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28. Everhart’s Reverse Scale

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If Sofia refused to adopt Aries, then I must simply find someone who would. As my fiancée, Aries had to at least be a countess.

With that in mind, I went to the house of an acquaintance. It was also a duke’s house.

“Hahaha, Your Highness, surely you jest. Why should I adopt Ms. Aries? Not only do I have an excellent son, I also had a grandchild last year. My family is doing fine. As such, there’s no reason for me to adopt her.”

(Translation) ‘My successor is excellent already. Adopting and raising the problematic Ms. Aries to be a successor will only be a massive waste of time.

Then, a certain marquis family.

“Congratulations on your engagement with Ms. Aries, Your Highness. I never thought that Your Highness would be married to a baroness. For you to choose love over status, what an absolute romance!”

(Translation) After blindly following the rumors that Ms. Aries will be adopted into the duke’s family, what the hell are you saying? Didn’t you abandon the engagement His Majesty had decided for you? Now go and marry that baroness.

Then, another marquis family.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can do that. Although it’s a great honor to be relied upon by Your Highness, I’ll refrain from doing so. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

(Translation) After everything that has transpired, I can’t possibly adopt Ms. Aries? I don’t want to be held responsible. Deal with it yourself.

“…This is useless.”

Why were they acting as if everything was Aries’ fault? As if she was the problem? That couldn’t be. Sofia was the one at fault.

If only Sofia had adopted Aries, then Aries would be freed from all her debts. However, Sofia refused to do so.

As I frustratedly walked along the hall of the royal palace, I came across Everhart.

…Wasn’t he a count?

If he were to adopt Aries, then she’d be a countess. Under normal circumstances, the status of a countess would be unpalatable for me. But as it was, I didn’t have any other options. Later, I’d just ask my father to improve her status, or something.

“Everhart, if I recall correctly, you don’t have a successor yet.”

“That’s correct, Your Highness.”

“Then, it’s just right. Adopt Aries as your successor.”

Everhart was formerly a commoner. However, due to his achievements, he was awarded the title of a count. For Aries, who was an aristocrat by birth and upbringing, to be adopted by him, that’d make me, who was also an aristocrat by birth and upbringing, a commoner’s son-in-law.

The idea itself was revolting to me, but surely Everhart would rejoice at the opportunity. Contrary to my expectation, Everhart smiled and said. “I can’t do that.”

As I stared at Everhart, my face twitched.

“While it certainly is true that I have no successor as of yet, I still want to enjoy this time alone with my beloved. I won’t allow Your Highness to get in the way of that.”


‘Won’t allow’?

Did he just say that to a prince like me? Even though he was just a count? Even though he was formerly a commoner?

“Are you betrothed?”

“I’m married.”

I had never heard of that. Everhart seldomly appear in social circles. Usually, he participated alone. As a result, he was swarmed by many ladies.

But, considering that he was formerly a commoner, his wife had to be a commoner as well. Nobody knew that he was married, while his wife also didn’t appear in the social circles.

Did he refuse my offer for the sake of a lowborn?

“What, is she unable to conceive an heir for you?”

I wondered what kind of defect the lowly peasant had.

“Then, wouldn’t it be more beneficial for you if you were to assist me? Why would you prioritize a taint that can’t even bear you an heir?”

“Did you just insult my wife?”


Despite the fact that Everhart was sporting his usual smile, layers of cold sweat drenched my back.

Everhart slowly approached me.

As if I was frozen in place, my feet refused to budge. The entire time, my instincts were going haywire, telling me to escape.


Just before Everhart could touch me, I heard the voice of Vitoselk.

“Everhart, he isn’t your prey.”

I couldn’t understand what my brother was saying.

Then, Everhart’s gaze intersected with my brother’s. It was brief, but it felt very long to me. At that point, my palms were drenched with sweat. I had almost suffocated.

Afterwards, Everhart turned away. He didn’t look at me. It was as if he had forgotten that I was there, as if he refused to even look at my way.

Considering his status as a count, I wanted to rebuke him, but I couldn’t muster a word.

Innocence is bliss, while ignorance is death—have you ever heard of that? As such, please refrain from touching Everhart’s reverse scale.”

“What are you talking about, brother?”

“Hence I said you’re wholly ignorant. Everhart doesn’t care about the fact that you’re a prince. The reason why Everhart’s wife doesn’t appear in public has nothing to do with her upbringing. He simply refuses to entertain the idea of showing his beloved wife to someone other than himself.”

***T/N: Something tells me this Everhart dude is a danger to society and shouldn’t be let loose.

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