The Heinous Mysterious Death Green Translation

31: The Most Evil Hero

The underground mysterious being detention facility at the Hero Headquarters is on high alert. A total of 30 hero staff members were surrounding Rintaro, the intruder.

『Hurry up and transform into your mysterious being form, Rintaro!!』

「If I could do it I would have done it already.」

As a human, Rintaro naturally does not have the ability to transform into a mysterious being. He is only able to transform into a mysterious being using the Victory Transformation Gear……, also known as the “Death Green Transformation Gear”.

However, it is a double-edged sword that puts an excessive burden on the whole body. A maximum of ten minutes per day was the condition for turning into Death Green, as given by Tagaraak.

Of all things, Rintaro had consumed most of the time limit in his fight against Red. Even after a short break, a dull pain can still felt throughout his entire body.

If he were to transform carelessly and ‘run out of battery’ right here, it would be the end of the story.

In other words, Rintaro had no choice but to survive this predicament while preserving his transformation as much as possible. At first glance, it seemed to be a reckless challenge.

That is if he wasn’t Kuriyama Rintaro, the 49th top graduate of the Hero School. If he wasn’t the “elite” of Tokyo Headquarters.

Rintaro was a hero who was willing to use cowardly means and had negative karma value. However, his illustrious career has not been achieved through cowardly means alone.

「Then let me show you, noob heroes, the strength of the fighting Aniki.」

Behind the gleaming glasses, dark eyes without light looked at the messengers of justice.

「Particle laser, ready! Fire! 」

A five-colored rays of light shot at Rintaro. As he dodged it, the ray of light missed and set off violent sparks at the end of the corridor.

「Got you! Take my “Sugi[1] Green Chainsaw”!!!」

A power tool for logging that can no longer be called a hero’s weapon, swung down from above Rintaro who had lost balance. Rintaro jumped up from his fallen position, using his arms as a spring, and kicked his legs as hard as he could with the momentum.


「Ha- Hauuuuuu!!」

His heel shot out like a rocket crawling on the ground and pierced the forestry warrior Sugi Green’s “vital point” without any mercy. Rintaro further spun with the strength of his arms and turned his body to twist the sole of his boot.


「Go back to…… Home Centre!!」


If Sugi Green’s weapon was a logging power tool, Rintaro’s kick was a drilling power tool. At the very least, it was not an attack that a hero could unleash on another’s groin without mercy.

「Haguu…… Haguuuuuuu……」

「Damn it, the cedar green is down! Since it’s come to this, we’re going to have to do this the hard way. Everybody get in formation!」

At the leader’s words, the forestry warriors got into a close formation.

「Akamatsu[2] Red!」

「Aodamo[3] Blue!」

「Yellow Poplar!」

「White Pine!」


「「「「All five of us together, Forestry Sentai Kikorunga!」」」」


Warriors who love trees more than anyone else, know the mountains better than anyone else. That is the Forestry Sentai Kikorunga! They rushed towards Rintaro as one!

「Great Logging Attack!」


Akamatsu Red, who was in the lead with his axe at the ready, took a huge tumble. Following Akamatsu Red, the Kikorungas slipped and fell one after another. Before they knew it, glittering liquid was sprinkled around their feet.

「Ku, What……? Water…… No, That’s not it, This is……」

「You guys likely are gonna burn well. By the way, I heard that bonfires have a healing effect.」

Looking down at the Kikorungas, the man gave a twisted grin. There was already a lit lighter held in his hand.

「P- Please wait, We can talk about this……!」

「I’m sure there will be a lot to talk about while surrounding the campfire.」

Rintaro then set fire to the oil-soaked hallway without hesitation. The Kikorungas, who had fallen down and had oil all over their bodies, were instantly engulfed in red flames.

「You should put a “no fire” sign on your head from now on.」


「Hot hot hot hot hot!! Hogyaaaa!!!」

The Kicorungas turned into ball of flames and rolled around. If they hadn’t been wearing their hero suits, they would surely have died. The wide corridors of the underground detention facility quickly became a sea of fire, and the sprinklers were activated.

「Impossible…… Kikorunga were turned into that so easily!」

「Don’t be scared! There’s only one opponent. Attack all at once!」


Dashing about with kunai in hand are the modern-day shinobis, the Fuuma Sentai Ninjajan. They are a close group of five who enjoy visiting castle ruins, and just last week they visited the Sengoku Era Village together.

「Got you! Take this, Ninja Steel Wind Strike!!」

Rintaro is attacked by a sharp blade full of the romance of the Sengoku period.

「It’s not good for ninjas to rush into their opponents head-on.」

Rintaro dragged a high-voltage wire from the switchboard and threw it toward the hallway, which was now flooded with sprinklers.


The Ninjajans’ body jumped up and down like a fresh fish that’s being slaughtered(ikejime[4]). An electric current that would have killed a flesh-and-blood human being instantly pierced the entire body of the Ninjajans, tripping the circuit breakers in the facility.
「Uwaa, it’s pitch black! What is happening?」

「Ca-Ca-Calm down! If you panic, you’re playing right into the enemy’s hands!」

The confused warriors held up their trusty ray guns, but their vision was obscured by darkness, unable to see more than a meter ahead. Suddenly, a low, spine-chilling voice came from within the darkness.

「Particle Sentai Laser Five, right? You guys are relying too much on the strength of your weapons.」

「R-Right there!」

The beam of light emitted by Laser Red created a spark, and the silhouette of the slaughterer appeared for a moment. But he was right in front of Laser Red.

He was grabbed by the head and something long and thin was inserted under the mask. Before he could realize it was a fire extinguisher hose, the inside of Laser Red’s mask was filled with the fire extinguishing agent.


White powdered chemicals spewed out from the gaps in his mask, and Laser Red fell unconscious showing the whites of his eyes.

It was an unbelievable sight, something you wouldn’t see even on a late-night variety show on a local tv station. If you’re not a trained hero, it’s definitely deadly, so neither good or bad children should try to imitate it.

「You’ve good a nice thing, let me borrow it for a bit.」


The comrades of Laser Five heard the groan of their leader as he collapsed in the darkness. Immediately afterwards, a red laser beam shot out from the darkness, precisely hitting the faces of the comrades one after another.

「Laser Red! Ugyaa!」

「Impossible, how could that guy see us in the darkness… Gueh!」

「Yes yes, if you talk, your location is obvious based on yout voice. But still, this is gun is so heavy, it’s not suitable for rapid fire. It’s just a toy for show. Maybe you should ask your father to buy you a new one.」

Despite the overwhelming advantage in numbers, the heroes were being put into unconsciousness one after another. It was like a police force being destroyed in the early stages of a disaster horror movie.

When the power to the facility was restored by the backup power supply, the monitor showed the unsightly figures of the hero staff stacked in a pile of lifeless bodies. With the exception of the lone Genocider, there was no one left moving.

「Swordminas, are there any enemies left?」

『No, The annihilation is also showed on the monitor. That’s amazing, Rintaro, I can’t believe a mysterious being like you was unknown until now. Where the hell did you get your training? 』

「I just limbo danced every night with a bunch of pirates in the Mediterranean.」

Hero Headquarters member Rintaro Kuriyama, aka Victor Green, 26 years old.

Well versed in swordsmanship, bodywork, and marksmanship. Sharp judgment, excellent environmental adaptation strategy.He is also a man with a ruthlessness that many heroes cannot possess.

In his first year working, he was selected as a Victor Ranger, the pinnacle of the 50,000 heroes in over 300 branches nationwide. Regardless of his personality, he is the most “evil” hero who is unparalleled in his achievements.

「We’ve wasted too much time. Which way should we go next?」

『Wait a minute, Rintaro. There’s still some more people heading your way! They’re coming, from the front!』

Almost at the same time as Rintaro braced himself, the person appeared.

「Wow, this is amazing. Did you do this all by yourself?」

A middle-aged man, tall and thin, wearing a suit with suspenders. He has stubble and an aloof look, but his eyes are filled with the same dull justice that Rintaro once had.

「I guess I have to thank the goddess of destiny. Or should I say, you saved me the trouble. I‘ve wanted to meet you, Heinous Mysterious Death Green.」

「I didn’t want to meet you, Commander Onuki.」

Seido Onuki, the commander of the Victory Sentai Victor Rangers, stood in front of Rintaro.

「I’ve never heard of you fighting.」

「Ahaha, There is no way I am going to fight. But I do know how to fight.」

Onuki snapped his fingers and a hero staff member appeared with a girl in tow. She had pale hair peeking out from her hoodie and big eyes that looked like they were about to cry. It was Samecchi, tied up in a rope.

「A- Aniki, Help, ssu…」

「It’s a special rope that can’t be cut. If you try to turn into your mysterious being form, you’d be cut into pieces, so be careful? Ahaha.」

Onuki showed a disgusting smile and pointed an anti-mysterious being gun towards Samecchi’s face.

「Then let’s get you to surrender quietly, shall we, Deathgreen? Could it be, You wouldn’t say that this is cowardly, would you?」

[1] Means Cedar

[2] Means Red Pine

[3] Means Chinese Flowering Ash


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