The Heinous Mysterious Death Green Translation

32: Special Move to Recover From a Hopeless Situation

The underground mysterious being detention facility at Hero Headquarters. In a dimly lit room with no windows, she was imprisoned.

「You guys should release me right now.」

It happened in an instant. As soon as the power to the facility went down, the door to the room seemed to break open and Asaka and her sister were quickly tied up by the men of the hero staff who had stepped in.

Her sister, Saya, was taken away by Onuki. Asaka had her hands and feet tied up, and was being watched by two men. The two men were low-level employees of the underground detention facility, dressed in matching uniforms.

「Do you have any idea what will happen if you do this?」

「That’s our line, isn’t it, Assistant Samejima Asaka-dono? What were you planning to do by sneaking the mysterious being into your private room? Hmm?」

「It’s not something that the people at the bottom need to know. You don’t have to worry about it, it was in compliance with the rule.」

「As always, you are still a woman who doesn’t know what she’s talking about, eh?  You’re all high and mighty, but you don’t seem to know your place, do you?」

The man gave a vulgar smile and looked at Asaka’s limbs as if he was licking them.

「We know that you colluded with the mysterious beings and got Death Green inside.」

「……I don’t know what you are talking about.」

「Playing dumb huh, that isn’t good. Since it has come to this, I’m gonna have to ask your body, huh?」

As he said this, the man grabbed Asaka’s chest and roughly tore off her clothes.

「Listen, We’re on the side of justice, we don’t tolerate evil. The scenario now is that the incident this time is all your doings.」

The eyes of these vulgar men were clouded with the glare of justice. It was as if they were saying, ‘If you stand for justice, you can do anything you want against evil’.

「Kekeke, I’ll say it now. I’ve been aiming at you since you were an active hero.」

「You’re done for anyway, Samejima Asaka. Of course, no one will believe you if you talk about this secret underground detention facility outside. Not even ‘what’s about to happen here’!」

「You lowlives……You’ve set me up(hamemashita)!」

「We are about to have sex(hameru)!」


The door of the room was opened with a loud bang. There, against the backlight, was a man whom Asaka knew well.

The men’s eyes widened for a moment, but as soon as they saw the man, they smiled reassuringly.

「Hihi, What, you came to do her as well? Well, you’ve been jerked around a lot, so you must have a lot of resentment built up, right? Geez, you’re hopeless. As soon as my turn is over, you can also have fun with her.」

「If you want, three at once wouldn’t be a bad idea. I can’t wait to hear what kind of voice Assistant Asaka would use to scream. If you want, I’ll call the others after Death Green is taken care of. Geeheehee!」

Seeing the two staff members laughing vulgarly, and the tied up and torn clothes of Asaka, the man seemed to finally understand the situation.

As soon as the short-sleeved man raised the corner of his mouth, a sweltering heat filled the room.

「Nope, since I don’t seem to be able to read the room! I am going to play with you guys!」

「Huh? What are you saying?」

A red heat haze swayed around the man.

「I’ll tell you! I’m enraged right now!」




In the corridor of the underground facility where the alarm is sounding. Onuki pulled a gun on Samejima Saya – Samecchi, who was tied up in loops.

「This gun is specially made. The only drawback is that it can only fire two shots. The bullets are expensive, too.」

Samecchi stared at Rintaro with a face like she was about to cry. Rintaro did his best to keep his emotions in check.

「Commander Onuki, You misunderstood. Do you think I would fall for such a cheap trick?」

「Is that so. Then, let’s try shooting once for now.」

He tried to talk to buy time until he could come up with a plan, but this Commander Onuki was not someone to be fooled by such tricks. Once he said he was going to shoot, he would do it so quickly that everyone around him would be surprised.

He was the kind of man who would immediately discard people if he thought they were in the way, even if they were useful. Rintaro himself was well aware of Onuki’s character.

「Wa- Wait!」

「Onyaa? What’s wrong? You talked as if this girl had no value as a hostage though?」

「Well, please calm down, Commander Onuki. You’re not a junior high school boy who ran into a gravure idol at a photo shoot after all. I think we should proceed with the negotiations more coolly.」

Don’t let them know he was impatient. The more he thought like that, the more his voice trembled.

「I’m sorry, but there’s no stalling, Death Green. Either this little mysterious being dies, or you get caught. 3……2……1……」

Onuki pointed the gun at Sametchi’s head and put his strength into his finger on the trigger.

「……I understand. But don’t lay your hand on Samechi.」

「Okay okay. Alright you guys, capture him.」

Rintaro, who had been taken hostage and prevented from resisting, was held down by the hero staff. After being tied up with special steel ropes, Rintaro was laid out in the cold corridor.

Tears spilled from Samecchi’s eyes as she was shown the sight of Aniki, who had been captured in a disgraceful manner because of her.

「Aniki……! Sorry, ssu……!」

「Don’t mind it. At times like this, an Aniki should put his body on the line.」

「A- ni- gyiii……!」

Samecchi’s face was now soaked with tears and snot.

It seemed that his promise to Onuki had been fulfilled, however…

「Then, which one of you should die first? Can I decide? Well, I guess I’ll choose the weakling first. He made me suffer so much after all, so I’d like to make Death Green suffer even more.」

Onuki said and pointed the gun in his hand at Samecchi.

「Hey, that’s not what you said! Onuki!!!」

「Ahahaha, a hero wouldn’t make a promise with things like mysterious beings. Mysterious beings these days are really stupid.」

The hard, cold muzzle of the gun was pressed roughly against Samecchi’s forehead. Onuki was not looking at Samecchi.

To call it justice, the murderous intent needs to be lighter and the violence shallower.

「You see, Death Green? Disposing of the mysterious beings is our justice, our social order.」

「Goddamn you! Onuki, you son of a bitch! If you shoot her, I’ll kill you! I swear I’ll kill you!」

「Oo, scary. So scary. I’m scared so I guess I’ll hurry and get rid of her.」


Large tears spilled from Samecchi’s eyes. She knew that she had been used from the beginning just to torment the heinous mysterious Death Green. She wondered why she was so weak.

At Yoyogi Park, she was caught off guard and defeated. She was so excited to see her sister that she didn’t even try to escape. She and her sister were swiftly caught, endangering her beloved aniki.

Ever since that day she awakened as a mysterious being in from of her sister’s eyes. She had remained weak.


If there is a way to get out of this situation that only a weak person like her can do—

「Please wait, ssu! ……Please let me talk to Aniki for the last time, ssu.

If there is a special move to recover from a hopeless situation, then it would be this.

「……Yeah? Let’s listen to her, It’s the last word of your cute subordinate after all. I’d be right behind you, Ahahaha.」


Samecchi turned to Rintaro and began to speak in a whisper.

「It was a short time, ssukedo, but I learned a lot from Aniki, ssu.」


She tried her best to spin words slowly, one by one, with her lacking brain. She wondered why it was so difficult to convey her feelings to the other party.

「Running around together, laughing together, Samecchi has had fun every day since you came.」

「Oi, Samecchi, stop. Aniki will save you, so……」

Samecchi’s body begins to glow dimly. If you’ve been a hero for a long time, you should have seen this light many times. Rintaro was the first to notice it.

「Never getting mad at Samecchi for always dragging you down, and never giving up on Samecchi. You are Samecchi’s Aniki until the end.」

「Samecchi stop! Aniki doesn’t want this!」

Onuki and the hero staffs finally grasped what Sametchi was trying to do, and their faces tightened in fear of what was coming. But there was nothing they could do about it.

‘Self-exploding light’

–That’s what the heroes call the light. It is a final move that can be used only once, when the mysterious being is about to lose their life.


Rintaro’s scream rang out.

「Thank you, Aniki…… I love you, ssu!」

The girl smiled as she said this, and her mouth was lined with sharp fangs.




At that moment, a red flame flickered behind the girl.

「’Burning Heat Gloves, Low Fire’!!!」

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