The Heinous Mysterious Death Green Translation

29: Samejima Saya

Rintaro and the others were facing a large map projected on a monitor. There were several red dots being shown on the map.

「Currently, all the branches and offices are trying to track her, but,  ui …」

「……So there were no lead.」

Rintaro bit his nails, not even trying to hide his frustration. Several hours had already passed since the end of the battle with Red.

However, no new information about the kidnapped Samecchi has been obtained yet. Sword Minas with her eyebrows furrowed into a ハ shape, spoke to the fearful Rintaro.

「Could it be that she is not actually kidnapped, but just got little lost……?」

「No, that’s not it. This is a premeditated kidnapping. I didn’t think that Hero Headquarters would throw away their tiger cub[1], Victor Red, as a diversion. What should I do? Think, think, think. ……」

Rintaro’s wicked mind pondered how he himself would take advantage of this situation if he were them. For example, he could use Samecchi as a hostage to wipe out the Ark Dominion mysterious beings, such as Death Green, one after another.

In any case, the heinous mysterious Death Green and the fanged shark mysterious being Samegaro, also known as Samecchi, had appeared together in front of the heroes on numerous occasions. So it was logical to assume that Samecchi’s life would at least serve as enough bait to lure the heinous mysterious Death Green.

But as of now, there had been no contact from Hero Headquarters to Rintaro.

In other words, it is likely that for some reason the aim had changed to the capture of Samectchi herself, rather than a deal using Samectchi.

「A facility that uses the mysterious beings themselves, not as trading chips……. Could it be.」

In front of Rintaro’s line of sight was the profile of Sword Minas, who was staring at the monitor anxiously.

「So it’s that place…. Damn it, I don’t want to go there…」

As if to confirm this conclusion, the red dot indicating Jimbocho flickered.




A man was walking fast down a robotic corridor. He seemed to be quite irritated and occasionally yelled at his communication terminal.

「Hey hey, it was different from what you said! Do you have any idea how hard it was to catch that one little mysterious being? Even Red had to be sent to the hospital!」

His name is Onuki Seido, and he is the commander of the Victory Sentai Victor Rangers. The Victor Rangers under Onuki’s control have been decimated by the appearance of the heinous mysterious Death Green.

「You were planning to lure Death Green out with that lousy girl, weren’t you? This makes the whole plan useless! What were you thinking?」

Tracing the process leading up to the annihilation of the Victor Rangers, it all started with the demotion of Kuriyama Rintaro, aka Victor Green. Although this was the result of a number of political factors, Onuki was the one who made the final decision on the appointment.

Commander Onuki was now being pushed to the point where he could not escape responsibility.

Therefore, he and the Strategic Planning Office came up with a plan to carry out a bold kidnapping operation in which Onuki himself used Red as a pawn. All this was done to defeat the hated Death Green and protect his own position. However, all this was about to come to nothing.

「You, don’t be stupid. My life and my family’s life depends on it. I beg you, please reconsider.」

Onuki boarded the elevator to the basement while the staff members he was passing winced at his outburst.




It was a dimly lit room. There were no windows, so it was hard to tell if it was day or night.

The girl looked through one of the papers stacked in a messy pile. Her head immediately started to hurt from all the words she couldn’t understand.

「Muu? About the bio… genome… ssu?」

「It is fine to be curious. But it may be a bit too early for you.」

In addition to the girl, there was another woman in the room. The woman, who looked like a career woman wearing a stiff suit and glasses, offered the girl with fangs a cup of coffee.

「It was 10 sugars, right.」

「I’m a grown woman now, I don’t need sugar! Abaah, it’s bitter!」

「You really haven’t changed, have you? I didn’t think it was possible when I saw the pictures in the report, but the incident in Ueno Park has convinced me!」

「That’s too roundabout, ssu. Why didn’t you come see me in person?」

「There’s no way I can go. You’re a mysterious being and Onee-chan is an employee of the Hero Headquarters.」

At that moment, the communication terminal in the room lit up with red light. As the woman operated the terminal, she immediately heard the voice of a calm old man.

『Hey Asaka. Onuki was ranting about something. Isn’t it important?』

「Yes, Director Morikuni. There were no problem. I will continue to monitor the detained mysterious being.」

Her name is Samejima Asaka. She works as an aide to Hero Headquarters Director Morikuni. And she’s the woman who was Samejima Saya, or Samecchi’s sister, until a few years ago.

「I’ve really missed you, Saya.」

Three years ago, Asaka was no longer Saya’s sister.

The awakening of a mysterious being can happen to anyone, it is like a car accident. Some people are born mysterious beings or become mysterious beings by choice, but it is said that most mysterious beings are born from an acquired awakening.

As soon as they are awakened, they are defined as a local human disaster and become an extermination target that threatens human society. The decision was made as a way of dealing with human rights groups to avoid hindering the activities of the heroes.

Their lives, as well as the lives of those around them, are changed forever, and they are forbidden to have any contact with each other, even if they are family. There are no exceptions, no matter how tightly bonded the sisters are.

「It feels weird when people call me Saya, ssu. In Arc Dominion, everyone calls me Samechi, ssukara.」

「Yes, it sounds like you’ve had a rough time. Don’t worry. From now on, you can live with me again. This is a facility for mysterious beings, but I’ve given strict orders to the staff not to harm you in any way.」

「The people of Arc Dominion are good people, ssu yo!」

「They are not people. They are mysterious beings.」

Asaka then gently patted Saya’s head. Saya stared anxiously back into her sister’s eyes.

「Samechi is also a mysterious being, ssu.

「Yes, but you are my sister. Onee-chan will do anything for you. I will even let the other mysterious beings go. I don’t care how many of the pawns (heroes) lose their lives.」


「You can never be happy with the mysterious beings. Only one person in the world can protect Saya and make her happy. Only Onee-chan.」


Meanwhile, on the ground, a man was looking up at the Hero Headquarters building, officially known as “The National Public Safety Commissions Committee, Local Human Disasters, Special Cases, Special Measures Office”

「Now then, I wonder how I should attack. This is a painstaking job.」

His name is Kuriyama Rintaro. He was the man who had been kicked out of this place a few days ago.

[1] One’s treasure; precious savings (Idiomatic expression)

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