I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

18. It Leaves a Massive Impression!

Oswald had complimented me. Just by thinking about it, my legs numbed.

…Why can’t his praise be captured and stored for future use!? While my memory is still fresh, I have to invoke that scene over and over—‘you did great’, ‘you did great’, ‘you did great’—



At Oswald’s call, she looked up to him from the floor. With furrowed eyebrows, Oswald spoke.

“Why is the serving table in the corridor?”


Of course, it was Charlotte’s supper.

After she had returned from Heydemarie’s mansion, she discovered that someone had left her meal in the hallway, the day before.

After devouring it, Charlotte put the dishes away and gently moved the serving table out into the hall. Perhaps, Oswald spotted it.

“There’s no way I could simply leave it in my room after eating.”

The wrinkles between his eyebrows deepened.

“—Are the maids refusing to serve you?”

“N, no! That’s not the case! The maids are taking great care of me!”

“So, they are.”

He’s sharp!

Oswald clutched his forehead and sighed.

“…I shall inform the butler. A punishment will need to be considered.”

“No, let’s not, Oswald! Actually, I was the one who ordered them! I told them to just leave after bringing me my dinner!”

“Why? Why would you do that?”

“Well, that’s…”

In front of the suspicious Oswald, Charlotte slumped on the floor.

At this rate, the maids will be scolded! One of them is so scared of me, her face turns a deep blue at my slightest movement! Somehow, I need to mend this situation!

Her gaze wandered to the right.


After that, to the left.

Unfortunately, Charlotte could only think about Oswald.

“…Because you were coming home?”

“Why would you dismiss your maid for my return home?”

“Eh!? That’s because!!”

At that time, she recalled her relationship with Oswald.

“…We—aren’t we newlyweds…!?”


At that moment, Oswald froze.

He seems overcome!

‘Aren’t we newlyweds…!?’—it seemed that Oswald couldn’t say anything against that.

…Oh? But somehow, Oswald appears to be a little hesitant?


Oswald withdrew a few steps before speaking in a barely audible voice.

“…I’ve been wanting to ask you since yesterday.”

“What is it?”

Somehow, the topic felt like it had shifted.

Oswald frowned.

“…Why do you wear such a thin dress every night?”

“Oh, I am?”

“If you aren’t aware of it, check for yourself.”


That being said, she looked down on herself.

She was wearing a pastel blue nightwear that night.

Charlotte’s hair was pale gold while her eyes were light blue. It gave an overall harmonious shade.

She found that nightwear inside her closet. She liked it very much, the same way she did the pink nightdress she wore yesterday. However, there may something to what Oswald said.

“Certainly, this nightwear… the areas around the hem and the collarbone are particularly transparent. If you were to look closely, you can make out the shape—”

“…I don’t know because I haven’t looked closely.”

“It’s a sleeveless dress, and the neckline is particularly wide open, showing the chest. If you look closely, it does have a lot of exposure.”

“I don’t know because I haven’t looked closely.”

As he repeated the same sentence twice, Charlotte came to a realization—

“—I’m sorry!! Did I show you something unsightly?!”

“—Like I said, I don’t know because I haven’t looked closely!!”

However, it was an important matter. She didn’t want Oswald to feel uncomfortable because of her garments.

“I’m sorry, Oswald.”

Charlotte stood up in a hurry. For the time being, she grabbed the hem of her nightwear.

“I didn’t pay enough attention—I will get changed quickly!”

“Wait, you’re going to change your clothes here? In this situation!? Stop it, please stop!!”

Uwaaaaah! I will definitely take it off! For the time being, I shall remove it!”

“That’s not the point!!”

Amidst the turmoil, she turned her back towards Oswald and tried to lift the hem of her dress.

I have to remove the clothing Oswald dislikes as soon as possible!


At that moment, an unbelievable event happened.


Oswald tightly embraced Charlotte from behind.


As all of her thoughts came to a screeching halt, Charlotte froze.


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