I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

15. That Name Sounds Familiar!

Many trees were gathered on one side.

The outside was covered with snow, but the place was warm. The ceiling and walls were glass, and a gentle light seemingly produced by magic cascaded down.

A greenhouse?

A blue butterfly fluttered before Charlotte. A white round table had been set up in the center of the greenhouse, one lined with sweets and tea.

“Sit down.”


Charlotte triumphantly sat at the table and put her hands on her lap. She wondered if she’d be drinking tea with Heydemarie, but her tutor never sat down.


“As you know, your husband, Langheim, is in a complicated position in the royal castle.”

Charlotte’s blue eyes snapped.

Of course, that was the first she had ever heard of it.

However, since Heydemarie said, ‘As you know.’—it must had been a well-known story.

“Yes! Of course!”

“Three kinds of people are going to be approaching you at the evening ball. Those aiming for you, those who want to approach Langheim through you, and those who want to use you to entrap Langheim.”


The last one couldn’t be taken lightly.

“By that, do you mean enemies of Oswald?! He has them?! Even though he’s that wonderful…!?”

“Like I said, the evening ball is a battlefield. Your defeat would disadvantage Langheim.”

Charlotte focused her mind at those words.

“Even though I was truly looking forward to the evening ball! Turns out it isn’t just a glittering and fun place where I’ll be able to see Oswald dressed up…”

“…I, myself, used to see it in a slightly different light as well.”

The stern voice of Heydemarie was mixed with a tinge of nostalgia.

“Human beings in the high society are unexpectedly lonely. That’s why it’s a priceless opportunity for people of similar status to gather and make use of each other’s current circumstances for their own advantage.”

“That’s nice. I also want a friend with whom I can talk about the wonderfulness of my husband!”

“Friend? You?”

Oh, that’s right!

Charlotte was feared for she was once a wicked saint. At the same time, she also disliked socializing.

“Could it be, Mrs. Heydemarie wants to return the evening ball to what it used to be?”

“A little girl like you, who can’t even protect herself, shouldn’t even think about needless things.”

“Alright! I won’t!”

Towards her tutor’s cold remark, Charlotte straightened her posture.

But, is my guess correct?

Heydemarie proceeded to speak.

“There are several ways of getting by in the world. My belief is that you should improve your current abilities rather than learning new ones.”

“Yes, then, what should I do!?”

“You’ll be practicing them from now on. Also, be sure to hide your true identity.”


“—They’re here.”

At that time, the light sound of a bell rang.


“Excuse us.”

Four women stood behind the open door.

Everyone was elegantly dressed. They also seemed to be of the same age as Charlotte. One of the women, a girl with blue hair, stepped forward as if to represent everyone.

“How do you fare, Mrs. Heydemarie?”

“Thank you for your concern. Above all, it seems that everyone is doing well.”

“Thank you for this week—oh?”

The blue-haired girl smiled when she saw Charlotte.

“Is she a new student?”

“Nice to meet you, I am—”


After being glared by Heydemarie, Charlotte shut her mouth.

Instead, Heydemarie put her hand on Charlotte’s shoulder and spoke.

“For various reasons, this little lady will be studying under me. I’m so sorry, but can you let her participate in your tea party?”

“Of course, if Mrs. Heydemarie says so…”

The girl said that, and the other three women nodded one after another. All four were beautiful women. But the blue-haired girl seemed to be the leader.

“—Where did you come from?”

She asked while gazing at Charlotte.

Although she was smiling gracefully, it was apparent that she was evaluating Charlotte. Heydemarie answered in her stead.

“Her situation is quite difficult. Most importantly, I have to teach her some etiquette.”

“My, how pitiful you are. You must’ve been poor.”

With that said, the girl suddenly smiled at her.

“Please leave her to me, Mrs. Heydemarie. For a long time, I have been told by my mother that I’m a kind child who treats children of the countryside and commoners without discrimination.”

Looks like she is letting her imagination run wild regarding my circumstance…

The blue-haired girl lifted her skirt and displayed an elegant curtsey.

“…This is the first time we meet. My name is Elvira Cassandra… Calenberg.”

It felt like the girl was trying to create tension before giving out her surname…

But Charlotte didn’t care. She stood up and gave a bow.

“Nice to meet you, Elvira! I, I, I’m uh, a random nobody…”

“Just call her Charlotte.”

“Yes, I’m just Charlotte—!”

Her name itself wasn’t all that unusual. After parroting Heydemarie, she inwardly regretted it.

…I was able to learn my full name, but I haven’t had the opportunity to introduce myself, huhuhu, Charlotte Leah Langheim, huhu…

Regardless, the way she introduced herself should had been natural, and so was her smile. On the other hand, Elvira seemed confused.

Apparently, it wasn’t because of her manner of introduction.

“After hearing the surname ‘Calenberg’, she didn’t rush to bow her head?”

The three girls in the back were quietly whispering amongst themselves.

Elvira expression twisted as she spoke.

“Forgive me, it seems you failed to hear me properly. Once again, my name is Elvira Cassandra Calenberg.”

“Mine’s Charlotte. Thank you for your consideration!”


At that moment, Elvira stared intently at Charlotte.

“Don’t you know the name of the Calenberg Family?”


Of course, Charlotte had no recollection of it.

She didn’t remember her own name, nor her beautiful husband’s name, much else her own face.

But she couldn’t explain that because she had to hide the fact that she had lost her memories.

“W, well, it’s fine! It seems that you hail from a faraway country!”

“That must be so, Ms. Charlotte! If you’ve come from such a faraway country to study at the royal capital, you should’ve heard of the Calenberg family, but oh well!”

“It’s quite understandable, for the name isn’t one spoken casually amongst commoners, Lady Elvira.”

“The Marquis of Calenberg is one of the most powerful aristocratic houses in the royal capital, next to His Excellency the Duke of Langheim.”


While concealing her mouth, Charlotte snuck an embarrassed glance at Heydemarie.

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