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29. Hell is Empty and all the Devils are Here

His Highness Wagner seemed to be looking for a suitable house that’d adopt Aries.

Sure enough, it had proven to be difficult.

After all, adopting Aries wasn’t an act of merit, but rather a demerit.

Regardless of her status, Aries continued to behave obnoxiously. She still believed that someday, she’d be adopted into the duke’s family.

As such, adopting her would be akin to dragging one’s reputation through the mud.

Even if the house was rich, Aries had shown that she’d just squander the wealth. Moreover, she didn’t show any sign of wanting to repay her debt.

The only merit that she could offer was a relationship with the royal family. Nevertheless, considering that the other party was His Highness Wagner, that was also a demerit.

“My sister, did you know? His Highness Wagner is looking for a house to adopt me. Truly, what a kind person.”

For some reason, while I was busy managing the territory under the guidance of Gilmer, Aries sat down on the sofa and abruptly began talking.

“Of course, as his former fiancée, my sister should already know that.”

Never mind. She must had come to brag.

It went without saying that His Highness Wagner had never been kind to me. Aries, who kept watching the two up close, knew that best.

As Aries spoke, she was grinning the whole time. Probably from a sense of superiority.

“My sister, I hope you’re aware that you’re the one who put His Highness Wagner under such a burden. It’s because you refuse to adopt me.”

…Most likely, His Highness Wagner just loathed the idea of being married with a baroness.

“Your oh-so-kind His Highness Wagner refused to pay your debt, though.”

“T, that’s—!”

Aries stuttered and averted her gaze.

“Well, I don’t care about who’ll pay your debt. I also don’t care about your life choices. It’s none of my business.”

“Aren’t you being overly stubborn?”

“I only care about your debt. It should go without saying that one has to repay what they owe. Besides, a decent noble lady wouldn’t be in debt.”

“You keep harassing me like this—! I hate you so much—!”

Aries cried out loud, causing the servants to rush in. They were understandably confused by her outburst. However, their gazes were asking, “Should we get rid of her?”

The entire time, Aries cried while covering her face. Keep in mind that the corners of her mouth were slightly raised.

That might also be part of her plan.

However, I had His Highness Weiss and Gilmer on my side. Besides, the servants wouldn’t side with Aries. Everything was different from my previous life. Not like I would fall for such a pathetic trap in the first place.

“Would you like to take a break?”

Upon noticing that I had stopped looking at the documents, Gilmer served me some tea.

“Thank you.”

I took a sip and calmed my mind.

Now when exactly will she put said plan into action?

It wouldn’t be too long, now. After all the ranting and raving Aries had done to paint me as a villain, it’d be more advantageous for her to swiftly execute the plan. In that case, the eventful day should be within the next few days—or even tonight.

“Once, a certain playwriter said, ‘Hell is Empty and all the Devils are Here.’ Well, I agree with him. Humans are like devils. Even animals risk their lives to protect their herds. Meanwhile, humans kill each other to protect themselves.”

Gilmer didn’t respond to my soliloquy. He probably didn’t know what to say. I didn’t care, because I was merely venting.


Side: Weiss.

They had come.

The fools had come to hurt my beloved.

“Quite a large mansion, this is.”

“Well, let’s wrap this up quickly. I have a bad feeling.”

Well, I wonder why?

“Now that we’ve come this far, are you scared? How pathetic. It’s child play. Just focus on the reward.”

I watched over the hired thugs from a top of a tree in Sofia’s yard.

“The night is still long, let’s enjoy ourselves while at it.”

“—Well, isn’t that right? Might I join you? Then, I’ll be in your care.”

“—Who is it!?”

Upon realizing that they had been caught red-handed, the thugs began to warily check their surroundings.

If they were aware that what they were about to do was a crime, then they shouldn’t have come. That way, they would’ve slept peacefully tonight.

Yet, they decided to come.

Never again would they be able to have a good nights sleep.

The snake on my shoulder made his way to the thugs. As for me, I approached the rogues. Upon seeing me, they immediately drew their weapons.

Since I hadn’t been in the kingdom for a long time, they probably forgot how their second prince looked like. Well, they probably wouldn’t expect said second prince to be idling in a lady’s mansion at such time, anyway.

“Are you a guard hired by the aristocrat?”

As I calmed my snake, one of the thugs approached me with a smirk.

“How about this? Pretend you never saw us, and I’ll give you a percentage of our share.”

While they might had received an advance payment, even if they succeeded, it was unlikely that the shrewd Countess Jones would pay them.

Of course, that moronic woman, Aries, who swallowed the count and the countess’ sweet talk and helped lead the gang of thugs inside, also wouldn’t be able to reimburse them.

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