The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

183. The Abduction of Princess Natalie (End)

Where did he even came from? But that was no longer important.

Once again, Natalie glanced at the scattered stack of papers on the floor. Her hands were trembling the entire time. Then, after closing her eyes, she asked a single question.

“You are going to kill me, aren’t you?”

The prince, who stood behind her, had no answer. However, the clanking of his weapon reached her ears.

While keeping her back turned, she did her best to speak calmly.

 “I see. Well, that’s a shame. Somehow, I was confident I’d have been able to become a good wife for you.”


“But apparently, I’m not good enough.”

She wasn’t particularly skilled in any aspect.

As for the prince, neither love nor reason could save him anymore.

“…You are not to blame.”

He was the same person who had promised to ensure her safe return.

…Could she believe that at some point, he truly meant it? Wasn’t she at least allowed that?

“…’Not to blame’, you say. That’s no way to speak to a girl?”

“I’ll make this quick.”

“—One more thing.”

Afterwards, was he going to visit the daughter of the Saber family?

Is she aware of any of this?

She’d like to hear an answer to that, as well. However, she decided against asking that question. Although surely, his fiancée didn’t.

Therefore, she was proud of herself for reaching that point.

Then, she shifted the topic.

“If you can’t put your feelings into words, then express them through flowers.”

“Is that your last will?”

“I’d rather not. You know what? I wonder if I should’ve met with her.”

“Nothing can be done about that.”

His cold voice echoed.

At the same time, there was a shock as something pierced through her heart.

She moved her head slightly to at least catch a glimpse of him. The prince was wielding a spear. Then, her field of vision became hazy.

—Every… one, I’m truly, sorry…

She was about to draw her last breath there.

I’m sorry… for my selfishness…

After all, her last thought was of how she wished that he’d call her name again.

Perhaps, it was a fitting end for the false princess of the Rave Empire.

Ah, but from where and how can I begin to save my precious family?

—Or, save you…?

‘If only I hadn’t met him.’

Strangely, not even once did that thought occur.

At that point, her eyes, which had lost their light, could no longer see the future, the past, love, or reason.


Upon pulling out his spear, Geraldo proceeded to embrace the princess’ body.

Her body was still warm. When he stared at her face, for the first time, he realized that her eyes were blue. Her eyes, which no longer reflected anything.

They were the color of the sky, and at the same time, the color that the Goddess yearned for.

Thus, he gently closed her eyes. She appeared to merely be sleeping. To not let her get dirty, he healed only the surface of her chest injury which continued to bleed lukewarm blood. Afterwards, he held her sideways.

“I am relieved.”

Acting like a spectator, his father, who had been sitting on a chair the entire time, commented. Ignoring him, Geraldo turned his back to him.

“Do you need someone to move her body? It’ll be more convenient that way.”


“You don’t appear to be blaming me. What are you going to do? The Rave Empire will surely demand an explanation.”

“I’ll slightly alter the time of her death. The culprit is unknown. It’ll be unclear whether it was planned by Kratos or the Rave Empire.”

War couldn’t start now. At the very least, not before the power of the Dragon Emperor had been taken away. Despite feeling impatient, there was still time.

“When it comes to cheating the time of death, I wonder what’s supposed to be done with the body?”

“…Burn it with magical power. Leave nothing behind.”

Then, prepare a new corpse.

Rufus nodded before laughing bitterly.

“Want me to see you off?”

Without answering, Geraldo started walking. Meanwhile, Rufus beckoned to him.

“I can have those who tried to kidnap Princess Natalie and pit us against each other punished.”

“It’s unnecessary.”

“I see. Well, my son is excellent. You won’t become like me.”

That went without saying.

While tightly shutting his lips, Geraldo left the room and closed the door with magic.

Considering he was in his father’s palace, it was unlikely for there to be any pursuers. Still, he’d like for the body to be disposed of quickly, before it could be seen. If he didn’t make it appear as if nothing had happened, it’d lead to a problem in the future. Therefore, he had to falsify the princess’ cause of death. Otherwise, even his appointed fiancée would be dragged into it.

“…You didn’t get a chance to meet her, did you?”

Suddenly, those words came out of his mouth. Of course, there was no reply.

Was she truly unaware of anything? Or, did she sense something but opt to keep quiet? That question would always remain unanswered.

Regardless, she did take action. As a result, her death wouldn’t be wasted. No, he wouldn’t let it be wasted.

In fact, that incident seemed to have quelled those bandits. In the future, even if he were to announce his engagement, they probably wouldn’t be as aggressive.

That alone would suffice.

At the very least, rather than burying her under the earth, I shall let her return to the sky.

He did promise to let her return to the Rave Empire safely, or so to speak.

After she had been reduced to ashes, he had her remains fly up to the sky.

He didn’t know if the wind of Kratos would carry her to the sky of the Rave Empire.


“Welcome back, Your Highness Geraldo!”

That girl was always so full of energy. Whenever he returned to the royal capital, she’d rush to greet him.

“Did you find the whereabouts of Princess Natalie?? I heard that she was in battle with criminals.”

“Apparently, it was a decoy. The princess’ whereabouts is still unknown.”

“Is that so… Then, please rest. You seem tired. Not to mention, your clothes are burnt, and there are traces of magic on it. Moreover, did you hurt your shoulder?”


After nodding, Geraldo presented a flower that he brought back.

The girl blinked.

“For you.”

Looking at her blank expression, he felt bitter.

She doesn’t appear to be happy.

He wondered if inwardly, she was complaining.

Then, should he make an excuse?

‘The flower is beautiful as it’s freshly-picked.’ Or, ‘It has no wrapping because I didn’t get it from the flower shop.’—

Regardless, he was aware of how it looked. That flower was too shabby of a gift to be given by a crown prince to his fiancée.

But in the next moment, the girl, who held the flower, smiled brilliantly.

“…Thank you! I’m truly happy…!”

“…I see.”

“I’ll take good care of it! I’ll give it a lot of water! Oh, perhaps even a vase, and a Lawrence!”

“…Why am I in the same line as a vase?”

The lieutenant, whose name was called, expressed his dissatisfaction.

“—I see.”

Towards the blue sky, Geraldo murmured once again. But soon he looked down, stepped on the ground, and began to walk.


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