The Third Prince is Too Dazzling! I Can’t Look at Him Directly! Translation

26. The Third Prince is Too Dazzling! I Can’t Look at Him Directly!

Chapter Twenty-Six: The Prince is Cranky

I part ways with Jerik and pass by the hedge of roses. Suddenly my arm is grabbed. When I reflexively try to turn around to see my assailant, my shoulder is grabbed as well, and I stop.

“It’s me.”

Oh. Pardon my misunderstanding. Thank you for your concern for my poor eyes.

“Lord Gilbert, why are you here…?”

Ah, as usual, he doesn’t soften his grip when handling me. I’m hurting a lot. I’m gonna be real mad real soon, you know?

“Keep your eyes down.”

Having said that, he proceeds just to drag me by my hand while walking with big loud steps. He is making me very uncomfortable. Anyway, I guess we’re going to his room? I just wanna get there and get it over with already.

I bet Glenn is going to be there. He always spouts all manner of unpleasant things, so I’m not particularly looking forward to having him around. Then again, I guess it beats being left alone with angry-mode Gilbert.

Coming out of the garden, we walked down a corridor and kept moving without uttering a word. You don’t have to squeeze my hand so tightly. I’m going to come with you, all the same, you know. But no way I could say that to Gilbert in the bad mood he seems to be in. I can’t say it, but then again, this silence is starting to bother me big time. I want to get it over with already.

By the time we come into a familiar hallway, I notice my hands are sweaty out of nervousness, making me feel very self-conscious. When is Gilbert gonna let me go? I can’t calm down. When he finally lets go of my hand, I realize that we aren’t in front of his room but mine.

“Disguise yourself as Sarita. I’ll be waiting for you in my room.”


“And come as soon as you’re done changing, all right?”


I respond politely because, after all, a child who can’t keep simple promises like “Wait for me without falling asleep” is in no position to talk back.

Once Gilbert’s annoyed footsteps are distant enough, I raise my head and face the door to my room. If Mr. Cranky “Me-me-me” Prince gets any crankier, it’s gonna get on my nerves. So, for my blood pressure’s sake, I resolve to hurry.

And then, with perfect timing…

“Lady of House Randall! Lady Merlia requests the grace of your presence. Would you please come with me to her room immediately?”

So says one of Merlia’s maids as she charges at me with a terrible paleness in her face. Looks like some serious trouble is coming down, but I’m also in the middle of something.

“I would be delighted to, but right now, I am in a hurry. I’ll visit Lady Merlia later and…”

“Lady Merlia said to come right away!”

I had a feeling she wouldn’t take no for an answer, but does she have to be so dire? I guess there is no choice but to head over there, ask what the big deal is, and return quickly.

The maid is taken aback at my sudden one-eighty because I start half-running towards Merlia’s quarters without notice. Still, she catches up to me without delay and escorts me diligently. I’ve been to Merlia’s before, so I don’t need any escorting, though.

When we arrive, the maid gets in front of the door and does her best to rearrange her hair and dress and make herself presentable. Maids around here get scolded for the slightest errors.

“Lady Merlia, I have brought the daughter of House Randall with me.”

“Come in.”

The maid opens the door for me. I step into the room and properly greet the group.

Princess candidates assemble! By the way, why is everyone in Merlia’s room? I wonder if they don’t feel complete without my cushioning presence…

The moment everyone recognizes me, they stand up in unison. W-what is with this vigorous reception…?

“Lady Lina, you’re safe! Well, tell us already, what happened? As your friends, I do believe we have a right to know.”

“W-what is it you are asking about?”

Did I just step into an interrogation?

“Weren’t you summoned by the Queen to her private quarters this very morning, Lady Lina? What did you talk with her about?”

Oh, that! Rumors spread fast around here. She said “this morning,” but that happened just now! Anyway, I’d rather not disclose that meeting’s contents. I should just keep quiet and…

“Lady Lina!”

I’m not someone who can’t keep a secret or two! But, if someone could keep her mouth shut under this peer pressure, that person would need to have been born without a mouth.

“I-I was told to become the Crown Prince’s consort princess…”


No, no, wait till I’m finished talking!

“Calm down, please! I-I formally refused! It’s not a thing anymore!”

I raise my voice as much as I can, trying not to be drowned down by the ladies’ raging collective protest. Their auras, though! They’re blazing! 

“That’s a matter, of course!”

“Lady Lina already has a sweetheart!”

“You made sure to turn down the offer decisively, right?”

“I’m rooting for you, Lady Lina, so don’t let them make you do anything you don’t want!”

Under the immense peer pressure, I can only nod and nod as fast as possible.

“And then, have you had a chance to confer with Lord Gilbert today?”

“No, actually, I was summoned there just before coming here, so…”

“Why didn’t you say that in the first place!?”

No, no, you didn’t give me any chance to say it!

Before I can finish that thought, I am being pushed out of the room at full speed.

“Don’t dawdle! Make haste!”

“Lady Lina, don’t keep His Highness waiting!”

“Even small misunderstandings can become the root of heartbreaks!”

“Lady Lina, do your best!”

The room’s angry mode has turned one-eighty, and now everyone is cheering on me with loud, excited voices while hurrying me to my room. I wonder what’s got them so fired up.

“You are simply unbelievable. Where were you loafing around while His Highness was waiting for you? He must already be in the worst mood possible.”

“Um, well, I was here in Lady Merlia’s…”

“Enough impertinent talk from you. His Highness is probably in the garden where we usually meet, so please depart immediately. No need to change your attire. Just go get him on the double.”

Does she want to get me killed or something? She’s sending me to face Gilbert in his worst mood! That can’t be good for my well-being.

“I-I’d like not to go alone…”

“What nonsense is this… who else needs to go but you? Now, cease this grumbling and be on your way.”

Why do these things only happen to me…? With my shoulders slumped, I turn my back and start walking like a prisoner on death row. Just then, Glenn chips in with additional instructions.

“Wait. Put on your glasses. It will be better if you can address His Highness face to face.”

And with that, my last line of defense against Gilbert’s terrible mood is removed. Without the excuse of having forgotten my glasses, what am I gonna do? Oh well, y’all will be happy if I just go, right? I’m going then! Happy!?