t mind slacking off a bit.

“Hey, I have a question for you…”

I heard the door being opened, and Amamiya stopped talking. I thought the teacher had come back, but I heard multiple footsteps.