The Disappointing Lady’s Daily Life Translation

36. She Who Wants To Curse And He Who Is Dull

It seemed like a lie. The news said that the temperature rose above thirty degrees Celsius. The school is cool thanks to the air-conditioning, making it comfortable even in summer.

The classroom was buzzing with conversations about how to spend the summer vacation starting tomorrow. Every time I was asked the subject, I smiled vaguely and avoided the topic.

…Does everyone not have make-up classes? No, surely there are at least a few people. To tell you the truth, I was a little bad at English and had to take make-up classes over the summer break. Well, I guess I have to go for a few days.

Asami, who was reading a book by herself without joining the conversation, and Tengenji, who was surrounded by girls, are probably smart enough that they wouldn’t have to take make-up classes. But, I was just a little out of focus that year…umm, yes.

“I wonder how to get volume eleven?”
“I tried asking the literature club, but they said they hadn’t decided on the reprints yet.”

I heard the words volume eleven coming from the girls nearby, and I turned my gaze at the bag hanging next to my desk.
That reminded me, I still had the book that Sumire recommended the day before after school in my bag.

The literature club publishes a book called “First Love Conception” every two months. When Sumire read volume eleven of the book, she really liked it and became a fan. The word got out, and only volume eleven sold out, it seems the literature department was flooded with inquiries. Most of the inquiries are probably from Sumire’s fans, but if it’s that popular then there are others who want to read it! It looks like there are people who are not Sumire fans that want it too.

Sumire had gotten two copies of volume eleven to recommend to others, and she lent them to Asami and me. Asami seems to like books, but I don’t. I was just curious about something and wanted to read it.

As if to break up the bustling room, an announcement was made and my classmates were leaving the classroom one after another. It seemed that the end-of-term ceremony was about to begin.

As I stood up, I felt hungry then put my hand on my abdomen and let out a small sigh. The teacher’s stories were always so long, weren’t they? I hope my stomach doesn’t growl during the end-of-term ceremony. I knew I should have had rice for breakfast instead of bread to keep my stomach going.

I staggered out into the hallway with the flow of students, while holding back my hunger. Then I bumped into someone.

As I hurriedly apologized, the pair of large eyes I saw as I peeked through the gap between my long bangs caught my attention. Her lustrous black hair was cut to just below her shoulders, and if she were wearing a kimono, she would look like a real Japanese doll.

She put up a rabbit puppet in front of me and said, “I’m sorry too.”


I’m in the same class as Ryune the Little Puppet, but she’s always alone, holding a rabbit puppet in her right hand, and reading a thick, suspicious book, so we rarely have a chance to talk.

“Red Rose, do you finally need my curse?”

She is carrying a rabbit puppet as usual, her short stature and baby face make her look like a young child.

She’s a bit eccentric, but she’s a respectable girl. She’s very talented at various lessons, including Japanese traditional dance, Japanese zither, calligraphy and other things. She is respected by other girls. This is probably the reason why she was scouted by the Flower Princesses.

“That’s too bad. If you want me to read your fortune with tarot cards, you can always tell me. Hahaha.”

Tarot cards, huh? I might be interested in that.
I don’t believe in horoscopes or blood type fortune telling, but I’m a little interested in tarot cards and palm reading. Perhaps I should give it a try next time.

The Little Puppet, who was smiling and raising the corner of one side of her mouth, looked behind me, and for some reason her expression became tense.

“It’s been a while, Mr. Shinonome.”

When I turned around, I saw Tengenji with a carefree smile and talking to Little Puppet in a friendly manner. Little Puppet, on the other hand, wrinkled her nose with her mouth half-opened.

“Come to think of it, I’ve never talked to you before, even though we’re in the same class.”
“You…! Don’t talk to me! I will curse you!”

It seemed that they were not on good terms, but Tengenji’s one-sided friendliness. Little Puppet frowned and sprinted away as if she was escaping.

Her expression looked very unpleasant, but I’ve never seen Little Puppet like that before. Usually, she’d laugh mysteriously. She didn’t seem to be interested in the drama spread between the Flower Princesses, and she never showed any emotion.

“Ah…she ran away again.”
“Again you said? Does this happen a lot?”
“Yeah, she’s like that every time I try to talk to her.”

…Tengenji, what did you do to make her hate you? In the original work, Little Puppet was not mentioned much, so I don’t know what happened between them.

“Despite that, Yuu never learned and still talked to her endlessly?”

My heart jumped when I heard a voice coming from behind me. It’s really bad for my heart when he appears so suddenly at unexpected moments.


It seemed that he was passing by and saw me talking with Little Puppet. He chuckled in amazement as he looked in the direction she had gone.

“Well, I guess she doesn’t want to get taken.”
“Huh? taken what?”
“You’re so dull, Yuu.”

Like the puzzled Tengenji, I didn’t understand what he meant at all either. Amamiya somehow knows the reason why Little Puppet hates Tengenji.

“I wonder if it’s cute possessiveness.”
“I don’t understand.”
“Yuu, you’re fine the way you are. Because you didn’t do anything wrong.”

Amamiya never gave a clear answer, which was annoying. But, I don’t think Little Puppet’s matter has anything to do with my affair. If it did, I would force Amamiya to tell me.

I’m not afraid of Amamiya anymore. I’m not afraid of him, but please don’t let him look at me with a sly smile!


In the tension-free atmosphere before the summer vacation, a disorganized voice echoed through the corridor, as if we were outside.

They were in the opposite direction from the crowd, coming closer while weaving through the gaps between the groups of students. It was a person who normally wouldn’t be there.