I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

17. I’ll Endure This and Live!


That night, Charlotte returned from Heydemarie’s mansion, trembling with joy at seeing Oswald back home.

“Welcome back, Oswald…!! Thank you for your hard work!! Thank you for your safe return!! How wonderful of you to work every day!!”


“Aren’t you cold? Do you want to eat dinner?! I’m very happy that Oswald has returned!!”

“I, I understand!! I understand, already!! Don’t circle around me!!”


After all was said, Charlotte stopped and corrected her posture.

Oswald, who had just visited her room, was still wearing a blue cloak.

On his way home, he occasionally goes directly to that room. Instead of going through the front door, he uses the teleportation spell.

While he is probably doing it for surveillance purposes, Charlotte feels as if she has soared to Heaven. She is delighted he came straight to see her after work.

Tonight, Oswald is also cool…! Even though the blue cloak is part of his uniform, it looks as if it was custom-made for him…. My former self might disagree, but it’s wonderful that even in the portrait inside the diary, Oswald is wearing said cloak…!

Because it was after work, Oswald seemed slightly tired. As such, he gave off a unique charm.

While staring suspiciously at Charlotte, he asked.

“…How did the etiquette education go?”

“Oh! You’ve received a letter from Mrs. Heydemarie!”

Charlotte ran to the desk, picked up what she had stored, and returned to Oswald. While bowing her head vigorously, she handed the letter to Oswald.

“Please accept it, Oswald!!”

“Just hand it to me normally. …Let’s see—-“

O, Oswald accepted it with his beautiful hand…!!

If she were to stare straight at him, she might faint. Thus, she closed her eyes tightly. Oswald received the letter, opened the envelope, and began to read the content.

For a while, silence descended inside the bedroom.

Charlotte glanced up in anticipation. With a bitter face, Oswald muttered.

“The letter said—‘The chances of winning are not zero.’”

“Am I being complimented—!?”

In response to those incredible words, Charlotte instinctively raised her hands.

“…Well, that’s what she said. What happened?”

“You see, Mrs. Heydemarie told me, ‘I’ve ascertained your weapon for the social circles. With said weapon, no one will be able to get the better of you—and that is, your overwhelming unpredictability!’

“You, are you sure you’re being complimented…?”

Charlotte wasn’t sure. However, since such a letter was written to Oswald, it might mean that she could triumph as long as she did her best.

“I’d be really glad if I could fight even a little at the evening ball.”

Relieved from the bottom of her head, she rubbed her chest.

“After all, other than loving Oswald, I don’t think I’m capable of anything else.”


Then, Oswald lifted his eyebrows.


“Never mind. First of all, we can say that it’s a good thing?”

“Or maybe, we can call it an advantage!?”

“…I don’t feel like that’s the case.”

Despite what Oswald said, Charlotte felt that she should be proud. For the time being, she’d like to consider it as either an advantage or a fortunate thing.

“—By the way, Oswald…”

Charlotte stared at Oswald.

“…What’s with those puppy-like eyes?”

“I got good result today, right? If so…”

She took courage and dared to speak.

“By any chance, if Oswald is miraculously willing to praise me, saying that I did great, I’ll happily do my best for the rest of my life…!”


Oswald made a bitter expression. Regardless, that appearance of his was still beautiful.

“I’m happy just because Oswald is here. Just by looking at your face, I’m already filled with joy. I should be satisfied by merely being able to exchange words with you, and for you to acknowledge my existence… but apparently, I’m getting greedier and greedier. So, what do you think!?”




As she continued to stare at him, Oswald who eventually made an unprecedented frown, uttered in a low voice that sounded like it was about to vanish.

“…You did great.”


Charlotte tumbled on the floor, covering her face with her hands as she wriggled around.

“Hey, stay sane! Did someone pour boiling water on you!?”

“It’s okay, I’m fine…!! I’m still hanging on fine…!! No, actually, I can barely stay alive…!! Thank you, thank youuuu!!!”

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