The Heinous Mysterious Death Green Translation

33: Justice is with the Flame

Victor Ranger Commander Onuki’s body was engulfed in a pillar of fire.


The dimly lit corridor was lit as brightly as if it were under a blazing sun.

「Aah, Hot! I’m burning! I’m g-going to die!」

「Commander Onuki! Damn it, water! Where’s the water!?」

In order to put out the fire, the underlings began to slap Onuki’s body. However the fire didn’t stop burning, and Onuki was in agony while spitting flames from his mouth and nose. When one of his men splashed urine on him, the fire finally stopped.

One man looked down at the blackened, twitching “leader of justice”.

The V mark of victory shining on his chest. The bright red mask that was cracked in the previous battle. The scorching hot man, Kurenai Retto, Victor Red, was there.

「Victor Red! You betrayed me!」

「This shameless bastard!」

One by one, the lower-ranking hero employees shouted abuse at the hero who had scorched their boss black. But Red didn’t seem to care, and untied Samecchi’s rope.

「I’m not very clever, so I can only live like this. So for the sake of a world where everyone can live with laughter, I’m willing to burn up today, this very moment.」

A quiet flame of anger dwells within his words.

「But I always wonder, if there were no more mysterious beings in the world, would we really have a world where everyone could laugh?」

Samecchi who had been released looked up at the man who had once burned her in a daze. Assistant Asaka, accompanied by Red, rushed to her sister, who was on the verge of self-destruction.



The reunited sisters put their arms around each other and hugged each other tightly.

After witnessing the emotional moment, the hero of justice turned to the remaining low-level Hero staff members, and to Victory Green. Rintaro, who was tied up and rolled over, could only watch the scene.

The red warrior shaking his fist in anger. The hot man slowly opened his mouth, tears streaming down his face.

「Evil is in everyone’s heart. In the mysterious beings and in us. Then our hero’s mission is … not to wield justice and hurt the mysterious beings …」

「W- What are you talking about! Shoot him! You guys, shoot this traitor!」

However, the barrels of their guns were exposed to the heat of Red’s anger, and when they seemed to be dyed bright red, they melted.

「What we, the heroes of ‘justice’, must do is…… to bravely confront the heart of evil…」

Both of his clenched fists burned violently, burning the ceiling. Not just his fists, but both of his arms were covered in a red lotus flame that spread to his hero suit, which was supposed to be non-flammable.

「Hi- Hieeeeeeeeee!!!???」」

「To show all our loved ones the ‘heart of justice’!!!!!」

As Red unleashed his most powerful punch, his rage turned into an extremely thick beam of fire that grazed Rintaro’s head, back, and butt. With his Burning Heat Gloves, which burn enemies from the inside out, Red burned his own arms!


A pillar of fire shot out horizontally, reaping every last one of the hero staff stained with evil. The staff members who were engulfed in flames convulsed as they were hit by the sprinkler shower.

「Uooo!?  Oh no, I overdid it! I don’t think I’m going to only get punished with a written apology for this!」

「You’re still a fool who doesn’t think about the consequences…….」

Rintaro untied Samecchi from the rope and asked Red while he readied his Death Green Transformation Gear.

「You’re a pretty nice hero, have you also awakened to evil?」

「Don’t get me wrong, I’ve just shown you my justice! What we must protect is the irreplaceable world and the heart of justice, not our own position!」

「Hah, you’re so naive it makes me want to puke. ……」

It was a painful thing to hear for Rintaro, who still held on to the fact that he had been demoted.

The man, who was Rintaro’s classmate at Hero School, once again held up his Burning Heat Glove with the fire of justice in his eyes.

「You’re going to fight me dressed like that? With your tattered suit and broken mask, you’ll burn to death in your own fire.」

「So what! I’m not so far gone that my enemies have to worry about me!」

To be honest, Rintaro didn’t want to go toe-to-toe with Red, who had forced him to adapt his one-hit kill by fighting in long distance. No one wants to fight someone who can burn their own arm.


「Victory Change.」

Rintaro’s body was enveloped in a green light.

It was as if this encounter was destined.

Kuriyama Rintaro, no. The villainous mysterious being Death Green confronted the fully armed and fully wounded Red.

「Well then, Victor Red. You can’t use your prized Burning Heat Gloves, and your suit is in shambles, what are your chances?」

「If we’re both bare handed, I’ve got a slight chance of winning.」

「Who said anything about being bare handed?」


As soon as he said that, Rintaro pulled out a poisonous green sword from under his cloak.

Then he threw it at Red, who was wide-eyed.

The green trail skimmed right by Red and pierced the thigh of the man standing behind him.


Red turned around in surprise to see Commander Onuki, charred to a crisp, holding an anti-mysterious being gun with the last of his strength. As expected, the muzzle of the gun was aimed precisely at Red’s head.

「D- Damn you…… Re…… Death…… Gree……」

The neurotoxin that oozed from the ‘Ninja Poison Sword’ instantly deprived Onuki’s body of its freedom, and his finger on the trigger stopped moving as if it were a sculpture. Onuki slowly looked up at the ceiling with the whites of his eyes and fall over with his back on the smeared floor from a standing position.

「Death Green……You……!」

「Don’t get me wrong, I’m just trying to do what I think is right. Let’s continue.」

To be clear, they both are fully-wounded.

But with his evil green mask shining, the villainous mysterious being Death Green struck a fighting pose. Victor Red also clutched his burned-out glove and smiled fearlessly through his cracked goggles.

「Wait, ssuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!」

Just as Green and Red were about to clash again, a girl stepped in between the two men facing each other.


「I- If you want to fight aniki, then you have to get past Samecchi first, ssu!」

Her shoulders were shaking with fear. After being burned once and seeing that huge pillar of fire, it was understandable.

Asaka called out to Samecchi who was gathering her courage.

「Saya, why are you going so far as to side with mysterious beings? I don’t understand.」

「Sorry, ssu, Onee-chan. Samechi wants to be with Aniki forever after all!」

「The-Then why don’t I give Death Green the same treatment as you… Then…!」

「No ssuu!! Samecchi likes everyone in Ark Dominion, ssu! Ryu-chan too, Uncle Bearion too, Kurara-chan too, Swordminas too, I like everyone, ssu!」

Samecchi tried her best to express her feelings to her own sister.

「Also, Samecchi loves Aniki, ssu! I also love Onee-chan,ssu! ……That’s why, together with everyone……Huh, ssu?」

As expected, she was a little too preoccupied with her thoughts and was not very good at constructing logic. But Rintaro thinks that Samecchi may have become a little stronger after this incident.

「I also love Onee-chan but, but I also love everyone so I can’t stay with Onee-chan, ssu! Ah, that’s right! If Onee-chan become a mysterious being as well, everything is solved, ssu! Samechi, despite appearance, is very smart, ssu!」

「Samecchi, Don’t say something so crazy. Onee-chan would be troubled!」

Asaka’s face remained expressionless and her eyes were not focused as Samecchi was declaring her farewell. The woman, Samejima Asaka, must have really pulled out all the stops to spend time with Samecchi.

The thread broke, and she slumped down as if she had lost her strength. Red gently hugged his shoulder, looking worried.

「Asaka-san! Please pull yourself together!」

「……I’m a little tired.」

With Red’s support, Asaka faced the two mysterious beings, Death Green and Samecchi.

A little sister with straight eyes, filled with a clear intent. And the big brother who came to the enemy’s stronghold to save his sister despite being in tatters.

The way they hold each other’s hands so tightly, it’s like a human brother and sister.

「…… As long as you don’t come under our protection, Hero Headquarters will do everything in its power to target you. That is the mission of heroes and the fate of mysterious beings. Are you ready for this, heinous mysterious Death Green?」

In response to Asaka’s question, Rintaro gently held Samecchi’s shoulders and smiled broadly.

「I don’t want to hear about “mission” or “destiny”. I’m just a pacifist, you know. Well, if you’re serious about killing me, you’d better have five or six of those giant robots ready.」

「Hyuh! Aniki is so cool, ssu!」

Rintaro smiled sarcastically under his mask, and Samecchi responded with a pure smile. Watching the siblings, Asaka let out a small, deep sigh.

「Saya, to think he would actually come to this place to save you. He is a good brother.」

Then, for the first time, she smiled sadly, ‘like an older sister’.

「Of course, ssu! Aniki is the best mysterious being, ssu!」

「Well, that’s the way it is, Onee-chan, and if you learn from this, you’ll think of another way. Don’t worry, Samecchi is a good girl.」

「Samecchi isn’t a good girl, but a bad girl! Just before, I’ve wetted Aniki’s bed, ssu!」

With that one word, the atmosphere that was about to have a warm ending changed drastically.

The fact that an 11-year-old girl is sharing her bedroom with a 26-year-old man who is not related to her by blood is not something that should be talked about out loud. It’s not something you should talk about in front of your guardians.

「Y- Y- You guys sleep together……?」

「Wait a minute, I think there’s been a misunderstanding. I’m not doing anything wrong. Isn’t that right, Samecchi?」

「That’s right, ssu! All aniki did is hold Samecchi in bed every night, ssuyo! Aniki, this is what you call a “body-only relationship,”ssuyone?」


At that moment, Rintaro definitely heard the sound of the air freezing.

「……Samecchi? Aniki thinks the explanation is a bit lacking.」

「We even took a shower together, ssu! Also, despite looking like that, he can also be pretty intensi, ssu! Ah but, he was pretty gentle when he caressed me, ssuyo! It feels good being caressed, ssu!」

「Samecchi, let’s just leave it at that. I’ve had enough of you.」

Asaka and Red’s faces gradually became grim. Rintaro felt a beaming stare that’s questioning his sanity directed at him.

「I also saw Aniki’s penis, ssu!」

「Attention, all personnel! Please secure the intruding mysterious being ASAP! I don’t care if the man is alive or dead!」

「I knew I couldn’t leave you alive! Prepare yourself, trash!!!!!」

「Damn it, I knew this would happen!」

Holding Samecchi, Rintaro ran away as fast as he could. He ran so fast that he thought his legs would be torn off.

「Aniki……Samecchi is being held tightly by Aniki again, ssune……」

「Okay, Samecchi, let’s study Japanese when we get back to the secret base.」

「Aniki is going to teach all kind of things, ssune.」

「Oh Wait, I have a bad feeling about this.」

Rintaro and Samecchi noisily left the hero headquarters.

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