Everything you Acquire in the Future Shall be Thrown Away by Me Translation

26. A Life Overlooked

Side: Gilmer

Lady Sofia had changed.

She was the duke family’s sole direct successor.

Previously, she was unwilling to do anything about herself. Neither was she willing to do anything to those who had mistreated her. Her resignation made me think that the duke family would continue along to its end.

But one day, Lady Sofia changed. It was as if she had become an entirely different person.

I wondered what had happened.

I opted to observe her from the side, in case she reverted to her usual self. However, she shed light to Adley’s crimes and regained her title as the duchess.

Thus, I became convinced—

She truly has changed.

The way her engagement with His Highness Wagner had concluded might had served as a medicine.

However, I still had some concerns. One such concern was also the most troublesome issue.

Namely, the second prince, His Highness Weiss Wischner. He was a serpent beastman. Despite being the child of a concubine, he was an excellent man. As a result, his approval rating was high. He was a mysterious prince, one who roamed around foreign countries. Although for some reason, he suddenly returned and began to accompany Lady Sofia.

What was more, one or two shadows were always attached to Lady Sofia. She was likely unaware of them. They were probably His Highness Weiss’ shadows.

Why is he so obsessed with Lady Sofia? What is he going to do to her?

I, a mere aide, couldn’t possibly ask such an uncouth question of His Highness. As a result, I could only watch Lady Sofia from the side.

One day, His Highness Weiss made his move. Not for the young lady, but for me.

“Gilmer Redfort—aide to the Duke of Lark.”

As I was working in my room at night, His Highness Weiss appeared behind me. How did he manage to sneak in? Regardless, I couldn’t turn around. The reason was because a venomous snake had coiled around my neck.

As it stared at me, the snake flicked its tongue. If I were to attempt anything, its poisonous fangs would most likely dig into me.

One of His Highness Weiss’ special abilities as a serpent beastman was to control snakes. The snake around my neck was acting in accordance to His Highness Weiss’ orders. My life was now in his hands.

Gulping, I spun my words carefully.

“Your Highness Weiss, I think it’s already too late for arranging a visit.”

“I want to talk to you. After all, you seem to have spent quite a lot of time with my Sofia.”

His Highness Weiss proceeded to tell me to sit on the sofa. I wanted to complain about how uncouth he was behaving, but the snake around my neck wouldn’t allow it.

The snake licked my cheek, as if tasting me. My life was at a stake.

“Cute, isn’t he? He’ll listen to any command I give.”

By that, is he threatening me?

His Highness Weiss was implying that he could easily take care of me.

I was being looked down upon. Did he think that I’d sell the Lark family to save my own skin?

“What business do you have? I’m sure that Your Highness is busy. As such, I don’t want to waste your time. As you can see, I have some unfinished work to do. Let’s not prolong this.”

I might die today.

“I’m an aide to the family of the Duke of Lark. If His Highness’ request is determined to be harmful to the Lark family, I won’t comply, even if it means losing my life. Your Highness, your threat doesn’t work against me.”

The snake, which clung around my neck, bared its fangs. However, it decided to not kill me with them. Instead, it had changed its method.

Round and round, the snake gradually twisted itself around my neck. It was strangling me. It became difficult to breathe. Still, the snake didn’t loosen itself.

His Highness Weiss only watched as I suffered.

“I admire your bravery. You’re willing to risk your life, you said. But aren’t those words directed to your beloved predecessor to the Duke of Lark?”

Hatred could be seen in his eyes behind his faint laugh.

Despite that being our first meeting, why did he resent me so?

Hatred and disgust. While they were certainly aimed at me, I felt like they were also directed towards himself.

I didn’t know if he truly didn’t intend to kill me, or if he had changed his mind at the last minute but the snake suddenly relaxed its hold around my neck and returned to him.

Suddenly, I could breathe again. As a result, I coughed. The entire time, His Highness stared at me.

“For the sake of your beloved lord, you discard the lives of others as if they are trash. I’m sure you deemed the former Sofia trash, as well.”

But, previously, didn’t Lady Sofia blindly follow the words of Lord Adley and Lady Aries? Didn’t she refuse to do anything about herself?

“No matter who they are, if they break, you’d consider them as trash. Trash deserves to be put in the trash can. For you, killing Sofia is the same.”

…’Killing Sofia’?

I didn’t understand.

“The sin of discarding my beloved into the trash is heavy. But at that time, I was the same. I lied to my heart and turned away from reality. As a result, I lost her. It was a tragedy. Because I’m guilty of the same thing, I won’t say anything anymore. I’m unqualified for that. However, there won’t be next time. If the same thing were to happen again, I won’t forgive you.”


It was difficult for me to comprehend what His Highness Weiss was saying.

After he left, I decided to resume my work on the following day. Thus, I retired early.

Worried about his words, I didn’t think I’d be able to fall asleep. Yet before I knew it, I had fallen asleep, probably because of the tiredness.

Then, I had a dream.

In that dream, Lady Sofia had remained her passive self and signed Lady Aries’ adoption papers.

Thus, Lady Aries, Lord Adley, and His Highness Wagner were free to do whatever they wanted. No matter what they said or did, Lady Sofia silently endured everything.

In that dream, just like in reality, His Highness Wagner abandoned Lady Sofia. The only difference was that His Highness Weiss wasn’t in the picture and that Lady Sofia was married into another family.

After Lady Sofia’s marriage, I never saw her again. The next time I met her was during her funeral. Her body, which laid in the casket, had numerous bruises. She had truly been emaciated.

Even in death, there was a look of despair on her face.

It was as if she was blaming me.

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