I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

14. Get Ready!

Apparently, the mansion was ridiculously large.

The long corridor was lined with a calm, young, glass-colored, carpet. With a firm posture, Heydemarie walked on. She spoke without sparing the slightest glance towards Charlotte.

“…You, it seems that you’ve already learned some manners.”

“Do you think so?”

“I can tell merely by listening to your footsteps.”

Charlotte was surprised in many ways.

In other words, I wasn’t exactly manner-less before I lost my memories? Surely, even if I have amnesia, I won’t forget how to walk or move…

Did that mean her body remembered it?

However, the fact that Heydemarie could tell without looking was also amazing.

“Nevertheless, I won’t overlook you slumping on the floor again.”

“Teacher! I still think I should study, so please teach me rigorously. The more I learn, the more useful I’ll be to Oswald!”


“In the first place, Oswald is the most beautiful person in the world. Therefore, if I am to be by his side during the evening party, I also need to be perfect. Oswald during the evening party will undoubtably look terribly cool…!!”

Just by imagining it, she felt rejuvenated.

Looking forward to her upcoming evening, Charlotte’s eyes were beaming.

“By the way, this is what I’m especially looking forward to learning!”

“There’s no such teaching.”


Then, how do other people endure the wonderfulness of a person!?

As Charlotte tilted her head, Heydemarie sighed.

“Do you think you can afford to be fascinated by your husband at the royal castle night party? To me, it doesn’t seem like you’d be able to put up too much of a fight. You’d suffer an excruciating defeat and flee.”


Charlotte gently tilted her head.

“Mrs. Heydemarie, I came to receive your instruction for the evening party.”

“That’s why I’m going to tell you what to do during the party. That is, how to survive in royal aristocratic society.”

She was told something unexpected and was surprised.


“A social gathering isn’t a place to deepen friendship, but a battlefield of information warfare. Even a series of actions such as searching for an acquaintance at the venue and giving a greeting can reveal a person’s thoughts. While you may be beautiful, you seem like you’ll end up as a mere decoration of Langheim.”

“T, that’s not good… I have to be of help to Oswald.”

“Hmm, what are you talking about?”

Heydemarie turned to look at her with a difficult expression as usual.

“You? Wanting to help your husband? That kind of idea is ridiculous.”

“But, teacher! Although it may be wise for a lady to smile quietly during a party, but for me…!”

“Of course not. You’re also there to fight.”


Heydemarie made a challenging laugh at Charlotte who’s eyes widened.

“Be aware that you’re heading to a battlefield to fight for yourself, not to assist Langheim.”


“Don’t go because you’re told to. You have to challenge this evening party by finding your own purpose.”


Heydemarie started walking slowly once again.

“Purpose—do you have it?”

“Yes! There are many!”

While trying to keep up with Heydemarie, she nodded many times.

She wanted to atone for the inconvenience she had caused Oswald and redeem herself. To do so, she needed to regain her memory and learn what it was she did.

“I was just thinking about getting through the evening party and couldn’t see the bigger picture.”

To not bother Oswald as much as possible—that was her biggest goal.

However, there were more things Charlotte could do.

If I behave myself well at the evening party, I may be able to get to learn of my past and regain my memory. That should be more useful than just enduring the evening party!

When she thought that, she felt more motivated.

“I will do my best!”

“It’s easy for you to say that. However, you’re impressionable, naïve, and easy to influence. How are you so different from what the rumors said?”

Although Heydemarie sounded astounded, she also seemed happy regarding Charlotte.

Heydemarie stopped in front of a door and glanced at Charlotte.

“First, choose your weapon.”

“Wow, that sounds awesome! My divine power is sealed, though. Is that okay?”

Heydemarie honestly ridiculed her.

“Far from divine power, you can’t use your career, your status, or anything else in the room ahead.”


As she tilted her head, the door slowly opened. Imagining a large arsenal, Charlotte felt thrilled.


She was met with an unexpected sight.

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