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27.2 The Miscalculation

Something cold slithered around my neck.

Before I knew it, a snake had coiled around my neck, threatening me with a hiss.

“A, a snake—!? How—!?”

“Hey, Wagner, care to repeat what you just said?”

“W, Weiss—!? Why are you here—!?”

Did Sofia plan this?

No, Sofia was just as surprised as I. As such, she probably didn’t know. Then, why was Weiss there?

“Y, you dare lay a hand on me, a child of the queen—!? Did you forget that you’re nothing more than a concubine’s child—!?”

“His and Her Majesty will rejoice, for sure. At last, the problem child of the royal family is no more.”

“W, what—!?”

“Well, more importantly, care to say it again? What did you just say to my Sofia?”

M- ‘my Sofia?’

“Yes, my Sofia.” Then, Weiss proceeded to hug the confused Sofia without any hesitation.

“Y, Your Highness Weiss—!?”

Weiss drew closer to Sofia, who blushed, and whispered. “How cute.” In response, Sofia became even more flustered.

That was my first time seeing Sofia behave like that. Back when we were still engaged, she had always been forlorn.

I see.

It must be because Weiss is the second prince.

Truly, a vixen.

You—! Did you have an affair with Weiss while I was your fiancé—Whoa—!!”

More snakes appeared and wrapped around my body.

“As of the present, Baroness Aries Heldin is your fiancée, isn’t she? So, mind your own business. Now that she’s free, I’m free to court her. Moreover, to her honor, it’d have been impossible for us to have an affair considering that I was abroad the entire time. You’re the only unfaithful moron in this relationship.”

“I merely found my true love!”

“Oh, really? As soon as you realized that she couldn’t become a duchess, you tried to get back together with Sofia. What a very convenient love!”

“Be silence, Weiss—! I won’t allow you, the son of a mere concubine, to speak to me that way—! Besides, Sofia was originally my fiancée—”

“—Watch your words, imbecile.


A sharp pain ran through me.


The snakes began to bite me. They weren’t poisonous. As expected of the barbarian. He was trying to cause me as much pain as possible.

“Rest assured, for they aren’t venomous. But they might be, if you don’t keep your mouth shut, so value your life.”

“Y, you dare threaten me—!?”

“I got permission from His and Her Majesties.”


“If you don’t believe me, why don’t you ask them?”


Have my parents forsaken me—!?

I wasn’t the queen’s only child. After all, my brother, Vitoselk, was also present. However, if something were to happen to him, I’d be the only child. Regardless of the order of birth, as the queen’s child, I’d be the first in the line of succession.

No way, to ascend the to throne, this barbaric beast won’t try to get rid of me, will he—?


One of the snakes bit my important part.

“Look, the snakes are urging you to leave. Although, you may linger here if you prefer to lose your reproductive abilities. If you don’t, scram.”


As if I’d let myself be humiliated like that.

I’ll let my father and mother know—!

Just you watch, Weiss! Don’t think you’re safe, Sofia!

***T/N: …I don’t think your balls’ safe, either.

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