The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

184. The Battle Maiden is at the Crossroads of Marriage

Jill’s husband, who was dangling upside down after getting entangled with a vine, asked a question.

“…Jill, what’s happening to me?”

“Oh, basically, Your Majesty was caught in trap, ensnared by a magical vine, and is now hanging upside down from a tree!”

“That’s not what I’m asking…” Jill’s husband weakly shook his head. His complexion was pale while his overall attire was in tatters. As such, it was difficult to believe that he was the emperor of the Rave Empire.

Nevertheless, the incarnation of the Dragon God Rave, the true Dragon Emperor—Hadith Theos Rave—who wielded the heavenly sword, was as beautiful as always. Even if he was covered with mud, his moon-like beauty was otherwise unmarred. Be it his dusty black hair, his melancholic golden eyes, or the shadows created by the tips of his eyelashes as he sighed—they were all enchanting.

Even said figure of his which was dangling from a tree was like a glorious painting.

Still, it wasn’t the time to swoon. If he was to be left in such a state, blood would flow to his head. As it was, her husband’s health was already delicate.

Jill was also caught in a trap at the moment. However, unlike Hadith’s, her feet had instead been pulled into the ground. Then, Jill effortlessly tore the magical vine.

“Alright, I’ll help you, Your Majesty.”

“No, it’s alright… I can do it myself… More importantly—”

“Then, do free yourself quickly. If you get sick because of the blood going to your head, it’d be a disaster!”

“—I came here to ask your parents’ permission to marry you, right?”

Jill, who stood under Hadith, blushed at the statement and nodded.

Then, after smiling gently, Hadith suddenly shouted.

“—Then why the hell am I suddenly being forced to endure the Rakia Mountains!?”

“Why, you ask? Well, because our main residence is located on the hillside of the Rakia Mountains.”

“But there isn’t a single road to be found! Not to mention, it’s full of magical traps! Somehow, it’s even worse than an actual battlefield! What’s wrong with this mountain!?”

“Your Majesty, shaking too much is dangerous for you.”

Every time he screamed out in anger, the shaking grew more intense. Instead of anything, Hadith covered his face with both hands. Surprisingly, he might be immune to motion sickness.

“…J, just for today, I brushed up my etiquette! I also dressed up and even got a new haircut!”

“I, it’s alright, Your Majesty! No matter the circumstances, you’ll always be beautiful!”

“I even prepared a lot of gifts…”

“It’s alright, the main corps is keeping them safe!”

“So, you’re saying that to get married, I have to overcome this perilous mountain trail!? Don’t look down on the Rave Empire!! Just so you know, I could blow up this entire area with my heavenly sword!?”

“Yes, that’s the plan, so can we please move on— Wait!?”

Perhaps, in response to his call, the Dragon God leaped out form Hadith’s chest.

The Dragon God was a white creature with long, slender, limbs. Although he seemed to resemble a dragon, he was neither dignified nor charming. Moreover, Hadith often described him as a ‘fat feathered snake.’

At the same time, the creature was also the guardian deity of the Rave Empire, the Dragon God that governed the sky and reason, and last but not least, Hadith’s parent.

“Blow up the entire area, you say. Exactly how are you going to do that with only half of your magic power? As the Rakia Mountain is close to the sacred area, its magical field tends to make magic go haywire. Don’t do such a reckless thing!”

“I can do it if I try.” Hadith responded with determination.

In response, Rave smacked his head with his tail.

“Even if you can, don’t. Didn’t you come here to ask her parents’ permission for marriage? Remember, you came to meet Little Miss’ parents!”

Hadith, who was preached to by his parental figure, stopped complaining and turned to look at Jill.

Feeling a little uneasy, Jill proceeded to look down.

“…I’m sorry, I do understand why you’d be hesitant. As I thought, it’s such an odd thing to do, isn’t it? Why should one be required to go through a path full of magic traps just to obtain permission to marry?”

“…That’s not true at all—!”

In a panic, Hadith spun around in the air, before kneeling in front of Jill. The vines that had been wrapped around his ankles disappeared without a trace. His movement was so nimble, with almost no hint of magic.

Jill was truly impressed. Apparently, he was quite a natural.

“It’s okay, I’m sorry, Jill. I was just surprised because there were so many unprecedented things. Let’s make it to the mansion together.”


“Yes, I’ll do my best to earn your parents’ permission to marry you.”

“Then, let’s do our best on the next obstacle.”

Jill pointed to a large stone gate and a wall blocking the way. While loosening his grip on her, Hadith scrunched his face.

Then, he turned to look at Jill.

“…What is that gate supposed to be? Why is there a barrier attached to it?”

“That’s no normal gate, isn’t it? I can feel magic coursing through it.”

“Rave, you’re so brilliant! Right, so, unless you pass through it with the same magical intensity, you’ll be crushed!”


“…Is killing suitors part of Saber family’s tradition?”

To the slightly pale Hadith, Jill shook her head.

“It’s not that difficult. Your Majesty, like I said, everything’ll be fine!”

“Alright, then. Although, I’m starting to get terrified of your family. They, uhm, they won’t, or at least, don’t plan to kill me, right?”

“Now, what are you talking about? This is just the beginning!”

“…It is???”

Jill enthusiastically answered yes to Rave’s question, before turning towards the gate.

“I heard that in the next obstacle, we’ll be fighting against a demonic beast! Your Majesty, let’s do our best!”

“…Why are you so excited right now?”

“Because this is our first joint effort together! Besides, it’s a challenge prepared by the Saber family! I’ve always wanted to try it!”

While Jill was speaking enthusiastically, Hadith looked at the distant horizon.

“C, can’t we just focus our joint effort in baking a cake, or something…?”

“I agree with Hadith…”

“Baking a cake is good, too!”

Hadith was talented at cooking. The sweets he made were better than those from confectionery stores. Jill, who was about to get tempted, hurriedly steeled her resolve.

“You see, my parents also went through this trial in the past.”

“…For reference, how long does it take to overcome the trial?”

“I heard that the average is half a month, while the shortest record is a week. However, if we take more time, than we might not be able to complete the trial in time.”

The main corps, which went through a normal path from the Southernmost port town of the Saber territory, should be marching towards the villa as of the moment. The villa of the Saber family was located at the foot of a highway, which was slightly away from the Rakia Mountains. Considering the size of the main corps and the amount of luggage, they should arrive within 10 days.

Meanwhile, the exit of the path where Jill and the others were currently on was near the main residence, which was located in the middle of the Rakia Mountains. If they didn’t arrive early, her parents would likely mistake the main corps as their guests and welcome them instead.

Moreover, by arriving late, they’d be giving a bad impression.

“But I’m sure that as long as we’re together, we’ll be fine!”

Jill turned around and smiled at Hadith.

“Let’s set a new record together! I want to surprise my father and mother! My siblings, too! That way, surely, they’ll allow us to get married!”

Jill wanted to show off Hadith’s greatness to them. After all, he was the man of her choosing. With a hollow gaze, Hadith laughed at Jill who was full of expectation.

“…Alright, let’s do our best. Rave, what do you think? Is it still possible to desecrate this area with the heavenly sword?”

“You’ll only be putting your relationship with your wife’s parents at risk, then. Give it your best.”

“…Getting married is difficult.”

“C’mon, let’s go! Your Majesty, we can do it!”

Jill clenched her fists and started walking with large strides. Then, she kicked open the big stone gate that also served as a barrier.

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