Now that I’m Dead, are you Satisfied? Translation

32.1 [Day 4 (4)]

In a carriage where only the sound of the wheels scraping the ground resounded, Shesam exhaled a tight breath that went unnoticed by the young man sitting in front of him.

Impossible, he’s the member of the Stella Empire’s royal family…

The young man who beckoned him upon being expelled from the count’s villa referred to himself as a Kaiser. Afterwards, the knight-like man inquired about the circumstances of the count’s family.

He was initially wary and suspicious of Kaiser, but Shesam acquiesced in the end.

Kaiser told him that he was a customer of Lorona’s company. After being informed of Lorona’s accidental death, he was saddened.

Shesam, who had no other person to share his sorrow with, had no reason not trust him.

Moreover, he had been dismissed on spot. He had no reason to be constrained by the law.

Thus, he confessed that the count’s household was in a tight fiscal budget. He also told Kaiser of Belverassa’s splurging and the count’s military play. He even informed Kaiser of the contraband they had purchased.

Kaiser, who was silently listening to him, made a proposal.

“Give me something to prove their deeds. My lord should be able to make use of it.”

It wasn’t like Shesam wasn’t anxious.

If he were to hand over evidence, he’d be considered guilty.

Regardless of what the count and his wife did, a servant shouldn’t be selling out his lord.

Still, Shesam accepted Kaiser’s proposal.

“Alright. All the documents pertaining their transactions are in the mansion. Let’s return and collect them all.”

“…Are you truly alright with this? After all, I only just now approached you with this story.”

Kaiser was surprised at how quick Shesam agreed.

Shesam loosely shook his head, laughing powerlessly at the shocked Kaiser.

“It’s alright. I’ve ben dismissed, anyway. I feel like this way, I’d be able to grant Lady Lorona’s wishes.”

It was almost an intuitive decision.

Kaiser’s expression hardly changed. However, he noticed the slight shift within Shesam’s eyes as he mentioned Lorona’s name. As Shesam mourned for Lorona’s death, he appeared to be angry for some reason.

The lord Kaiser was serving also believed that he’d be fulfilling the same purpose.

Immediately after that, Sesham returned to the count’s family. While organizing the letters for the servants, he gathered the evidence.

The enormous amount hadn’t only amazed him, but also made him laugh along the way.

He wondered how they could have splurged that much.

Considering the amount of money Lorona and Shesam had gathered through their efforts for the sake of maintaining the count’s family, the spending of the count and his wife was just ludicrous.

At the same time, his hesitation to betray his own lord dissipated. He even felt frustrated for not taking action earlier.

After cleaning up as much as possible, Shesam visited the mansion Kaiser had informed of him last night.

There, he was introduced to a young man who referred to himself as Astel.

At first, Shesam was confused by his golden hair and his mask. But upon revealing his real face, Shesam was surprised to the point of crumbling down.

Black hair and red eyes…! He’s of the royal family of the Stella Empire…!

Shesam had never actually seen it, but he was aware that it was proof to the imperial family’s bloodline.

His well-organized face and dignified face proved as much.

“You’ve come.”

As the man extended his hand, Shesam squeezed it powerfully.

Shesam was so relieved, he wanted to cry. The figure was so dependable, he felt that it was alright to leave everything to him.

“I know how much you’ve helped Lorona so far. I’m grateful for that.”

“That, are you and Lady Lorona—…”

“…That’s right. Once, I was saved by her.”

Astel, who smiled bitterly, was also grieving for Lorona.

There were many things he wanted to ask, but knowing that alone would suffice for Shesam.

Since Lorona was the fiancée of the crown prince, it wouldn’t have been strange for her to interact with members of an imperial family.

Rather, Shesam was proud of his lady, for being trusted by such a figure.

“Lady Lorona always said that her only wish was to protect the lives of her servants and also her territory.”

Once, Shesam had asked Lorona how it was she could do so much for them.

At that time, she only, wordlessly, smiled.

Looking at her dignified determination, beauty, and nobility, Shesam decided to follow her for the rest of his life.

But Lorona was no longer there.

“But the count family trampled on the heart of that young lady. Both the count and his wife drown themselves in their own desires. Lady Lumina also approached Lady Lorona’s fiancé and committed such a heinous act…”

Clogged with words, Shesam tearfully bit his lips.

How regrettable!

She had been rigorously educated as a crown princess and had been supporting the count’s family by doing businesses with commoners.

In return, what did her family do to her?

“You were truly loyal to Lorona.”

“Had the lady not reach out to me, I’d have already broken down.”

While he was desperately scrambling for pennies, how much had Lorona’s apology saved him?

To manage the dwindling fortune of the count family together, how much help had she offered?

“…Please, please relieve the lady of her regrets.”

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