The Disappointing Lady’s Daily Life Translation

30. The Dull Pain Increased

June had arrived and the rainy season had been announced on the news.

Thick gray clouds covered the sky, and every time the teacher’s voice paused, I could hear the sound of rain spraying against the window glass. Many people don’t like the rain, but I quite like watching it fall.

Class was over, and I vaguely saw Tengenji surrounded by female students. They seemed to be talking about the previous class, but if they have something to ask, why didn’t they just ask the teacher?

However, Tengenjii was responding to the girls with a smile. It seems hard to be popular.


A dull pain ran down the back of my eyebrows. Perhaps it’s because I stayed up late the night before thinking about who was the person that was going to kill me so I didn’t get enough sleep. I should have gone to sleep earlier.


In such a state I was called by a group of girls from my class. I wanted to end the conversation as quickly as possible.

“I met Mr. Aoi at a party the other day. He was very nice, just like Maria.”

It’s nice having a relative being praised face to face, but it is embarrassing. I wondered what the correct response would be in this kind of situation. All I could do was smile vaguely. Depending on how one looks at it, affirming or denying the relation might make the other party feel uncomfortable.

But still, does he really resemble me? As for me, I’m happy, and I think it’s not strange that we look alike since we are blood related. However, Aoi will probably have a complicated expression when he is told that we look alike. No matter how many years pass, I still feel that there is a line somewhere that separates me from the rest of the family, as if I am not a part of the real family.

The people at school didn’t know that Aoi and I weren’t really siblings. Of course, there were some adults who knew that the Kumoruiwashi family took Aoi in, but I doubt they bothered to tell their children about it. I’ve never been asked about it since I started school, and everyone believes that we are really sisters and brothers.

“You two are so beautiful, truly eye candy.”

The pain in my head increased. I wanted to end the conversation quickly and go to the school infirmary. But the girls in front of me were excitedly talking about Aoi’s good grades and his athletic prowess with a twinkle in their eyes, and I couldn’t find the timing to interject.

As I was wondering how to get out of this situation, I heard my name called.

“Excuse me, can I borrow her for a moment?”

Tengenji, who should have been surrounded by girls up until just then, intervened with a soft tone.

What a disaster to be caught by Tengenji when my head hurts. I tried my best to keep my face from showing my expression.

“I’m sorry. We can talk about this later.”

I said my leave to the girls first and followed Tengenji out of the classroom. I wondered what he wanted to talk to me about. I walked out into the hallway, anxiously, and when I got to the stairs, Tengenji looked back at me.

“…U-Umm. Tengenji?”

Even I could feel embarrassed if there was a handsome man standing in front of me, staring at me.

Please hurry up and tell me your business. My heart is racing and my head hurts. Please help me.

“Ms. Maria, don’t push yourself too hard.”
“You’re not feeling well, right?”

Tengenji, who was always carefree with a lighthearted feeling, looked at me unusually straight in the eyes without even smiling.

“Why,,,How did you know…?”
“You don’t look well, and look a little pained.”

I had been trying to hide it. Maybe, it shows on my face more than I thought. But, for it to be noticed by Tengenji.

“Let’s go to the infirmary.”
“I can go by myself.”
“I’ll walk with you to the infirmary just in case.”

I didn’t feel so sick that I was going to collapse, I’d be fine. Just give me some headache medicine.

“When you have a cold, it’s better to rely on someone and get pampered.”

I looked away, getting embarrassed by his honest smile. The original Maria probably admired and was attracted to this aspect of Tengenji. 

The original Maria didn’t have Sumire or Hitomi by her side. She didn’t have any friends in the true sense of the word, and her predetermined fiancé and overbearing aunt didn’t allow her to fall in love freely, so someone like Tengenji must have dazzled her.

“Ms. Kumoruiwashi, you always look like you’re having a difficult time alone, right?”
“Eh…Is that so?”

Perhaps I just saw the usual frivolous Tengenji and assumed that he was dull. It’s not that I’m easy to understand, but he sees everything around him earnestly. That’s why this guy was a hero in the manga…He’s a bit more of a slacker than the original though.

“If anything happens, feel free to tell me. If there’s anything I can do to help, I’ll help.”

Actually, I have memories of my past life, and this place is just like the world of the manga. In the manga, I was at the center among the people who bullied Asami, and I was in love with Tengenji, but was completely rejected. Moreover, I’m going to be killed by someone, you know? I don’t know who did it, so can you help me find the culprit together? As if I could say all of that.

Instead I smiled and said “Thank you.” I think Tengenji is a good person. Besides, he has strength, and he would really help me if I had a problem. But, I don’t think he would believe my story so easily. If I were in his shoes, I’d be worried that I was mixing up dreams and reality.

“I’ll tell the doctor, so get some rest, okay?”

When I reached the front of the infirmary, Tengenji gently looked into my face as if he was concerned about my health and spoke kindly.

“Take care of yourself.”
“Umm…Thank you.”

There was no way I could say that. I was happy that he said I could tell him if I had any problems and that he would help me. But my problems are not something that could be revealed. I have to change the future in which I’m going to die.