I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

16. I Want to Know More!

Heydemarie only stared at her. She didn’t say a word to reprimand her.

On the contrary, she spoke with a cool expression.

“Forgive me, everyone. It doesn’t appear that I have time for class today. Even though many of you gathered, I believe now is the time for the status report meeting. Why don’t all of you relax over a cup of tea?”


Elvira tightly clasped her hands while keeping an eye on Charlotte.

“I understand, teacher!”

“Mrs. Heydemarie…!!”

After being called by Charlotte, Heydemarie only turned towards her once.

“You need a rehearsal practice, Charlotte. For now, please conduct yourself with your manners so everyone may see.”

By the way, earlier, Mrs. Heydemarie told me to arm myself…

Heydemarie turned on her heels and left the greenhouse.

All who remained were Charlotte, Elvira, and the three other girls who hadn’t introduced themselves yet.

After they gathered around the table, the greenhouse calmed down.

Claiming whether or not they were friendly to Charlotte was difficult to determine.

Rather, she felt looked down upon. She felt like an intruder. At the same time, there were also those who stared at her, brimming with curiosity.

Most of all, there was a strong opposition from Elvira’s side. She didn’t even bother to conceal her hostility.

Uhm, what am I supposed to do…?


An hour after that.

After finishing some work, Heydemarie was walking down the hallway to the greenhouse with her precious wolf.

I should’ve returned to oversee the situation a little earlier…

She sighed, regretting that she had gone astray.

Usually, the ceremony doesn’t take long. Charlotte will have probably messed up right at the beginning.

As if he had read her thoughts, the wolf glanced at her.

“It’s alright. First of all, I shall let her taste defeat.”

Then, the wolf’s tail stood.

The four girls, led by Elvira, are girls who’re used to interacting with the social circles of this kingdom. That girl, Charlotte, won’t be able to compete with them.

Even so, she took a breath.

Charlotte, the cruel saint… her behavior was different from what I heard.

Well, the rumors of social circles were unreliable.

She was unfazed by my rant. She also didn’t offer me any excuses.

There were surprisingly few people like that.

But I can’t tell yet. It depends on what Charlotte will do after having tasted defeat…

Standing in front of the door, Heydemarie patted the head of her wolf.

For the time being, as long as a big quarrel hasn’t broken out, everything should be fine. Even better if she hasn’t incited Elvira’s tantrum. If her remarks haven’t been ignored and the conversation has continued beyond two rounds, then she shall receive a perfect score.

Now, let’s see—

—Putting her hand on the golden doorknob, she pushed the door open.

Then, Heydemarie saw an unexpected sight.

“—Wow, what a wonderful story…!!”


The voice that echoed out was Charlotte’s.

“Thank you, Irene! By the way, Monica, the childhood friend you mentioned earlier is surely your first love!?”

“Stop, are you messing with me?! Me? Towards that person? He just helped my dog once, and I just thanked him!”

“Did you hear that, Frida? The encounter with Frida’s brother was certainly wonderful, but Monica’s story just now was also interesting…!”

Within the dismayed eyes of Heydemarie, the figure of Charlotte, who spoke with a lively face to the four blushing girls, was reflected.

This girl!?

The girls—Monica, Frida, and Irene were steadily drinking tea with shy and embarrassed expressions.

The cause appeared to be Charlotte.

“The story of your love was very, very, wonderful and helpful!! Frida’s dependable older brother, and Monica’s childhood friend whom she always quarreled with, and also Irene’s classmate at the magic academy!”

“Please stop talking about my older brother! O, oh, why did I decide to talk!?”

“Then, the ultimate story shall be about Elvira!”

The other three inadvertently turned towards Elvira.

While clasping the handle of her teacup, Elvira quivered. Her usual oppressiveness was nowhere to be found.

Elvira, who was always the central figure of the four, stood apart from them instead.

“When it comes to Elvira, it’s her butler! She’s been in love with him ever since an early age!”

“…J, just forget what you hear—”

“Wow, you’ve been in love with him for that long!?”

“Didn’t I tell you to forget about it!?”

Elvira shouted in an unladylike manner before slumping on the table.

“Why!? I’d like to hear more about your love story…!”

“Elvira, please stay strong!!”

“I understand, I understand your feelings very well, Elvira…!! I haven’t told anyone, but I wanted to tell someone. If I was asked such a straightforward question about love, I’d like to talk a little. But usually, I end up talking a lot—!!”

Three people surrounded Elvira to make her feel at ease. Meanwhile, Charlotte, who tilted her head, noticed Heydemarie and waved her hand.

“Mrs. Heydemarie! I was just having a delightful conversation with them!”


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