The Heinous Mysterious Death Green Translation

30: Hero Headquarters Infiltration Operation

In the basement of Hero Headquarters, there is a top-secret mysterious being detention facility that only a few people know about. Very few people have access to it.

No one in Ark Dominion, including Rintaro, know the entrance to the detention facility. However, there are those who have come out of it.

「Hiyaaaaaa! I am fallinggg!!!」

『Rintaro, can you hear me? When you get down there, turn left.』

「Nononono, I’ll die die die die die!!」

Rintaro was rolling down a dark and winding exhaust pipe, relying on Swordminas’ navigation.

A few days ago, Sword Minus had attempted to escape from this facility and had taken refuge in the Arc Dominion. Her presence was the key to invading the Hero Headquarters.

And now, Rintaro is retracing the route she used to escape.

『Ah, wrong. It was two intersections ahead on the right. Sorry, Rintaro, please go back.』

「No, I don’t think I’ll be able to go back. I just slid down about 20 meters.」


Using the memory-reliant airheaded navigator, the only thing that’s clear was only the ‘entrance’.

「I am sick of getting lost in this cold tube. …… You better remember this when I get back…….!」

『Ha?! C- C- Could it be, Are you going to use my body as a toy?! I know, you’re planning to use my weaknesses like that to torture me, aren’t you?! Like- likelike- like a beast!!!』

「Just forget about that right now. Just tell me which way to go.」

『Um… To the left of where you were before.』

「You should not sit on the passenger seat for the rest of your life.」


While Rintaro was steadily going missing, Commander Onuki was arguing with Samejima Asaka, the assistant to the director, in the hallway of the underground detention facility.

「According to the proceedings, the treatment of Local Human Disaster No. 203 is left to me. Her utility will be reviewed by the Strategic Planning Office.」

「Reviewing at this stage, What are you saying, Asaka-san? You were the one who gave ordered to kidnap Samegaro to finish off Death Green, right?  I even went out in the field for the first time in a long time to worked hard, you know!」

Commander Onuki was desperate to protect his position. In Onuki’s opinion, that girl was the Achilles’ heel of the heinous mysterious Death Green.

That’s why he must use Samecchi as his pawn at all cost and take credit for his work.

「She’s the key to our plan to lure Death Green out of hiding!」

「According to the record, I said that I was “anticipating” such an operation. A command will be issued from the Strategic Planning Office later, so I think it would be best if you stand down for now.」

Even though the family register had expired, Asaka is Samecchi’s biological sister. She had crossed a dangerous bridge to get her sister, but she had no intention of giving in.

「There’s no way I can accept that! Where is that little girl?!」

「According to the rules, I am not obligated to answer.」

「Kii! Forget it, I’ll find her myself!」

Onuki left in a fit of rage. His destination was the prison cell.

Captured mysterious beings are required to be placed in cells called ‘cage’. It is a special cell surrounded by tempered glass and a 24 hours surveillance system.

However, Samecchi was currently under house arrest in Asaka’s private room, which was separated from this corridor by a wall.

For the sake of convenience, it is assumed that they were not hostile and were in the process of discussing for a transaction. As a result, Samecchi could hear Onuki and Asaka arguing with each other.

「It’s noisy isn’t it? The walls of the Hero Headquarters are famous for being thin.」

「……Onee-chan, is it okay for Samecchi to stay here, ssuka?」

「Of course, there is nothing wrong according to the rules. What’s more, Saya, you are neither Samecchi nor the fanged shark mysterious being Samegaro. You are Samejima Saya, my sister.」

「Samechi is Ark Dominion’s mysterious being, ssu! Aniki’s number one sister, Samecchi, ssu!」

Samecchi put her hand on her chest and appealed. Asaka, however, dismissed her sister’s words.

「Whoever you are, I won’t let you be treated like a mysterious being. You know, right. You know how the mysterious beings are treated here.」

「Does Onee-chan do terrible things to all the mysterious beings, ssuka…?」

Asaka turned her icy eyes towards Samecchi for a moment. However, she immediately smiled thinly and gently patted Samecchi’s head as if to deceive her.

「……By the way, I’ve bought the ingredients for pancakes. Onee-chan will bake them for you. Saya loved pancakes, didn’t she?」

She did not answer her sister’s question. She did not answer, but it was an affirmation.

Just as Asaka opened the sticker-covered refrigerator, an alarm went off in the facility.

『Intruder in B2, all units respond immediately……. I repeat, intruder in B2…….』

「It’s much faster than I expected. The Ark Dominion’s execution unit is excellent. However, the fact that they are rushing in without thinking, I guess they are just mysterious beings.」

When Asaka turned on the monitor, she saw Rintaro being chased by many guards.

「Aniki! Aniki, ssu! As expected, he’d come, ssune!」

「……Aniki?  I don’t remember having any brothers or sisters other than Saya, though.」


A ringing alarm. Rintaro was running down a long corridor that was illuminated in red.

「I thought you said this route was safe! the alarm is going off, though?!」

『That’s weird…… When I came out, it didn’t make a sound when I touched it.……』

「You knew there was an alarm system, didn’t you? It’s a lot more important than you think, okay?」

In this situation, the navigator was no longer useful. No, it hadn’t been very useful from the beginning.

Rintaro fled in all directions through the corridors stretched out like a spider’s web. As Rintaro quickly slipped to the side, a laser beam flashed behind him.

「I thought I was gonna die, I thought I was gonna die……」

『Rintaro, get down!』

「It was too late. What? Are you communicating from Brazil?」

Immediately afterwards, sparks flew above Rintaro’s head. A chainsaw blade pierced through the thin wall. He dodged it just in time, but if he had reacted even a moment too late, Rintaro’s head would have gone flying.

「Uwaaaaaa! That was close!!!」

『That’s why I told you to get down!』

「Thank you! I’m so happy I’m gonna wet my pants.」

『General Tagaraak has successfully hacked into the system. I’ll be watching the security footage and giving you instructions, so don’t worry!』

「That’s great. So where do we go from here?」

While catching a flying shuriken between his fingers, Rintaro asked Swordminas for instructions.

『Aah…… Umm, Rintaro, it’s a bit hard to say but..』

「Don’t dawdle, my life is on the line here.」

『You’ve been completely surrounded.』

A laser beam grazed Rintaro’s cheek. Chain saws smashed through walls and shuriken flew like Setsubun beans.

「Particle Sentai Laser Five! Let’s get this over with!」

「Forestry Sentai Kikorunger! Evil big trees will be cut down!」

「Fuuma[1] Sentai Ninjajan! Have a taste of the super ninja arts, de gozaru!」

Allow me to explain! All hero headquarters staffs are heroes!

『Well, umm…… Good luck!』

「You should be replaced from being a navigator!!!」

[1] Reference to Fuuma no Kojiro. A manga series by Japanese author Masami Kurumada, later adapted to anime. It tells the story of sword legends and rivalry between ninja clans.

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